Adobe Revel - Cloud access for all your photos and videos Photo & Video App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Publisher: Adobe
  • Updated: Oct, 26 2011
  • Version: 2.2.1
  • Size: 48.46 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

Seller: Adobe Systems, Inc.

- Updates to the user interface that make Revel easier to use:
-- Library and album names now appear in the title bar so you know what library or album you are looking at.
-- Redesigned buttons.
- Bug fixes.

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Bring your family closer together with Revel, the private place to view and share your everyday photos. Encourage family members to add their photos, and together you'll create a library rich in memories.

Five things you'll love about Revel:

· Keep your personal photos private! Revel lets you share family photos confidently, knowing that unwelcome viewers cannot access your library of photos and videos.

· Revel works on a variety of devices, so everyone can play a part. Get the whole family involved!

· Stay in touch with faraway family members by sharing daily moments, automatically. Easy-to-use settings make it a cinch.

· Synching without thinking: be confident knowing that your memories are secure, backed up in the cloud, and sync'd to your various devices.

· Reduce hassle: with all your photos and videos in one organized, accessible place, there's no more headache locating photos and videos.

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Customer Reviews

  • Amazing/ I got first.

    by Taytin Productions

    This app is one of the best apps they have it's just amazing it lets you look at all the videos you made with adobe premiere elements or premiere pro it's just amazing if you have any kind of adobe product this is the app to get (if you don't have any adobe products then this app is pointless) so if you want to be able to see your adobe videos or pictures this is the app to get. You can even upload your own videos or photos from your mobile device so you can use it in your next video or picture.

  • Potential to be awesome

    by J.R.inCt

    I recently purchased Photoshop Elements 12. In the early stages of getting to know it, I think it is great. The idea of being able to share my photos ( about 10,000 ) through Revel, was a huge added bonus. While Revel is great for me, as I can store photos in the cloud for use on my iPhone and view them on line, I thought that I would be able to allow chosen users to be able to scroll through my photos. That is not the case. I have to send a link to the user so they can view one album ( I have over 100 ). It would be literally impossible to allow anyone access to all my photos, so I have to decide what they want to view. My thought is that Revel should allow me to give a user name and password to any number of recipients, allowing them to go onto, and view the albums rah I allow them to see. Another major improvement, in my eyes, involves how photos are organized. My albums are listed out alphabetically, and with no other categorization. I would like to see albums allowed to be put into folders and sub folders. An example would of this, would be; I have photos from numerous baseball parks around the country. Currently I can not group them together. I want to be able to have a folder named "Baseball". In that folder I want a folder called "Fenway Park". Within the Fenway folder would be my albums that I would categorize by date and the team the Red Sox played. To me this would make locating a particular event far easier. I like the idea of Revel. I just wish it would be much more user friendly. Hope for the future.

  • Finally has RAW support

    by Techbri

    The iOS version and the Mac version are now very out of sync. The new features all seem to be getting added to the iOS version including RAW support and video support. The Mac version does not support these features. I found some comments on the forums that suggest that it’s possible to upload RAW files via but I could not get this to work. It takes the time to upload my Canon .cr2 files and then at the end, it says it skipped all of them (annoying). My issue is that I bought a 16GB iPad Mini because I intended to store all of my files in the cloud. Currently my only option is to upload the RAW files from my iPad which is a two step process. First I need to import them using the Apple SD card reader and then I need to add them to Revel. This requires space for both functions and so I can only upload them in small batches. It would have been nice to do this via the website so that I can do it all at once. I guess this will make be buy a newer iPad with more storage.

  • My family is happy!

    by OneGrayJack

    I've used Revel now all summer and shared photos with my whole family. Great product, easy to use and easy to share albums. I love the video feature...great addition to an already awesome product. Thanks!

  • Slick and fast. Makes great pictures

    by LucyThunderpaw

    This is cool. Nondestructive edits! The new version is so incredible and beautiful. And easy to use. And now it has RAW support.

  • Best of the best

    by Sumon@Aryan

    Looking for so long

  • Keeps crashing

    by The Kings of Music

    Loved the storage but every time I use the app it crashes

  • Makes sharing my photos and videos easy

    by Velo35

    I love that I have a single place to put and share my photos and videos. Greatly simplifies sharing photos with my family via the shared albums. The panning photo collage of my pictures is pretty sweet too. Great app!

  • Best photo sharing app yet!

    by krashstudios

    Makes photo sharing/storage between all your devices simple. Can only get even better from here!

  • Revel -- Keeping the Family Connected

    by NoeLama

    I use Revel to share photos with family & friends. Revel's libraries let me collect and share photos from close friends. Revel's albums make it easy to share sets of photos & video from soccer, vacations, and school events in a quick, elegant way. I also like being able to access all the photos from my phone, iPad, and online.

  • Good for sharing with grandparents

    by belmontca

    This app is great for having ONE set of photos shared between me and my wife- we both have access on our phones or iPads, and it reduces the insanity of having different pictures in different places all the time. Once we got it set up, it just worked, and stuff auto imports. Then we could invite my in-laws to see that same library of photos, so now the grandparents never have to ask us to post more pictures all the time and have us feeling guilty about it, etc. etc. now they have their grandkids photos- all they want- all the time. And we don't have to do anything other than take the pictures. So far, Revel is really working great for this- helps our sanity and helps the family stay in touch.

  • Best solution out there!

    by Vakkul

    Solves exactly what I'm looking for! Best photo storage/sharing app out there! Couldn't live without this app, key to my entire photo life!

  • Video and thumbnails

    by Nat Turner

    There are plenty of apps for photo and video backup, but few if any have thumbnail previews. I can't store all of my pics and video on my iPhone. This app lets me store, view, play and share all of my photos and videos without taking up space on my phone.

  • Video=Awesome! Still needs a search.

    by notwes

    I'm moving Revel up a star because of the video upload capability being added. Thanks! My only remaining complaint is that I need to be able to search my events, places, etc. If it had a search, this would be a 5-star app.

  • Finally, a solid photo management solution

    by InnovationG

    Finding it easy to use, and keeping my photos in sync just as I had hoped. Perfect for family stuff too.

  • Best app every but i want one thing

    by maxsonc2018

    This app is batter then drop box I love it but one thing I wish you could edit a photo and keep the edited and the original can you make an update soon to do that plz???? Plus after 30 days can I still use this app?

  • !

    by Lu7494


  • Mr

    by Stan1Stan

    My family videos and photos all in one place!

  • It's getting better and better!

    by Sailu Paul

    I love the video support! My family and I are going to be flooding Revel's cloud with them!

  • Video!

    by MattD_Pilot

    A great app that just got better with integrated video support.

  • Does not work for videos

    by kumakat

    Took a day to upload 20 minutes of videos and when I try to share them, they will not load. No real help or data to troubleshoot problem. Crap!

  • Crash Crash Crash

    by happyic

    I'm paying for your service and all it does is crash! Come on Adobe you can do better than that!!!!!!!!!

  • Crashes

    by Craigb555

    Will not open. Please fix!!

  • Adobe Tech Support confirms that iPad app doesn’t work

    by Uncleschnell

    Log in doesn’t work and they offered no solution. They told me they “didn’t find anything to fix the issue.” I don’t know why they charge for the app (on the iPad) and why they make it available here.

  • Buggy

    by crankbuster

    Update Dec 27 2013 - iPad Mini's performance has several bugs. Update Oct 26 2013 - *Very slow unpredictable syncing speeds. *Being that this is an Adobe product, one would think the depth of their editing options would be superb.....this is not the case. Perhaps Adobe needs to hook up with such photo editing apps like PhotoGene in order to achieve something other then second rate editing capabilities. *One would also think that integration with Adobe's own apps such as Creative Cloud, Photoshop Touch, Photoshop Express, would be a given......nope!.......this again is not the case. It is terribly clumsy, and in many cases non-existent integrating between Adobe apps, this is a head scratcher to say the least.

  • Not good

    by Lost.511

    It takes forever to sync photos.

  • iOS ok - OX - VIDEOS???

    by dmiya

    This app works great for iOS devices, but I can't seem to figure out or get an answer from Adobe on how to view videos in the app installed on a MacBookPro? How can videos be played on an OX installed Mac?

  • Crash Trash

    by Atteacher

    This program would earn a 5 IF it worked on my iPad. It's wonderful for my iPhone. Saves much needed storage space. However it crashes after about 30 seconds when I attempt to view pictures on my iPad. Sort of defeats the purpose for me. I'll cancel my subscription if they don't fix the bug soon.

  • Waste of time.

    by Alex Maller

    This is bs.

  • Eats up space

    by estavidanuestra

    It took more than 3gb of space in my iphone, which renders it useless. Why can't it work like Dropbox? Also, you can't modify the date of a single pic or group of pictures in a string unless you modify the date of the whole string. Pity, I really liked unlimited storage and the fact that the upload us much faster than Dropbox. Also the fact that you can share an account with your family and have all the pictures backed up in one place.

  • Unusable on iPad Air

    by WingsThree

    Screen flickers when running. This app needs an update.

  • Ipad air screen flicker

    by Kaarthic

    Whenever I try to sign up,the screen flickers for a moment.i tried in other ipad air too.i guess this is a software issue

  • Photoshop express

    by Sindy O

    It is so bad I want the old app back!!!!!! Please? Please , please

  • Way too slow to replace iPhoto photos

    by Samuel Kaestner

    It is really nice to have all of your photos anywhere, but it takes way too long to get to anything. The app seems to always be downloading photos and can't do so in the background or when the phone is locked.

  • Will not open after the big update

    by Tifflelater

    Frustrating! I can only LOOK at the pics I had in Revel on Safari- no "pics in one place", I just get a message about the fact that it has notifications. I also have PhotoShop Touch, which apparently is not important enough for Revel to play nicely with. To be fair,after the IOS update there are two other apps I can not sign into at all, but this allowed me to sign in... it just will NOT loose the notifications thing no matter how many times I click "ok", and I have to then TURN OFF MY IPAD to use any other apps! PLEASE FIX THIS, I HAVE A SUBSCRIPTION TO IT!!!

  • what the????

    by Nonoboy311

    when i first used this app, it was a lifesaver. not only can u sync all your vids and pics, but you can allow access to see them across so many platforms. i was ready to drop the money to pay for the yearly subscription service, until i was getting the message that my phone had only 4mb memory left. huh? before syncing with the adobe cloud, i had 13.3gb and now 4mb? so thus this is cloud storage but i guess it makes a backup of all your pics and vids in adobe language. so thus if u have 20gb of data, then expect to be using 40 or more gb to use this app. what a fail. this needs to be fixed to win me over

  • what the????

    by Nonoboy311

    when i first used this app, it was a lifesaver. not only can u sync all your vids and pics, but you can allow access to see them across so many platforms. i was ready to drop the money to pay for the yearly subscription service, until i was getting the message that my phone had only 4mb memory left. huh? before syncing with the adobe cloud, i had 13.3gb and now 4mb? so thus this is cloud storage but i guess it makes a backup of all your pics and vids in adobe language. so thus if u have 20gb of data, then expect to be using 40 or more gb to use this app. what a fail. this needs to be fixed to win me over

  • Imports entire photo library into app eating up memory...

    by elementzero

    The application concept is great, upload unlimited media to a cloud for sharing and organization... Huge flaw is that unlike Dropbox, this app imports your media into it's own memory folder within your iPhone while uploading to the adobe revel cloud. This isn't an issue with people who have a few hundred photos. But if you maintain a library of thousands of photos on your phone, this app will essentially allocate gigabytes of memory storing redundant copies of your iPhone photos within the app. This defeats the purpose of the cloud system and renders the app useless to someone with a 32 GB phone with 18 GB of photos and videos... Once revel is done doing it's thing, the phone will be out of memory... Fix how the app operates while uploading to the cloud similar to other developers such as Dropbox and you will have a chance of competing with similar products.

  • Keeps crashing

    by Not happy ditto

    Trying to add photos to an album and shuts down for no reason on iPad and iPhone. :(

  • Last Update Deleted All My Albums!!!

    by Mayo Van Dyck

    Overall a good app I use it often. In fact I use it very often. This is why when the latest update deleted all the work I have been doing for the last three weeks it frustrated me SO MUCH! All the images are still there, but the albums I had put them into are gone. 22,000+ images randomly organized. So frustration! I love Adobe, but Revel needs some more work. Please add better syncing with Lightroom 5 or later. Please add away to keyword images and possibly smart folder based on Keywords Please add an "Open in" option At least add the above options to monthly subscribers or Creative Cloud users.

  • Crashing

    by Noah Pataky

    I have all my old photos backed up on this but i can't get them off without the app crashing. Please fix before my membership runs out.

  • Stopped uploading photos

    by Tecsi

    Says unlimited uploads first 30 days. Stopped at 330 of about 2800 photos.

  • V. I. D. E. O.!!!!!

    by ROseGailGrace

    I am so excited that revel has video support. Finally I can liberate myself from the camera roll. My kids are all adding their videos to our family library and it is so much fun to see their view into our lives together. So ridiculously cool!!!!

  • Terrible

    by raveltherapy

    Won't sync. Simply doesn't work

  • Video is cool

    by weltesf

    Now I can clear up space on my iPhone currently being taken by videos, put them on Revel, and not lose space and still access the video, cool. Not to mention, Explore View is a lot of fun, esp. with my daughters. NIce job!

  • Video is support!

    by 2tiredmamacita

    My videos from my camera roll get auto-imported into Revel so I can share an album of pics and videos together. Before this I was texting videos but they're so grainy and low quality. Now I can share my videos in original quality. THANKS!!

  • All my photos on all my devices

    by Aloha Reef

    A lifetime of memories on my smartphone, so cool.

  • Awesome!

    by Dpats12

    Thank you for adding video. I love the sms sharing.

  • Easy way to share lots of private pics with family

    by Mldsf

    Love the shared library option. Easy way to stay up to date on pics within my family. Now it includes videos too - very cool.

  • Love the new video capability!

    by SlavL

    I love the new video features, makes a huge difference to my family who shoot lots of clips.

  • Photos and videos all in one place!

    by frenchpd

    Now I can collaborate around all my memories, photos AND videos, with those people I care about

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