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Languages: English

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This app is a self contained Film / TV show, which contains episode 1 of the 13 part Ace Drummond Serial.

This episode is titled - Where East Meets West

Features of this app -

* Once downloaded this self contained 'film in an app', does not need a wifi, or 3G connection to view it.
* Fully functioning TV episode / Film within the app
* Synopsis page / information page function within the app
* Director biography page

This iconic film serial is based on the comic strip character Ace Drummond created by Eddie Rickenbacker. Ace is described as a 'G-Man of the sky'. He is sent by the authorities, to Mongolia to find out why a mystery villain known only as 'The Dragon', is trying to stop the newly formed International Airways from setting up a new airport there. Ace in his travels, meets Peggy Trainor who is in turn, searching for her archaeologist father who has also disappeared. Together they search for , clues and answers to the puzzles they encounter.

This Ace Drummond serial has been described as having the aura of Flash Gordon, crossed with the mystery of Frankenstein's castle laboratory !

Starring – John 'Dusty' King,Jean Rogers,Noah Beery Jnr, Guy Bates Post , and many more.
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