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A fun entertainment application testing your knowledge of Paradoxes.
"...after taking this test, I now know that I know nothing at all."

This Paradox Test is an intellectually stimulating game against points and time. You are up against the best philosophers of all time including Socrates, Aristotle, and Zeno of Elea. If you dont know these great minds, you soon will.

You will be presented a question related to a paradox. You need to decide if the answer is Yes, No, or Unknown, then see if you were correct. The correct answer is accompanied by the generally accepted name of the paradox, and a detailed description that explains the answer.

This is a fun game for a party, road trip, or when a family gathering needs a little intellectual stimulation.

A Paradox Test is internationally linked by high score, letting you test yourself against people in your country or globally.

This is good fun for all ages.

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