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Project Runway. Dance Moms. Army Wives. And, of course, movies! Now you can watch Lifetime wherever and whenever you want…on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch!

The Lifetime app gives you full access to all the reality, drama and movies Lifetime has to offer. New full episodes and movies, plus behind-the-scenes and preview clips, are added every day! PLEASE NOTE: LIFETIME CONTENT IS ONLY AVAILABLE TO STREAM IN THE UNITED STATES.

The Lifetime app features:

** Full episodes and clips of your favorite Lifetime series, including Project Runway, Dance Moms, Army Wives and many more
** More than 25 full-length movies
** Customizable Watchlist of your favorite shows
** Full TV schedule for Lifetime

The Lifetime app is free to use. Comcast & DIRECTV subscribers can log in and get access to even more content. More providers coming very soon!

** AirPlay support is coming soon!

Customer Reviews

  • My favorite show now is Kim of Queens

    by Tuff1160

    Love Kim of Queens

  • Dance moms

    by Chloe Christe

    I like this app because it doesn't crash like other things and because it shows episodes and it shows the the new shows. I also like it because it shows all the old shows.

  • Love

    by Tonia1999


  • DANCE MOMS!!!!!

    by Jacray1212

    I love it!!!!!

  • Love the app

    by Starburst55

    Lifetime app is great so far

  • Love the app

    by Starburst55

    Lifetime app is great so far


    by kenzie330

    I just love watching dance moms on it! It has full episodes of dance moms in order , from every season! I LOVE IT


    by Aaron Korbman


  • Love this app

    by Ricky7333

    Really enjoy this app

  • Love dance moms!

    by kristi n

    Easy to use, but I hate the commercials even though I do understand why they are there

  • The. Best App Evver

    by Nina Howard

    This is the app i used the most lifetime is my all favorite channel 45 the commercials aren't long no bugs I RECOMMEND YOU TO DOWNLOAD amazing app fact

  • I <3 Lifetime!!!!

    by BananaCreamPie89

    Best way to pick up on new episodes and discover shows too :)

  • Wonderful app

    by Pamela Judge

    Only thing I dislike is that more current episodes of dance moms is not available :(

  • love heidi & tim!!!!!

    by Nimigirl59

    i could watch project runway 24/7!!!! totally love this show!!!

  • Lovin it

    by Myajai

    Omg when jordan said ok i was like what in the wirld but im in love with dance moms and i always was and i will always be

  • Nice

    by Panda Cub80914670

    It took awhile to set up to be singed in but after that it was great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dance moms

    by Kara bug

    I love dance moms especially Kristi

  • I love dance moms

    by Dkdodkdmfkc

    I really like this app because I can watch dance moms without making an account and paying I can just watch the show but there are some bugs.

  • Love it!

    by Ms. Esther

    I love being able to catch up on episodes I've missed. This is so fun!

  • My Fav Channel To Watch

    by Deairy

    I love several Lifetime shows and I'm not a big tv watcher.

  • Why can't I watch more episodes?!?!

    by HeyTiffany

    So...I watched a lot of dance moms....but now I can't see any of the older episodes!!!!

  • Could be better

    by JuliaRose227

    Lots of bugs that need fixed. The video sometimes goes blurry or the screen goes completely black. I also can't read the full description on the videos and they sometimes freeze.

  • Bugs NOT FIXED

    by motolanio

    I’ve had this app for a while now and these bugs that you claim to fix with every update STILL PERSIST. They’re actually even worse. I use the app on airplay and when it goes on commercial break it’ll just stop playing. I’ve been sitting here trying to watch Under the Gun and having the worst luck. I have to close the app, open it, put it on airplay, fast forward and sit through more commercials only for it not to work. I wrote a nearly identical review last time.

  • No access to shows!

    by ricaloca

    I think this app is bull@&$! I recently got rid of cable to save money and I was planning on watching some of my shows online. I was so excited to see that lifetime had an app. But was HUGELY disappointed to find that half of the shows are only available to people with a cable subscription. What's the point? If I can watch it on tv or on demand why do I even need this app!

  • OK

    by omgbooks

    I hate the dang update completely dumb!they need to update faster and they think its funny to keep us waiting for the next episode ....give it to us ....but the episodes are 2 ahead.....then take the other episodes !!!!

  • It's great!

    by Aniesha Sapp

    I like watching my favorite shoes when i want. Project runway, Kim of Queens and Under the Gun

  • Why this app

    by Jaden2swagg

    Love the app because I'm able to watch one of my favorite shows Dance Moms and I can watch recent episodes and episodes from season 1, 2, 3, and 4!!! Other lifetime shows are available... They also have lifetime MOVIES!!! Thanx, Jaedon

  • Dance moms = da

    by Dancemomseditor

    I love the app because I can watch all my favorite lifetime shows and movies without a hassle it is the most awesome app I ever I totally recommend it!

  • Kim of queens

    by Kinhoshi76

    I just wish it would let you see old the episodes!

  • Love Lifetime Hate the Update

    by Mere Mchug 17

    The new update causes multiple problems with this app. The video easily gets blurry including the ads and I found that the format of this new update was very unorganized and difficult to navigate. Also there is no available full episodes from previous seasons on this app and for the show Dance Moms, I found that the new episodes are slow to reach this app and not all the dances from the show are put on here which is a shame because I enjoy seeing all of their dances in the full version. Also the amount of ads is ridiculous, I'm pretty sure I spend more time watching ads than the actual shows. I am most likely deleting this app.

  • I'm so confused

    by Cheyenne

    I just got the app & when I try to click on a show it says I have to add it to my watch list to see full episodes, I do but when I go to my watch list it, the show is there but there is still not episodes.

  • Are you kidding me horrible do something stop sitting around q

    by Purtygurlswag1

    Does body have dish so I can't get all the episodes I want. Does not have the full season of dance moms I could go on forever about how horrible your updating is like fix it and deleting show after show ??? Like really omg FIX IT it's pissing me off

  • Amazing app!!!!!

    by Djdjdjjdjrjfjrjrbrbrbrbrbhrhr

    I love to watch a certain show but I'm at dance when it happens so I can just watch it on this app

  • Good or nah

    by bEST sUPer

    I would have thought the app was amazing exept dance moms did not have all the seasons Bummer


    by JustinBieberLover290

    I love Dance Moms, I love the Lifetime app, but I think that there needs to be more episodes, because there were way more episodes than I saw. And I love the quality of it, I'm 11 and I'm OBSESSED with Dance Moms, I CANT get enough of the this app! Love it!!❤️

  • Awesome watch dance moms

    by Kaleyrachel321

    I would get this app because you can watch it anytime anywhere (if you have WIFI)! I watch mostly dance moms


    by Dog Lover forever

    I like the lifetime app. This review is mainly on dancemoms! I love dancemoms sooo much! Please don't cancel it. I don't like the show Kim of queens. I know Kelly,Paige,and brooke are leaving next episode. If that was lifetimes desision I would like to inform u that I will have a very tough time watching dancemoms if they don't come back. I would like to tell you that I don't know if I will continue watching dancemoms if the hylands aren't on the show. Also, I don't like it when there are replacements. I like the original girls+ Kendall and NO ONE want any of them to be replaced. I think the whole replacing and auditions is stupid. If lifetime set this up, I would like to inform you that is very upsetting to the dancemoms fandom. Also when the episode two girls one solo came out the fandom knows Chloe won because when the "judge" came in he accident,y showed the papers to the camera and we saw BLANK SHEETS!!!! Chloe won and you just added drama. That's very upsetting. If you do the things I talked About by your choice I want you to know the fandom gets exetremely upset. I want paige and brooke to stay!!!!!!!!!! Also a lot of people are going to stop watching ANY lifetime shows because paige and broke left. If you have a say in any of these events you NEED to fix them.

  • Pretty good

    by Eunicorn123

    I like how they update Kim of Queens new episodes, but hate how they barely update Dance moms new episodes!

  • *0*


  • Live

    by Heydnrysbxurnsbbfh

    Add the feature of watching it live and you will get better ratings

  • Lifetime

    by Me so lolz

    Luv lifetime

  • okayyy

    by Sadiemacaroni

    it kept crashing while I was watching dance moms :/

  • Love this app

    by Lxfalcon

    What else can I say?

  • Love it

    by Maddog224455

    Dance Mom season 4 new episodes don't add on.

  • Time stamp

    by Roxy Roxa

    I love, love, love this apps. The only feedback I have for this is I wish the movie/show would memorize where I left, instead of starting all over again. Little annoying.

  • Missed...

    by Twirler09

    I'd enjoy it a lot more if dance moms would get updated... I've been waiting to watch the episode I've missed for 2 weeks... An it's still not there

  • Please add the new dance moms episodes!

    by Lollipopjackie

    Please add the new dance moms episodes

  • More dance moms

    by Taytaylol21

    Where is the rest of season 3?

  • Best app ever!

    by Shelby Tweten

    It's an amazing app! I just wish they would update dancemoms and put on full episodes of chasing Nashville and pretty wicked moms and Kim of queens

  • Review

    by Great!!!

    I like all the available episodes of dance moms so I can watch even when it wasn't playing on television.


    by Cutiepie223

    Live tv shows and more episodes right after it shows

  • Huge DM and AUDC fan

    by AshieMist

    Love that I can watch some of my favorite shows. I will give this app 5 stars when you add Dish Network as a provider and Abby's ultimate dance competition season 2! That never even comes on tv anymore! Seriously!

  • Love it

    by Kristen_0307

    It's a really great app for watching old and new episodes of your favorite show. But, after I sign in to watch a movie, it glitches and won't let me watch it

  • Bug

    by Nasblhy

    Get more sponsor like cox so that we can see more shows

  • Update

    by Skyler7011

    Please update dance moms so i can catch miss episode other wise five stars

  • @I <3 Dance Moms on pintrest

    by Random person number 1 2 3 4

    I love this app a lot a must get but if u could put the latest episode the day it comes out it would be perfect

  • Love it!

    by DaniTori

    Love this app!!

  • Good app.

    by staims

    Good library, but freezes at times.

  • AUDC

    by Tfbmkhsfvhigr

    Please add it. Please

  • Sign in

    by hawaiigeko

    Love the shows but to watch on a I pad app requires to sign in and you don't have time Warner cable as a carrier so I can't watch I never have a problem with the ones that do allow watching with out signing in though You could be more current with some shows and have full episodes

  • Awesome!

    by Jenny Dawn

    Luv this app.

  • Dance, dance, dance!

    by hamichael

    I love being able to watch Dance Moms on my iPad. The quality is fantastic. I love this app. Thank you Lifetime!

  • Lifetime

    by Ttahjls

    Love it I get to watch DanceMoms .... It works fine for me

  • Love it! Keep uploading new dance moms!

    by Djxjdjdndv

    Love this app thank you!! Don't change keeps uploading dance moms wish you would mark were we left off though!

  • Won't let me watch anything

    by Buttercuplover14

    One I get to the dance moms page it will let me choose my episode but when I click on it says error but then it goes to the play screen and won't load the content I am very sad that I can't watch my dance moms please fix it and fast

  • Just Fine

    by Chrizzo62

    Mediocre application. Stop with the ads in the videos. Wake up!!!

  • Helpful!!

    by BTBTTE

    Great way to watch and catch up!

  • Dance Moms

    by Jjlandxoxo

    I LUV dance moms and I think lifetime should improve a little more

  • More than awesome

    by Wrfrgfdfg

    This is so awesome. Especially because you can watch the shows that aren't on right now. you can also catch up the episodes that you missed.

  • Lifetime app

    by Buena app!!

    Great app !!I like watching dance moms .

  • It's ok

    by Lulu3546

    I like it but they take while to get new episodes.

  • Made it work!

    by Tiffanydee

    I love this app! It allows me to get my project runway fix, as well as others great shows. Clear, great images. Very happy!

  • App User

    by Jalapar

    Lifetime app is very easy to use. While watching episodes, it would be nice not to have any interruptions.

  • Cool

    by 3 mm


  • Luv it!!!

    by grunnyzcp

    The only thing that I really watch on lifetime is Dance Moms or Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition. So far I've got to watch every episode of Dance Moms from the first episode of season 1 to the first episode of season 4. That is one of the reasons I luv this app so much. Also, because I can watch it anywhere, in the car, on a plane, etc. I think that's why I like it so much. I don't know about any of the other shows included in this app but I do know that the two shows that I watch are always up to date and always play all the way through!!! Great app!!!

  • Please fix this

    by Alxo__

    It's a great app but I can't watch episodes of I survived or witches to the east end and those are my favorite shows please fix this

  • 2

    by Hollibreann321

    The app is very great but every once and a while it crashes. Also I would love a resume button

  • Great App

    by Awarren2

    Love to watch new and old movies. Love most of the series of TV shows. App runs great! Not many commercials. Always something good to watch.

  • by CrusherSC

    I don't have time on Tuesday nights to watch it on tv so on the weekend after I finish everything, I can just get on the app on my iPad. It is great and it has many other great episodes.

  • Awesome App!

    by IPhone app is awesome!

    Love this app so much, I use it all the time when I'm traveling!

  • Loses picture

    by Kittie123456

    Love being able to watch my shows wherever I am. But FIX the problem with the picture not displaying while the show is playing!

  • Wow

    by Danceranne1111

    I love dance moms. I love being able to watch it on my mobile device. I live to dance. So watching dance moms is great. If I could rate 100 stars I would

  • Meow!

    by kayleigh_kubis

    It's a great app, it has full episodes for most of the shows, and it's easy to find what you're looking for. The only problem is you can't stop watching something then continue where you left off, and the app sometimes freezes or goes blank. Overall, it's one of the best apps I've seen.

  • Amazing

    by Kenzie Nelson

    This app is excellent! It lets you watch all the full episodes of most of the shows on Lifetime. I love it!!

  • all in all great

    by whydoineedanickname.stupid.

    great app but glitches occasionally. very convenient

  • Good

    by Miss love j's

    It's awesome

  • Can't use app

    by No brighthouse!?

    No brighthouse on the provider list? Say what?! Brighthouse is one of the major cable providers. Will be deleting app. Total bummer!

  • Love it

    by Bhgthk

    I love it because dance moms!

  • Rhabks

    by Jkldasa

    Awesome app

  • Very good

    by SpankingFromMama

    I absolutely LOVE THIS APP! The only problem I have though is that you have to watch like 3 ads at every mark. Very nice app though

  • Nice change

    by Black Poodle

    I really enjoy Lifetime app. It's nice to be able watch shows at my convenience.

  • Client list

    by God my savior

    I think the client list is a good show and that I want it to come back on again.

  • Luv dm

    by I hape

    I love dance moms

  • Lifetime has Great Movies!!!!

    by SexyCammie

    I work an overnight shift at my job so watching movies on my lifetime app comes in had when I want time to pass. There are great movies listed to watch. Hopefully some new ones to come soon.

  • Lifetime

    by T.M.C.


  • Not enough full episodes

    by apriltxnurse

    To many clips and not enough full episodes.

  • Love the movies

    by ~Kimber

    Good for those that only watch online TV.

  • by Owllvr

    I'm so happy I can watch missed episodes from dance moms and audc!

  • Love it

    by Nvanate

    Best tv channel ever now as an app.

  • Dm

    by kaleighhhhxo

    I just want all the dancemoms episodes

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