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Seller: michael gonzalez

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Face Remix turns you into a Photoshop Professional making it possible to instantly and automatically swap the faces of two people within the same photo.

No other app is as easy to use or as powerful. Surprise your family and friends by swapping their faces and sharing via Facebook and Twitter

Ultra realistic looking results
Automatic face detection
Automatic face placement (SCALE, ROTATION, POSITION)
Automatic skin color matching (SATURATION and BRIGHTNESS)
Manual adjustment: FLIP, SATURATION and BRIGHTNESS
Multitouch positioning: PAN, ROTATE and ZOOM
Five face mask types
Multiple face swapping
Instant transformation RESET
Photos saved at full resolution
Photo History. Did you forget to save you masterpiece? Have no worries!
Demo photo and video to help you get started

Show Me Your Remix!

Customer Reviews

  • Woo hoo awesome

    by Mandygymnast5

    This is an awesome app works so well for me oh and forget about the haters

  • FR

    by Gwsasxwgwdgvhsjs


  • Great App!

    by Mariosa061

    I love using this app it creates adorable pictures! Great memories!

  • This app is awesome

    by Frank fldr37

    I'm not too tech oriented and this app is really good, easy to use and funny!

  • Cool

    by TomTom 754

    This is one of the coolest apps I downloaded. Lol I am doing some great remixes! Worth the $1.99.

  • Wow so much fun

    by Amazing life1223

    So easy to use and so much fun! Used it at family dinner and we did it with laugher! A must have app!

  • Awesome!!!

    by Carlos Fajardo

    This app is amazing. Works so good!!!

  • Face Remix

    by Dr. Guidry

    This is an extraordinary app. Easy to use and comes out great. Glad it has face detection.

  • Awesome

    by Curlee_sue

    Great app & great creator!

  • Fun and Easy to Use

    by Unfading Beauty

    Really cool App. Anyone can use and remix faces!

  • I have remixed all my pics!

    by Anita0871

    App is easy to use. I am waiting for more apps!

  • Really Easy To Use!

    by TiffTiff145

    App is awesome, great Quality. Worth the Money!

  • Cool App

    by Shelly190

    This app is fun to use. Well worth the money.

  • Easy to use

    by TrinTrin458

    My kids love this app!

  • Show me Your Remix!

    by BritBrit45321

    Just press a button and you have an instant remix! Funny and filled with laughs. Worth 1.99. Pics come out great!

  • Great App!

    by Loflin L

    Very entertaining and super easy to use!

  • Great app!!

    by KimmieJD1234

    Great app!! Fun and Cool!

  • Cool App!

    by Bear612345

    Very Entertaining! Great way to enjoy photos of family and friends.

  • Face Remix App

    by LaMeghan

    Love it! Now all you need is a little social media (FB) to promote this so everyone can enjoy ;o)

  • Face remix

    by Krystian Volair

    Love this app ..... It keeps the laughs flowing .... Super easy to use

  • Terrible

    by I love h8rs

    When there is 2 faces it's says it needs 2 when there is 2


    by ChryslerGuy

    Says it needs two faces and won't let me select more than one. What a rip off!

  • Stupid!

    by May_young12

    Doesn't work! It says it needs two faces to work when there obviously is! When it does work, it looks terrible!

  • I feel like an idiot for downloading this

    by imaloveitunes

    This app is wack. I thought it would do a decent job. I mean it's 1.99. It was recommended to me but I should have looked into it before I downloaded

  • Great Job Brandon!

    by Swtaznkate

    Looking forward to more apps! :) Take care

  • Amusing!!!!

    by PrettyGirlRock1112

    Very comical!!!

  • Hilarious

    by CJ Gamer11

    Great app... Easy to use and very entertaining.... Two thumbs up!!!!

  • Lots of fun

    by G3HTx

    Fun app and easy to use!! Will keep you laughing.

  • So simple

    by Shooter moe

    Fun app, easy to use, worth the $

  • Fun App!

    by CyCyJ11

    Funny and very entertaining!

  • Awesome

    by tmh12345

    Great & fun to use!

  • Amazing app

    by Evie2801

    This is so crazy fun! Thumbs up!

  • So much fun!!!

    by Yoana C.

    Love this app!!!!! Super easy and you will get a laugh out of this app!

  • Picture Fun...it looks like this!

    by Ms.randa

    Cool app! Easy to use and pics come out great!

  • Awesome!!!

    by Supr3m3!!0010

    Awesome app! Easy to use... Outrageously funny!

  • Crazy Fun

    by LoLo 12345

    Exciting App. Entertaining.

  • Awesome app!

    by Chelbss

    This is hilarious!

  • Awesome!

    by TCam8

    Super cool app! Easy to use & fun

  • Great app!

    by Ming Ming1988

    Great app pic lovers out there! Easy to use.

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