Duck Dynasty®: Battle of the Beards Games App Review (iOS, $0.99)


Languages: English

Seller: A&E Television Networks Mobile

The holidays are over in the Louisiana Bayou and the Robertsons are back to their everyday duck huntin', chili tossin’, redneck way of life.

+ Minor Bug Fixes

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The official mobile game of America’s #1 reality television series, Duck Dynasty, is now available exclusively in the App Store! Its time to ditch your yuppie status and join Duck Dynasty’s Quack Pack, Jack!

Game development by A&E Networks and RED Games, a division of RED Interactive Agency

Battle of the Beards tests your reflexes and drops you feet first into the Louisiana backwoods to compete in the Robertson family’s favorite redneck activities. Master sets of rapid-fire micro-challenges, unlocking gear and earning points along the way, to prove you got what it takes to grow a beard as long as your favorite Duckmen.

As you play, your character will go from a Bluetooth-earpiece-wearing, clean-shaven businessman, to a fully camouflaged, long-haired, bandana-wearing redneck with a beard that would even make Phil jealous.

Can you keep up as the pace increases? Or will you be left in the dust as the heat turns up? Download Battle of the Beards today and show the world what your beard is made of!

Special Game Features Include:
• Exciting gameplay based on memorable moments from Duck Dynasty.
• Hunt ducks, eat chilies, blow up beaver dams and more.
• 15+ highly-repeatable, addicting mini-games.
• Create your very own customizable redneck character.
• Level up, grow your beard and unlock manly gear.
• Stylize your own redneck character with accessories from the Redneck store.
• With over 100 items and attributes in the Redneck store to choose from, thousands of unique character combinations exist.
• Snap photos of your redneck character and share them with friends on Facebook!
• Listen to your favorite quotes from the acclaimed series.
• Too tough for you in the bayou? Turn on Game Hints for a little aid in keeping up with the Robertsons.

Customer Reviews

  • Great app

    by Muddy carb

    Love this app

  • Muscadine

    by Jamzz872-

    Great game! Challenging and follows the show!

  • Love!

    by XYZ123456789123456789

    Love this game and love them!

  • Fun

    by bubbadaluva

    Fun mini games

  • Duckmazing

    by Madi1170348

    I love the app!! Just like the show but as a game. It is worth paying for. I would so recommend this app. Their is nothing better than duck dynasty!!

  • I love it

    by TanyaTuckerOKfan

    This is so much fun. I love it

  • Everybody happy happy happy

    by Nosugartonigjt

    I love this game and everything about althoight they should add some more sayings and mini games


    by BritHerring

    Absolutely love this show and the game! Awesome time killer and great graphics. I brings a little redneck to my yuppie home and I love it! This games really makes me HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!

  • Yes

    by D-Dub

    Screw A&E for overreacting and being hyper sensitive. These guys rock, and do does this app.

  • Fun as hell

    by $$$$big cock$$$$

    It's fun as hell good game to pass time but could use some new mini games it was worth paying for

  • Awesome

    by CaptMorgan1848

    By far my favorite game keep up the the good work

  • Great app

    by Hdudjhdh

    As a redneck I really do some of these things. only 1 problem if u get high enough level the taping the boxes mini game does not recognize my finger. #dont be sterio typical of rednecks we do play video games sometimes but only ps3.ps3 is #1

  • It's fun Jack!

    by Fire Hotshot

    Addicting game for DD fans.

  • Yuppie Grandma

    by Tskoda

    This "yuppie" grandmother loves this game! It makes me Happy Happy Happy!

  • Great game

    by Gclagg

    My 10 year old son loves this game!!! Keeps him busy when there is nothing else to do!!!!

  • Best game ever. Worth the cost

    by EvanTrotta

    This game has no words that can describe it. I love it.

  • Love it!


    Its awesome and fun to play. Great to kill time!:)

  • Happy! Happy! Happy!

    by Jarajr0510

    This is the first app I've paid for and it's great!


    by Infamousssss

    Great game ! I love the show also

  • Fun game

    by Yuppie gurl

    I love the beards. This is a fun game.

  • Happy Happy Happy

    by Pschwax

    Excellent game.

  • Good game

    by Jadehancock76

    Love the game

  • Addicting!!!

    by Mylittlesmidgen

    Makes me happy happy happy

  • Fun game

    by Mcpuckett227

    I enjoy playing for as long as I can. Thanks

  • Awwww yeah

    by Surfer man 292

    I love it

  • Love this game

    by LBG Latency

    Duck dynasty keep up the great work love the show and love this game lets out the inner redneck in me

  • Adicting

    by Cman64783



    by Skull master$$$&&&&


  • happy happy happy

    by WhenIWantIGet.

    I love this game not a yuppie anymore

  • Great entertainment

    by Super Joe3

    So fun to play and relate to the show !!! Great for kids too!!!!

  • Addicted to the dynasty

    by Pink AM

    Love this game. Fun to play when I need a break. Love the the game.

  • Worth every penny!!

    by Momnae

    It loads great, colors are great, sounds are cool, and the games are so much fun! I love to hear the guys comment at the end of some of the rounds!

  • Good

    by Tyler 4554


  • Best app ever

    by Zackryyuuu

    I love this app of you don't have this app get it. It is worth the money

  • Ducktastic

    by Fergyfranklin

    Addictive fun

  • Well worth it for killing time.

    by Huggacop

    Excellent app for Duck Dynasty fans who are looking to just kill some time out of their day!

  • love it!

    by Breyer girl

    I looooove this app!!!

  • Happy! Happy! Happy!

    by Miss.nofun

    I really like this game because it is true to the TV show. I like how the mini games are very simple and keep getting more rigorous. Some games, however, I think could use some revisions like the one where you tape boxes because it doesn't always read your finger. I think that they should also add more games so you don't keep repeating. With a few revisions then we will be cooking with peanut oil.

  • Awesome fun!

    by Addicted42

    Love it.

  • Soooo addicting

    by Ebuscus

    Can't give 5stars

  • Amazing

    by carleygirl12

    .... What can I say it's great !

  • Absolutely fun

    by Gage Brewster

    Fun fun fun

  • Fu

    by Like this app5432

    This is so frikin fun


    by Failure at Mens Health

    It is my favorite duck dynast game ever

  • Battle of the beards

    by Bigmike2861

    Awesome game I'm having a blast

  • Awesome

    by The boss reviewer

    Nothing but good clean fun in this app! You'll be happy happy happy

  • Fun game!

    by Kwood990

    Fun game for all ages especially when you love the show!

  • Fun Funny Fun To Play

    by Tymefighter

    This game is really great to play. Thank you for those who put this game together.

  • Best game

    by Gabe133

    hey Jack this game is fun. but most people are yuppies!

  • Okay

    by Ladyrider1977

    Awesome game but it gets boring doing the same thing

  • Great game

    by Sugarspice247

    It is a fun and entertaining way to waste time. The only problem I have is that I accidentally turned the sound off and now every time I go to turn it back on, it turns off. But overall I love it

  • Hey Jack!

    by Poop dog 101

    This game is great for fans of Duck Dynasty! I really love how you can customize you're own avatar! But it lacks levels.There isn't much to do on this game.Please fix that.


    by DuckPug

    AWESOME!!!! I don't watch Duck Dynasty but this game is awesome!!! It is worth all 99 pennies. To wrap it all up... The virtual cash is so easy to get. My conclusion... GET THIS GAME NOW!!!!!! "Quack!"

  • Fun

    by Mitchell Brown

    Time killer!

  • Nice

    by Babymeepling

    I am not really a fan of or watch duck dynasty. I only got this game for the mini games. But when I got this, it turned out to be so much fun! And I am going to totally watch the show more

  • It's a Hoot

    by wcmrsh

    Fun Game! Uncle Si!

  • Addicting

    by rzoonus

    Love it! Just have not figired out what to do to wake up Si!?!

  • Happy happy happy

    by laynie919

    Happy happy happy!

  • Best

    by Adrian Batlle


  • Happy! Happy! Happy!

    by Qwertybo

    This game is lots of fun & challenging. The duck men are awesome!

  • LOVE

    by Alyssajarae

    If you are a duck dynasty fan or not this is one of the. Best/amusing games

  • Well worth it!!

    by Dcterrell

    Very fun

  • Awesome

    by Hdgtdby

    The one thing that bothers me is when you play the game were you tape the boxes because it is nearly impossible to beat on the higher levels cuz it does not recognize your finger

  • Duck Dynasty Game

    by Jose.A97


  • Awesome jack

    by RSinw

    Very cool

  • Best Game Ever

    by SeaCow'sRock

    I think I'm in love.

  • Amazing.

    by Austin-Hanson

    This game is amazing and so addicting. Never played a game that was so entertaining and very interactive. Totally worth the dollar.

  • VERY fun, but...

    by Logan the Rater

    Everytime I press the settings, I turn the sound off. But obviously it's not saving. Because the sound comes back on.

  • Awesome

    by Frosty nipples

    This is the best game for duck dynasty lovers it's worth the money GET IT!!!!

  • More fun than I expected

    by [create nickname]

    Fun app. I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of in-app purchases necessary to keep the game going.

  • A Blast!!!

    by Jweber12345678910

    This app from is so enjoyable. Love the constant updates and the wonderful Christmas theme.

  • Great app

    by Big uncle rick

    This is a great way to waste time. If you like the show, you will love the app , JACK Runs slow sometimes

  • Lotsa fun

    by Rocky Finley

    Been playing for a while and really enjoy this game

  • Omg this is so fun!!!!

    by Alyssa's Vetter

    There were no problem at all, it always loads quickly, and I love the effects too! I would totally recommend this app. It is totally worth it. It will make u "happy happy happy jack":)

  • Quick and cool

    by Mm54:::4

    If you like the show you and your kids will enjoy the app.

  • Awesome

    by Cman0428

    Love this game so fun and addicting

  • Good

    by Mckenzietheleprechaun


  • Starwarslover101

    by Star Wars lovers

    Battle Of The Beards is absolutely amazing!!!!! Tons of mini games. You get to throw chili peppers in jase mouth. You get to shoot deer and squirrel's! But wait... You even get to play as Willie, Jase , Si, or Phil!!!!!!!

  • It's Ragin' Cajun

    by Swoopster18

    Tossing yer cookies has never been so much fun!

  • Great game

    by Dirty Dan.,.

    Anyone who likes the tv show, will like the game. I recognized elements of many episodes in many of the games.

  • Not working

    by Ayeeesh1111

    The game did not work ..why !!!

  • Great

    by Bigdeiter

    Great game

  • Awesome

    by Sandeeflo


  • Time for am up grade

    by Double u15

    It's fun the first day then it's the same levels over and over again. What happens if you win. Every level I complete it's the same thing but faster.

  • Fun!!!

    by Okeydoke64

    Great game to help kill time.

  • Rating

    by Macaulay2012


  • Love it

    by Grimmy786

    I love this game!!

  • FeartheBeard!!

    by MusicMom28

    Love this game!!! It's so much fun!!

  • Gets boring

    by Rocker16651347-38-:7

    Add more mini games

  • Great app


    I love this app it is awesome and great

  • I Like it!!

    by PNP1998

    Addicting!! I like that new stuff to do is added on a regular basis.

  • Hysterical!

    by Kelle912

    Addicting! Couldn't stop laughing and playing!

  • Sparklie

    by Aariana cuti puttitie

    Would be a good game except I think its set up to not let u get but so far. Sometimes different things happen to cost u a life. Like for instance the sword and the boxes. It only lets u go so far down. Needs to be corrected. That's not all other things take place to. Wouldn't recommend it.

  • Good game for fans

    by ???$?$?$?$

    Anyone who is a fan of duck dynasty like me will love this game I mean come on we get to do everything they do on a daily bases it's a fun app very easy to play five stars from me :)

  • 1# most recommended

    by Bcamaro11

    I love this app it's so fun and challenging I have a lot of apps and this one is my 1# recommended !!!!!

  • Battle of the beards

    by Tow3rdog68

    This game is addictive just like hunting need to change up games though

  • Happy happy happy Jack!

    by ChrystalHo04

    Worth the $0.99! It's a lot of fun, but a little repetitive. Just needs a few more games.

  • Great show, Great game

    by DeriveThis

    The show is awesome and this game is nice as well. It's a fun game for when you just want a small distraction.

  • 5 stars!!

    by Leo Thor

    The new look up is great!! Nice work...

  • Happy Happy Happy!!!

    by William Monk Jr

    Best app. ever.

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