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Languages: English

Seller: Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

- Changed navigation verbiage for clarity.
- Updated messaging for non-sync nights; sync blade now hidden.
- Sync event order is now maintained under “Fan Chatter,” regardless of when the viewer begins to sync with the block.
- Removed the genre filter under “Watch a Bump’s” list view.
- Removed category drop down. User-created bumps now default to “Put Me on TV.”
- Tooltips are now shown during “Create an Account” for username and password.
- AdManager has been updated.
- Ad navigation bar is now black.

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The official Adult Swim bump builder app for iPhone and iPad will lift, support and overall enhance your late-night television viewing experience by at least one full cup size.

So, what can you do with this thing? Make your own bumps and upload them for the amusement of others, then wade through popular bumps by total strangers and pretend they’re inferior to yours.

On scheduled sync nights, connect your device to on-air broadcasts of Adult Swim through sound-based psychic witchcraft to enjoy a generous helping of bonus material and extra content that will split your focus and make attentive viewing almost impossible.

It’s the perfect companion to your big-boy TV Adult Swim experience, and it’s completely free. That’s how much we love you.

At this time, the Adult Swim Bump Builder app has limited support for iPod devices.

Customer Reviews

  • Video cuts off

    by angel_silence

    This is a fun app. But there is a weird bug where when I upload a bump, it only plays the the beginning two or three seconds instead of the whole fifteen seconds. Also, when righting in the boxes, everything gets shoved to the left some times. Would be great if you guys can fix those. Other than that, it is a fun app!

  • ASking you nicely

    by myjikan

    Fix the bugs on this app already. 1st making it offline capable. 2nd make it so it doesn't freeze or crash 3rd add a save option, offline & cloud based 4th make bumps searchable by tag/ title/date/author 5th make it post-capable to various websites. 6th Do all these quick or someone else will come with their own app version of this.

  • Great but

    by THE210show

    Needs a view your own bumps section that's it, it's awesome every other way

  • Views

    by Tyk5457

    I love it! I just want to be able to view what bumps I've made! Fix it!

  • Needs something

    by Prs.KennyD

    The app is awesome but can u guys add something to see ur own bumps? I want to see my own bumps and also if u can edit them.

  • 4 stars but

    by Shad0wbull3t

    I would like a refresh button, then this app will be a 5 star app, keep up the good work.

  • Needs an update.

    by Super_hero_jon

    There needs to be a "my bump" tab so you can go back and watch your bumps you made. Other than that, it's pretty cool.

  • Love it

    by ShumpDeLaHoya


  • Great


    I just wish I could look at the bumps I've made, and see how they're doing.

  • Crashes

    by Tyler Kallberg

    Everytime I open the app it shows a AT&T ad for 3 seconds then it crashes. Please fix soon because I really love the bumps on [adult swim] and I want to try making my own. Please fix soon!

  • Ok

    by OMG GAME!!!!

    It let me build the bump but it wouldn't let me sync to TV

  • This app is great

    by itsthatypowell

    Love it watch raw at 8:00pm!!!!!!!!!!! Yes yes yes USA' god bless America the great!!!!!!

  • I like

    by DingoNbaby

    Very much ..?

  • Fun As hell!!

    by Raquel Duran


  • Awesome

    by m1st3ry p3rs0n

    I love it but after I submitted my bump, on the "choose your destiny for this find" part it won't let me do anything, therefore it's stuck there.

  • Love it

    by Rambleez

    I have a chance to get on television and see me little words and that will be sweet

  • Awesome

    by whiteowl420

    Havent tried it yet

  • This is the best best thing since slice bread

    by Ludzko

    Or perhaps Ice Cream, either way. Good app.

  • Yay

    by ultradian


  • AT&T

    by Plant V.S Zombie

    Every time I open the app it goes black and takes me to AT&T website. Then when I click X it just brings me back to the black screen. Please fix.

  • A bunch of bull!

    by Chicago bud rider

    They don't even put any of these bumps in their commercials, I haven't seen one bump from this app actually make it on screen.

  • You can't find you own bumps

    by TheNoobThatWas

    I dislike how there's no way to keep track of bumps you create. Hopefully the app will have a function to find users own bumps in the future. But until then I'll never know what people thought of my bump because I can't find it. How will I know if my bump was any good if I can't even see it again?

  • I hope u have Facebook or Twitter , I don't use social media

    by Nitro from Galveston

    This has the potential to be awesome, unfortunately I got rid of all my social media accounts, so after I built cool bumps, I couldn't submit em. This would be cool though for the rest of everybody . I choose not to be involved with social media. It's too bad I couldn't get my bumps on TV . They were what needed to be seen.

  • Unfun

    by Tantrum Dan

    After less than a week, I deleted this app. I have three issues: 1 - after building a 15 second long bump and uploading, the version posted was cut in half. Twice. Kinda defeats the purpose if you're deleting the punch line... ya know? 2 - without a "preview" option to correct the overly sensitive auto-censorship bot, you end up having words like "Christmas" and "Dick Clark" transformed into a mishmash of "naughty word" symbols. @&?$!! 3 - the OVERWHELMING majority of uploaded material is completely uninteresting and unfunny. If you don't mind being chopped, censored, un-entertained and beaten over the head with non-stop AT&T ads, then this is the app for you! Not for me.

  • Yeah.

    by Briefnotion

    Doesn't work for me either. Keeps saying try connection again.

  • Crap App

    by Joshw1127

    I've tried several times to create a bump. I've spent a lot of time getting it just right and when you publish it, it only saves your first screen of your bump and not the whole thing and it makes you look stupid for making an incomplete bump. I recommend not wasting your time until they've fixed it.

  • Doesn't update

    by Horrible. Not worth 1 star.

    I would give 5 stars if app worked correctly. Until then I give it 1 star since it doesn't work correctly yet. Great idea. But There are still several things that need to be updated on this app. After submitting bump and takes you to Facebook or Twitter decision we have no idea if the bump was really posted. You can't find it in the category you chose to post it to. And the app wont update current viewable bumps past November 5th. Would also be nice if we could see the stats to our own bumps so we know if it's a good bump or not such as likes, dislikes and views. Also what is up with the sync function? Not enough instruction or explanation on what each option does. After I sync up the app to TV it redirects me to a page to view other peoples boring twitter posts. What am I syncing up to? Why won't the app update to show newer bumps? (And yes I am connected to high speed wifi). Would be a fun app with more explanations. How do I know if my bump has been chosen? When will or when has it been shown on tv so we can show it to friends and brag about it?

  • Eccy

    by Dopeamir

    We'll just dled this app seems real cool and all but I can't hear anything..not from mine or those other bumps other ppl made.. What's going on

  • Stinks

    by Dora is a idiot!

    This app doesn't even know my email!

  • Bug

    by Alec12135224

    After the AT&T adv, the app just goes black and closes. Please fix. Thanks, Mata

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