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* Improved iOS 7 support

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*** The First Real Image Blending App ***

Masquer lets you easily combine two images into one natural and creative composition. It’s time to share fun photos with family and friends, play tricks on colleagues, and create artwork to share or add to your portfolio.

Base Image templates are available now to get you started creating quickly. There are also some samples created with Masquer to use as inspiration. More amazing templates are coming soon.

Let your imagination run wild:

• Blend your face with the face of a dog
• Put yourself on a magazine cover, in a cup of coffee, in the sky…
• Add a tiny tiger playing soccer with your 8 year old son
• Put your kids, pets or anything else inside a beautiful bubble, light bulb or bottle
• Create flying cats and space walking friends
• Create a sweet heart-shaped cutout from an image of your loved one

*** Anything you can imagine ***

How it works:

Basic Features:
• iOS 7 compatible
• Over 50 creative templates for quick creations
• Zoom, rotate, flip and move the Top Image
• Zoom and move the Base Image
• Support change top/base image during creation
• Automatic face detection
• Tap to highlight a group of similar colored pixels using the Magic button
• Adjustable magnifier size when using Brush and Eraser
• Semitransparent Top Image enables you to precisely outline the object
• Undo previous steps to easily correct mistakes
• 13 pre-set blending modes to choose
• Auto adjust contrast, saturation and hue with the default smart blending mode
• Adjustable blur filter and transparency
• Support save/reload Top Image stamps
• Output images to the Camera Roll and email, or share on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Instagram

*** We’d love to hear from you. Contact us at ***

Follow us and share your imaginative creations on @MasquerApp at Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest.


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