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Fatify. Get chunky!

From the makers of Oldify 2, Stacheify, AND Wolfify!

Fatify makes you fat AND animates your face in 3D! Tap to jiggle, burp and more!

"It's the perfect way to confront your own mortality during the springtime of your life!" - HUFFINGTON POST
(also seen on Bloomberg Businessweek, and IntoMobile)

- Share videos and photos via MMS, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Email.

- Make your chunky faces OLD and BALD! Even add MUSTACHES and NECK-BEARDS!

JOIN US - facebook.com/Fatify

Note: Fatify is meant to make you laugh and/or giggle, and should be used purely for entertainment. Enjoy!

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome!!

    by bluedragon54 

    I saw a 40 yr old version of my 13 yr old son. He looked like me!!! Aaaahhhhh!!!! App works great and is a blast for the family.

  • Funny!

    by Kankan90 

    Great app!

  • Fatify

    by ABorgesD

    I really dislike this application, but I decided to give them five stars.

  • Awesome!

    by Matt_reviews1156

    So funny

  • Great.

    by Kufelbear

    The only problem is I'm already extremely obese so this makes me feel much better about myself. So now when I use the app I feel much better about myself.

  • Sweet App.

    by  Kdog322

    Very nice app and easy to use.

  • Awesome

    by Kasten661321

    This is the coolest game I have ever seen

  • NICE

    by _help_

    Love it!!!

  • Thumbs up

    by _schilla

    Really like it

  • FreAkiN AwesOmE!!!

    by PhotoHo13

    Warning... U may pee your pants this is so funny!

  • Hilarious!!

    by S Judge 

    Every time I "fatify" someone, I rofl! It gets me every time; it never gets old! Just Brilliant!

  • Cool

    by  Alwayshime

    Great fun for the whole family!

  • Totally .......awesome!!!!

    by Aweshome persin

    I don't think there's a better app than this

  • Fun but can be better

    by fencooo

    It'll be better if we can choose the level of fatness.

  • Ken

    by  Thesain


  • Funny

    by Cristian Almodovar

    It's definitely a fun app and I think worth $0.99, it's not perfect but it's the best fatify like app out there

  • Love this app

    by Sddvvhywcjgbx

    It's funny and it's both of the kids favorite things

  • Fun

    by patriot david

    Grand kids love it!

  • Love it

    by Auneye

    Omg this is so fun and funny and u can post ur fatified pic on social media so ur friends can see it

  • Bryan and Jose review

    by Bryan tony Jose abeja

    I like this it funny and cool and it make you fater

  • Not funny or well done at all

    by anaismoose

    It's rubbish!

  • Fatify is stupid and mean

    by Chicken wing fri hot dog

    Fatify is a stupid mean game making fun of fat people . Who ever thought of this game should not get money for it . It is teaching kids to make fun of fat people . But that is my opinion and I think it is good.

  • Hate it

    by Puppystar86

    Don't get it!!!

  • So funny

    by fenirob

    It's so funny and it looks so real!

  • Nice

    by I'm-scared

    Love it

  • Lol

    by  seaham69

    Haha lol I love this game it's so funny and it's really neat how the persons mouth moves download this game ppl!!

  • I give it 5 

    by  Beep41

    This game is 2 fun 

  • So funny

    by GOLFWANG81 

    Made me laugh actually works!

  • Awesome

    by Abipoodle

    So awesome

  • Hilarious

    by pdbintheusa 141059

    I've never seen my husband laugh so hard!

  • .sparkleskiss

    by Sweetie pie 19872013

    I like this game

  • Interaction

    by MissHyper101 

    Love the interaction option here. Classic.

  • Awesome app but has bugs

    by Debi9111955

    Really well done and definitely hilarious! I just wish they'd fix the photo booth scrolling bug.

  • Awesome

    by Lovelol2

    Awesome love it works great get it know

  • Nice

    by ,Fiji

    You should do one like ripify where you look rip

  • Nice

    by Romee'o

    Pretty good!

  • Funny!!!

    by Wind_man98

    Does what it says it will do. Looks crazy!

  • Haha

    by Domr1997 on Roblox & insta

    Omg haha this is amazing I took a pic of my sister and made her look super obese haha I am laughing to hard right now omg

  • Stupid

    by Lord_cratos


  • LOL

    by is7and130ii

    good app! if fatify is available for Europeans, why isn't 'skinnyfy' available for Americans ? lol just sayin

  • Nice

    by The brainiac


  • Fatify plus oldify

    by mcaceres13

    Nice app, combine both and ya'll see... Happy halloween

  • Amazing

    by x05413275x05413275z

    Thank for this awesomeness! Keep up the good work! Make sure to make some more games soon! Looking forward to them.

  • Great app

    by Mått

    The effects are surprisingly realistic and i love this app. My girlfriend hates it✌️

  • Yesssss!

    by Minecraftbeast560

    Good thing I'm 17 and way 91 pounds

  • Cool

    by shatalovesasha

  • Good stuff

    by Paul mirerkok

    That's because fat is funny. John Candy...Chris Farley....Mac from Always Sunny...if you are so easily offended, don't download it, fatty.

  • Offensive!

    by Mocute2000

    This app is truly offensive. Why was "fat" chosen as the only discriminatory group to get an app? Why not "blackify" or "cerebral palsyify"? Disappointed!

  • Good job

    by Druiter97

    I like it and its hilarious

  • Offensive

    by Tittyjuggler

    What if I'm already fat will i just look the same

  • Best app ever

    by Carley hott

    Really good app you should really get it!!!!!:)

  • Fun app

    by Firenreign

    It's a good one

  • So fun and easy!

    by AineOC

    Works with every pic. Just wish I could do more than one face at once

  • L

    by Baby Glen

    Love this app!!

  • Cool

    by Yoyo990


  • It's funny!

    by Gymnastics444


  • review

    by Betsybbb123

    i love this

  • Lol

    by Pawl24


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