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Improved speed of hotspot location updates. This new version is required to access updates to our growing list of international hotspot locations.

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The AT&T Wi-Fi International app is designed for AT&T customers with an International data package that includes a Wi-Fi allowance (Data Global Add-On with Wi-Fi).

The App enables AT&T customers to access AT&T International Wi-Fi partner hotspots from their iPhone or iPad.*

The App includes:
• Ability to authenticate to partner hotspots without needing to enter a user name and password
• Ability to see partner hotspots within Wi-Fi signal range
• Search capability by City & Country with a Map view and a List view of hotspots

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

*Requires iOS 4.3 or higher and an AT&T Data Global Add-On package that includes Wi-Fi (for details visit

Customer Reviews

  • No Problems!

    by Scrotewombat

    I downloaded this app with much trepidation based on the plethora of appalling prior reviews. I agree AT & T's customer service & forward planning along with their expensive service leaves much to be desired......however this app miraculously downloaded and set up instantly without issue! Who knows maybe one day the AT&T corporate structure may equal the strengths of their cellular signal! Unlikely but one can dream.

  • Had no problem registering.

    by Happy traveler 2

    Just downloaded the app and registered. Had no problem.

  • Follow Instruction of Those Before You

    by Soapdoctor

    1.Go to settings and turn off iMessage 2. Open the App and hit register 3. Hit send on the text message 4. Turn iMessage back on 5. Use App I give it a 3, because I downloaded in a major city in Mexico, and there is not a single hotspot in Mexico. Or, in Croatia for next weeks trip.

  • Easy registration.

    by P-51MUSTANG

    As suggested by others, turn off iMessage before registering app. Easily logged on without grief or drama. App finds WiFi hotspots wherever one is.

  • How it works

    by NY RedbullsFan

    This app helps find wifi locations internationally that participate in AT&T's global data packages . This will only work if you purchase the 300mb data package or above . When registering the app make sure to turn iMessage off , this will fix most registration errors. Hope this helps people !!!

  • Registration worked flawless for me

    by Thirsty Travler

    I give it 4 stars as registration was flawless. I have yet to travel overseas so have not yet accessed a wifi site, which is why only 4 stars.

  • If you have problems registering

    by ekwang

    Make sure you go into your settings and turn off iMessage when you do the registration process for the app. Once done, turn it back on.

  • Turn off iMessage to register

    by stcade

    If you turn off iMessage before clicking register, the app will actually send the text and you'll successfully register. The app works well for me in Brasil, the only place I've tested it.

  • How to Fix Error 14

    by efenska

    After talking to a half-dozen AT&T people I finally got to a technician who knew her stuff. Here's how to fix the Error 14 issue: In settings, turn off Wi-Fi and iMessage, then try registering again. After 20+ failed attempts, this solution worked the first time I tried it.

  • Registration

    by Puhsitch

    Registering from home before my trip was killing me with frustration -- until I thought I'd try it with wifi turned off. And praise be, it worked. (Albeit kind of ironically for a wifi-centric app.) AT&T really should be more up front about this instead of just giving you that pointless "Error 14" message!

  • Only about 50% of HotSpots work

    by C.Leslie

    Registration worked fine for me, but when traveling (in New Zealand) only about 50% of the hotspots I attempted to access actually worked ...several required a password, and the in-app help suggestions for this were worthless. Still ... some hotspots are better than no hotspots, so app gets two stars.

  • Error 14 message

    by Ejlwireless

    Turned off iMessage and tried twice to resister with no success. I have iOS 5 on my 4s device.

  • THIS APP IS CRAP!!!!!!

    by The Strip Club Mgr.

    I love Att&t but this app is the biggest waist of time!!!! Loading is a jock and once u do the app just shuts down and it's usually when u really need it to be working!!!!! Come on Att&t you are a way to established company to put out this big of a bag of crap!!!!!! Come on really!!!!!!

  • Piece o. s. App

    by AChaux

    Amazing how such bad products make it out to the public. This app is worthless, don't even consider loading on your phone. Tried all suggestions and customer support to no avail. Product was obviously never tested in a real world environment. This app does not bode well for AT&T, the developers that worked on it, nor the product or project managers. Please do not waste your time.

  • Does not work

    by Swim data mgr

    App has yet to find a single hotspot in 3 intl airports, manhattan, San Francisco , or Palo Alto. (And yes I did register and I have global data plan with wifi). Don't even bother.

  • Incredibly Poor Service

    by DenGuy2

    I tried numerous times to register my iPad and continually got the “Registration Error 14” message. I called the phone number in the error message for AT&T help several times and have never run into such incompetent help. It was like they had never heard of this app before. At first they confused it with a voice app and then after explaining this is wi-fi app they had to call around to numerous other people to find anyone who knew anything about it. Finally they found someone in international tech support who said the iPad is incompatible with this app, even though the description of the app in the App Store and on the AT&T website clearly says it is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod. These folks were incredibly frustrating and no help whatever. Don’t even bother trying to get this app to work. It won’t and you can’t find any competent help at AT&T.

  • Terrible, misleading, useless

    by lovenews

    This must be the worse app ever. Took me at least 10 tries over 5 months to finally get registered. Now I am abroad and it does not automatically connect to the closest hotspot. So now what do I do. Complete waste of time and money. Get this useless app off the market. If I could give zero stars I would.

  • this app is so useless it is infuriating

    by farmerjack4

    it simply does not work. it provides you with lists of hot spots that do not exist or have insufficient information to make a connection. i have been in europe for 2 weeks and have attempted hundreds of connections from dozens of locations ( primarily in germany) and NONE have been sucessful. customer service? - waste of time. if you want smart phone service in Europe, T mobile is the way to go. i am not a customer :( but there hotspots are everywhere and are simple connections.

  • IPad only if separate data plan

    by DTrounce

    So, the iPad app can only be registered if your iPad has a separate data plan. If you have only an iPhone international data plan, you can't share the wifi 1GB allowance with your wifi only iPad. Why not? It seems you're entitled to the 1GB on a mobile device, it would be most helpful to be able to be used on a device that only has wifi

  • Marketing ploy

    by Kevin Braley

    I used this app a few years ago with no problems. Tried to load it for an upcoming trip and it wouldn't register. Called the number and was told that you now need an international data plan to be able to use this. What? I need to pay for a 4G data plan before I can use the wifi calling app?

  • Make sure you're on the right plan

    by glennedy

    There seems to be a lot of comments on registration not working. I was able to register without turning iMessages off. My wife however was not and it turned out she had the 120MB plan. This app & WiFi is only included in the 300 or 800 MB plan. Check you plan before calling the number. I'll post another message whether I think it's worth the additional money upon my return from our trip.

  • Error 14: unfixable?

    by brysonholland

    I tried turning off iMessages AND WiFi, and the app refuses to register. Amazing.

  • Registration still doesn't work

    by Don S, NJ

    Nice work AT&T. I rate this app

  • Aweful

    by Sakurabud

    Basically a scam. There were no hotspots in any city near me (Switzerland) so I was uncommunicated from the world for weeks. When I finally traveled to a hotspot location in Bern, guess what? This crap doesn't work either! Upon my return to the USA I demanded a full refund and I ever considered switching phone carriers. Very upset.

  • Registration fail

    by YazanM

    Yup. Still down. A shame to market an app only to have the registration not working. This will only negatively affect users ever using AT&T apps. I'm better off on the global data plan and try to find Skype wifi hotspots.

  • Worthless

    by ChapArt

    More proof that AT&T doesn't care about their customers or their products they care only about making money. The wi fi finds spots tells you to connect on your defining wifi for iPhone then nothing happens. Or it logs you into the a site for a password that of course you don't have. Get a clue AT&T and do not launch something until it works!!!!!!

  • AT&T WI-FI International App

    by James4897

    This app loaded fine on one of our phones and registration was a breeze. When we tried to load the app in the 2nd phone it would not complete the registration process. I called AT&T and was told we did not need the app to use the service. Then I question why we are told to load it??? Will see how this actually works once we get to Europe. Just not happy with the service at this moment.

  • Useless

    by jg3arrow

    Registration still down.

  • Error

    by Michael Hamel

    Just like the majority it seems, registration is impossible. Terrible waste of time and space.

  • Waste

    by Jackchampagne

    Error 14. Useless

  • No good

    by Blastoff3210

    I recently (8/13) used (tried) this app in Barcelona, Paris, and London. The hotspots it "located" were never actually there. It was never able to connect. I just used the iPhone wifi settings to connect to available (actually) wifi with no problem. The app itself was useless. And what's with Att putting a limit (1Gb) on wifi??? (Only applies to connecting with the app??), which of course I didn't come close to since it never connected with the app. I would give the app zero stars if I could

  • Junk!!

    by Schwimmweste

    How can release an app that won't let you get past the first screen. POS!

  • Finally registered

    by Vibh90

    Thanks efenska who's review helped about how to register d device. Tried 15 times unsuccessful n csr was clueless as others suggested. Trick by efenska worked for me 1) turn of wifi n iMessage 2) do cellular on and then open the app n follow registration steps It worked for me yet don't know how the hotspot service in In Europe would update that later

  • Workaround for registration error 14

    by jlbess

    The app doesn't seem to like iMessages. Click Accept at the Eula screen, when the message opens click send, instantly go back to your txt messages before the app times out. The outbound message has a delivery error. Touch the red exclamation mark and choose Send as Text message. Then go back to the AT&T WiFi app.

  • Worthless

    by Xyzwmn

    Did not work.

  • Worst ever

    by Kids love math

    I signed up for international data only to consume 5 of the prepaid megabytes to download this wifi app which is horrible. Why is this so difficult for a telecom company to get right? They should test this thing before putting it into production.

  • ERROR 14

    by 999jentropy

    If you plan is not large enought you do not have rights to use this program.40 min and 4 transfers they found that 120mb can not use this program.

  • Doesn't work

    by MobileUser2015

    I don't see any AT&T international hotspots anywhere in Canada...

  • Horrible

    by joshmcx

    Registration doesn't work. Hasn't worked for weeks... Another person I was traveling with in Australia had this already working. They said that there were no hotspots available within 20 miles. So it looks like even if they do fix the registration problem it will still be a useless app/service.

  • Typical AT&t screwup

    by Gymnast46

    I had the same experience as the other reviewers. Registration failed so I called the phone number. The customer service rep had no clue what I was trying to do and tried to sign me up for a paid service. I immediately removed the app.

  • Stop forcing app use

    by Fairmont1955

    I hate that companies force apps like this. I don't want more memory used and more clutter on my phone. This app is a waste to require and I'm deleting it as soon as possible. Aside from being required to use it, there's no value.

  • Garbage

    by Brian Smith

    As noted you can't register and the customer service team is clueless at the number you are directed to call.

  • Terrible terrible terrible

    by Frazzeled

    Received the error 14 numerous times so called the number they gave. After waiting for 30 minutes they couldn't find any information on the error and asked if I rebooted as their only solution. The technician then said they would have transfer me to the international division even though that was the number I called. They couldn't explain why I got them. So frustrating.

  • Terrible - not worth the money for international wifi

    by dawnorchid

    I didn't believe the other reviews, and still got the international data & wifi plan from AT&T for a trip to Holland. The wifi did not work when the app thought there was a hotspot. There were also a lot of deadzones in popular areas - totally does not make any sense. Terrible app that doesn't work for wifi.

  • Activation has been down for 2 weeks

    by SuzyO

    On 07/11/2013 AT&T support said the activation of this app has been down for 2 weeks with no estimate for repair time.

  • WiFi or not?

    by machinks

    I am being asked to register but I am compelled to do this over the 3G network. I do not have 3G on my ipad so want to use WiFi to register because it is WiFi that I need. Another example of how it is impossible to deal withAT&T.

  • Worthless!!

    by Frustrated in Europe

    Absolutely worthless app on an absolutely worthless data plan. Don't donate the money to AT&T. They shouldn't get our money and be able to deliver no service. You will be led to believe that after paying for Domestic, then paying for International and then downloading this app that you will have the ability to use AT&T in Europe. Not so! Forty five dollars later and a lot of trying has convinced me that AT&T just chuckles every time someone downloads this app.

  • Horrible

    by Boris Litinsky

    The app throws error 14 when trying to register. I tried turning off wifi and rebooting the phone. The app is worthless and I am disappointed with AT&T quality and customer service.

  • Registration error 14

    by Pufichek

    Get Registration Error 14. No way to even start the app.

  • Useless in Paris

    by alzyz

    What a disappointment. Don't count on this to help find hotspots.

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