5 Minutes to Kill (Yourself) Wedding Day Games App Review (iOS, $0.99)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: [adult swim]
  • Updated: May, 26 2011
  • Version: 1.2.0
  • Size: 32.4 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

• Removed Opent Feint
• Various Bug Fixes & Graphical Glitches Resolved

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5 Ratings
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• Spiritual sequel to the hit "Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself)"
• OpenFeint support allows you to post your best times
• Makes a perfect engagement gift

In the heat of the moment, a question was popped and now you find yourself heading down the aisle about to change your life forever. And under the stress of the situation you're about to make another rash last-minute decision - that the way out is to end it all. Roam the church finding ways to inflict physical harm on yourself until you succumb to your virtual injuries.

Recommended for 3rd and 4th Generation iPod Touch, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 or iPad running iOS 4 or higher. Game performance may be slower on previous hardware or software versions.

Privacy Policy: http://www.adultswim.com/privacy/index.html

Customer Reviews

  • 1st one is better

    by Hipemoene

    Good game but if u haven't played the first one i suggest u get the 1st one first

  • This is the best game

    by Sorry Canadian

    This is what everybody needs to satisfy themselves

  • Needed to be made

    by adrian835

    This is a valuable landmark from a game design perspective. An anti-game if you will. It also provides comic relief around a topic that is a source of drama for some in this society. It does lack replay value and has minor graphical issues on the iPad. The sorting of certain geometry flickers due to coincident triangles. For the money it is worth the 5 min of playing as your ex... Ahem.

  • Adult Swim makes the best games ever!

    by Vnucak

    I would have to say that this game and robot unicorn attack are the best games ever. If you like this game then it's def worth buying robot unicorn attack.

  • Needs upgrading

    by Hshehdue

    The game needs another update for the ipad

  • Exactly what I needed

    by Roaringdori

    I'm planning a wedding, and this is my new favorite thing to pull out when I'm sick and tired of it!

  • kill yourself

    by AlexandraB.

    soo funny. i usually hate playing games but this one is the best

  • 3 Best parts

    by H@L3IGH

    1. (most awesome) Shark that eats you in the holy water 2. (most funny) Clown that stabs you in the cabinet 3. (most life gone) Gargoyles in the bell tower kills 21% Suggestion: Please add the airport one to the apps

  • Very cool

    by Rea1997

    I like the game but make the bride prettier o and I love the clown it this game way better then the office version


    by WhipperSnapper12

    The player can be at a amusement park with you girl/boyfriend and he/she dumps you there so you try to kill yourself there like putting it's head into the gears of the ferris wheel or something like that

  • Why is it rated 17+?

    by airq12

    There's no sexual references...


    by I LOVE NICKI MINAJ !!!!!!!!!!

    its a fun game

  • Great game

    by The blade dude

    Everybody either loves this game or really really hates it. I like this game a lot my best is 1:55

  • Dinosaur zookeeper

    by Destroyer59827

    Great game and love it but I want you guys to work on adding dinosaur zookeeper to iPhone and iPad. In my opinion it would boost your sales.

  • Before you say "I do"

    by OGDrDude

    Awesome! Die before you say"I do" 

  • Great game

    by llForbiddenll

    I love the original version of this game. And I love this version as well. I haven't had any problems with this app. & despite what others think, I actually think it's fun (:

  • 5minutes to kill

    by Ooooooog

    Awesome app!!!! But bigger map would be better

  • Just what I needed

    by Lizajuse

    Brides to be will enjoy this laugh as much as I did. Totally made me think it can always be worse. Haha.

  • Amazing

    by Lt96

    This is a great addition to the other 5min2kill yourself

  • Fun quickie game

    by duzitickle

    I love the original 5mins2kill and this version is just as entertaining. maybe a little more fun, cuz there's bridesmaids involved. Great job [AS]! Lookin' forward to more awesome games from y'all. =^______^=

  • Bad Game!!

    by Nweaver2

    This game is really dumb!

  • So disappointing

    by Stimpy232000

    The controls are very clumsy the cut scenes when you perform an action takes away from the flow and there isn't enough interaction. The computer version of the original was so much better.

  • Mediocre

    by Milezz

    I knew from the second I payed for this I was gonna regret it. The game is amusing for a little bit and then it's just boring and repetitive. It's the same game they've been doing since the first one and its not even a challenge. Nothing about this game is genuinely fun, it's like a 5 minute version of Myst but with death on the menu. Don't waste a buck on this one folks, it's just not worth it

  • Fun for 5 minutes

    by Rob5050

    Don't waste your money, youll get a better laugh out of one of your married friends who's miserable!

  • Uggh

    by Cappachino Jones

    It's fun for like 5 minutes then it's just stupid

  • Dumb

    by Ihateapps

    It's just stupid

  • Worth it or not?

    by Agathorion

    Sure it looks fun at first but when I started to play it became apparent that it was limited to things that should be easier to kill your self with the environment is limited when there so much more in it you should be able to use to off your self in my opinion don't over sell it if it's not worth that much

  • Sound is broken

    by Neonman34

    Sound won't turn off

  • Bad

    by Fail.snail

    Worst game ever it is so boring

  • Awful

    by Christopher Gallagher

    This game is so bad all I have to say is awful!!!!

  • Horrible!!!

    by Claydoge

    This doesn't even work on my phone. Waste of money.

  • Crap

    by dilove

    This game was crap crappiest game ever don't waste ur mony on it god please give me a refund but robot unicorn attack waz way fun

  • Don't Expect Much for $0.99

    by jcoconnor

    This was a terrible waste of money. Played and won three games in 15 minutes and did everything there was to do. Very limited. No different as bride or groom. Guess I shouldn't have expected too much for $0.99, but the free online game had so much more.

  • Too short

    by Poopposhdl

    This game had few different ways to actually kill yourself. 5 minutes is actually a long time in this game too.

  • Fail

    by False Bacon

    God this game was so boring I want a refund.

  • Trash

    by Sean Jenkins

    This game is so boring. Nothing about it is entertaining.

  • Waste of 99 cents

    by Richienas

    Wow, so boring. Never got funny or fun. Don't waste your money on this garbage

  • Disappointed.....

    by Drellack

    It crashes every time :(((

  • WTH

    by [AS] fan

    WTH every time I try to move to a different room it kicks me off! I know 99 cents isn't much but I paid for something and I expect it to work.

  • What the fu** ? !!!

    by RedAlcohol

    What the fu ? I can't find out funny point from this game. I trashed my money fu**!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Great game

    by James T. Lockhart

    Hi I live in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley. I like this game. It can be addicting at times. Original concept. Funny as well.

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