Duck Dynasty Beard Booth Entertainment App Review (iOS, Free)


Seller: A&E Television Networks Mobile

An all-new, all-American "Stars and Stripes" beard pack—free. Booyah!

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Hey Jack! A clean-shaven face is for yuppies! Beard Booth brings all the fun of A&E's most-watched series, Duck Dynasty, to your very own photos. Use the app to dress up your crew and kin with the beards of your favorite Duckmen: Phil, Willie, Jase or Si. And when you're done, you can easily share that facial hair through email, text, Facebook and more. You'll have all of Duck Nation quacking up!

* Take a new photo or use one of your existing photos
* Place one beard or multiple beards on photos
* Re-size and rotate beards for the perfect fit
* Add clever quotes from the show as photo captions
* Share photos through email, text, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome


    This game is awesome

  • 5 star

    by TumKqn

    Amazing! And may I make a suggestion to implement a feature where u will be able to

  • Great

    by Sanball123456

    Great game but you can't access you camera roll. I just hate A&E

  • Really clever app

    by Alliedog1234

    It's really fun putting beards on my friends and family I definitely recommend it!!!

  • Hilarious

    by Drallisond

    Gave my dog a beard.

  • No issues!!!

    by Scott Me

    I have no issues with this app., just A&E!!!!! Since they are taking Phil's 1st amendment away and his opinion, maybe the family should pick another network. Hell, maybe A&E should just write everything that they what said.

  • Fun app

    by Brutemas06

    We should be able to make a caption

  • BEST

    by Duckdynastian

    Any app that I have had that comes from Duck Dynasty is the best!!

  • Good

    by Hey this game is terrible

    But u guys need to let me access my photo album

  • Cool!

    by FastEddieO

    Being a DD fan this app is to much fun!!

  • Amazing


    Awesomest app to grow a beard. Well done

  • Good... When it it works

    by Mr.smurfz

    Starts to open then closes out

  • Fun for everyone

    by The Ladystar22

    Great app! Good for laughs and everyone in the family can have a little fun.

  • Great App!

    by Rosalie rauenzahn

    This app is really fun! I use it on my family and it looks hilarious!

  • It's okay

    by Summer8729

    It's pretty fun but it gets boring . All u do is take a picture and then but a beard on it but it's really cool to make funny pictures

  • Duck Dynasty Fan #1

    by Candy=AWESOME!

    I love Duck Dynasty so I love this app! Works just fine! Hey hey!

  • Awesome

    by Alex Sells

    If you like the show, then you need this game!

  • Fun app

    by Jthompson4636

    It's a fun app for what it is. And the price is right. It would be nice though if you could adjust and size the beards to the picture.

  • by Vshzishebdjc

    Best booth ever. biggest DD FAN EVER

  • Awesome

    by praisinjesus

    This app is awesome, It is so much fun I love it

  • Pointless

    by Still_Bored


  • Will not open...

    by pop luver:-]

    ... past the first page. Totally nonfunctional. What?! A&E decided to sabotage the DD app, too? Maybe they don't want those millions of Phil supporters to add a Phil-beard to their Facebook profile picture. LOL!

  • Garbage App

    by Rufio Rush

    Pure garbage. I'll fitting props, hardly any options, bad software and now it doesn't even load. Deleted.

  • Removed like Phil

    by Bbarrrett

    Removed like Phil

  • Used to work

    by Abradford86

    Used to work good but now it crashes upon opening. Fix it please.

  • Beach ballin' all day

    by zoon_ii

    Want get beyond launch screen. Fix needed. iPhone 5.

  • App Will NEVER Open !

    by Livfast

    This App will never open ! What is the deal ? Fix it please ...

  • Lousy UI and push notification spam

    by kvangork

    It's too hard to line up beard and chin.

  • Update is a ripoff!

    by Slappy24567

    Same four beards but now they try to sell you crap.

  • Loading

    by Big-D

    It won't even load.

  • App keeps crashing

    by Justin Amaker

    The app keeps crashing, at least on my iPhone, therefore I can't use it.

  • Crashes

    by Importedleafsfan

    Unusable on my up-to-date iPod touch 5th gen. Keeps crashing.

  • by Blueyerish

    Not near as good as Hair n Beard app

  • Crashes

    by Olliesjoy

    POS won't run

  • Disappointed

    by Sashit08

    The app needs some work it needs resize buttons it is so hard to resize the beards to make them for ur pic because if this I deleted this app.

  • Not worth it

    by Kissynae

    Can't fit the beard to your face.

  • Fix app

    by Boy duck

    Can't send the pics fix app

  • Fail


    App will not open on my 5S even after rebooting and uninstall / reinstall. I see others with the same problem. Looking for the update!

  • Update app

    by seanzol

    You can't change the size of the beard to the size of your face. Doesn't work well for front camera

  • Problems

    by Tarean Stotts

    Can't rotate the beard fix please!

  • Limited

    by hiatus

    No ways to resize or tilt beards to match photos.

  • Glitch

    by JcM_332

    It was fun but the second day i had it as soon as I would open the app it would glitch back out.

  • FIX

    by Nachos 546

    Make it work on the iPad. After this LAME update to iOS 7 it stopped working. FIX!!!!!!!!'m

  • Fun and funny

    by chad bonfanti

    Love the app fun and funny

  • Awesome app!

    by Lvrealestategal

    I love this app!

  • hey

    by JimJamBonks

    Hey, it's a nice app but it needs bandanas & caps to add to the pics, jack.

  • It's OK

    by AwdJeep99

    It doesn't fit everyone's face. Maybe make it to where we can do that by expanding it? Then it to me would be Top Notch.

  • App not working

    by Jenna Lovey

    I have the app download, but it won't open

  • Yup

    by Neared stein

    Better than buttered bisquits!

  • Too much fun!

    by dwoody22

    This is a simple app that will give you hours of laughter!

  • Is okay not the best

    by the poppies man

    You need to get a strait shot of the people .... The barb will not move or you can't make smaller ... Nothing much

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