Adobe® Connect™ Mobile for iOS Business App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Business
  • Publisher: Adobe
  • Updated: May, 06 2011
  • Version: 2.2.1
  • Size: 25.35 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Japanese

Seller: Adobe Systems, Inc.

• Full support for iOS devices with Retina display
• Video support in widescreen (16:9) format when viewing cameras shared from desktop
• Improved usability when playing back FLV videos embedded in PowerPoint slides
• Enhanced mobile learning with additional Adobe Presenter 9 quiz question types supported (fill-in-the-blank and hot spot)
• Manage meeting audio from any device (including small form factor devices)
• Bug fixes

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
24 Ratings
All Versions:
390 Ratings


Adobe Connect users can host, join, collaborate, and share in Adobe Connect meetings, webinars, and training - for true collaboration and mobile learning from anywhere, anytime.

Download the FREE Adobe Connect Mobile application, which brings nearly all capabilities from the desktop to your mobile device, enabling you to drive collaboration and training directly from your iOS tablet or smartphone.

Fully drive collaboration and training without being tied to your desk. Confidently share presentations, documents and multimedia content from your library in the cloud, as well as photos in your photo library, and ensure that all fonts, animations and imagery appear as expected. Annotate and whiteboard more effectively, using just your fingertip on top of your content. Drive attendance to your webinars with convenient mobile access. Deliver mobile learning and track progress with the Adobe Connect Learning Management System or an integrated system of record.

• Advance slides and animations (capability available to both Presenters and Hosts) (B)
• Start and end meetings (B)
• Converse via telephone conference (if available) or VoIP (B)
• Invite others to the meeting
• Start, stop and manage meeting audio (B)
• Start and stop recordings
• Accept or deny guests from entering meetings (B)
• Enable or disable participant’s ability to broadcast their cameras (B)
• Multi-point video conferencing; 2 live cameras, and unlimited cameras cycled through live / paused feeds (B)
• Promote or demote user roles to and from Host, Presenter, and Participant (B)
• Remove users from meetings
• Control all active pods (B)
• Switch between layouts in the meeting room
• Share content from share history (B)
• Share content from library in the cloud
• Share content from local device photo library
• Start and stop content and screen sharing (B)
• Use drawing tools (pencil, highlighter, shapes) on whiteboard and on top of shared files
• Create and edit content in the Notes pod (B)
• View all activity happening in the meeting at once (B)
• View meeting background imagery, enabling personalization and branding (B)
• Focus on an activity to enter input in Public Chat, Private Chat, and Polls (B)
• Use emoticons: Raise Hand, Agree / Disagree (B)
• Use additional emoticons: Speak Louder / Speak Softer, Speed Up / Slow Down, Laughter, Applause
• Stepped away indication appears when multi-tasking away from app
• Participate in breakout rooms
• Share, control, and interact with Adobe Presenter presentations ('Content') and quizzes within Meetings, Virtual Classrooms, and Seminars (B)
• Control and interact with Adobe Presenter Courses ('Courses') and quizzes, including interaction tracking and quiz scoring to the Training system, from Virtual Classrooms (B)
• Connect via WiFi, 3G or 4G connection (B)

Note - Some features are available on iPads only. A “(B)” beside the feature indicates availability on both iPads and smaller iPhone, and iPod touch devices

Software: iOS 6 or later
Validated devices:
• iPhone 4S
• iPhone 5
• iPhone 5S
• iPod touch (4th generation)
• iPod touch (5th generation)
• iPad2
• iPad3
• iPad with Retina display
• iPad Mini

Customer Reviews

  • Adobe Connect Mobile

    by MobileCollaboration

    Fantastic mobile application for collaboration. Allows mobile to participate not just view an online meeting.

  • Absolutely great!!!

    by 86leilani

    Gives me to opportunity to view meetings anywhere rather than having to run home.

  • Great!

    by S_T_90

    Great product. It's awesome. I use it all the time and it is really easy to navigate and manage.

  • Awesome App!

    by 2Dogs1name

    Twice as easy as Go2Meeting, with more features!

  • Outstanding update

    by Pashtp

    Love the retina display support

  • Fantastic!

    by chriscrash_99

    I love it! I can access meetings from anywhere on any device! A true lifesaver.

  • Fantastic experience

    by Monopolist

    Super easy to use - love that I can run my meetings from whatever device I happen to have.

  • As Good as Desktop!

    by Sffan6328438

    Great product, with amazing features - you can do almost everything you can do on your computer. A great product, even with my small iphone screen.

  • Adobe App is awesome!

    by Zach Katsof

    You need to download this app if you are using Connect! It's awesome!

  • Needs a major UI update.

    by Sam Loftus

    This is a useful app, but it's not cool. I have to say I had higher expectations from Adobe. This is Adobe's app, right? It wouldn't surprise me if it wasn't though, the UI is archaic. It works well, is very useful, but seriously lacking as far a UI goes, especially for iPhone.

  • Problems with iOS 7 and iPad?

    by Ash4 uk

    Adobe won't "connect" since updating to iOS 7. Black screen with no log-in prompt. Although, Works fine on iPhone 4S with iOS 7.

  • OK App. Lacks key feature

    by Dvassell

    This app is good to host a meeting or attend, but you cannot watch a replay of a webinar with it. It would be good to allow replays to also be accessible, not just the live sessions.

  • Sweet!

    by ActionJackson55

    Ran my meeting from my iPad and slides looked awesome. Good job!

  • Love to attend meetings from my iPad

    by AcWho

    Love to do white-boarding on my tablet - even better than the desktop. Would love to see support for the green pointer, which is available in the desktop client. Nice to see Adobe Presenter quizzes supported in virtual classroom. Hopefully more question types will be supported soon.

  • Love the new look in 2.1

    by diginomad

    I've added a really nice photo to the background in my room, and I love the way it looks when I change the layout of my meeting. That plus two-way video conferencing are really nice additions.

  • Last update fail

    by DrPippi

    I was reluctant to rate the app at three stars since I have not been able to open any of my rooms after the recent update. Prior to that update, it was working well.

  • Great app!!!

    by Shakoralex

    This app is great and convenient. It had it's faults but it still allows for me to be tuned into a meeting even while I'm on the go. I love the fact that it stores the URLs for previous meetings so I can access them easily if I need to. Good job adobe :)

  • So so

    by Darkhorse0102

    It's not working just say it's unsupported version? I keep trying and trying half an hour later it works. It makes me late for the meeting, and it's still not working very smoothly. No wonder Apple don't like you Adobe.

  • Poor support for many features

    by KVP62

    I am shocked that you cannot view a graphic and listen to an audio file at the same time on the mobile app. The participant has to choose one of the two. And, if they chose the picture, and then go back to the audio file, it starts at the beginning and can put you completely out of sync with the instructor.

  • I wish I could use this on my iPad 2.

    by Msasunflower

    I wish I could use this on my iPad 2.

  • Broke

    by merithin

    The ADOBE Connect (EGC) is part of my companies shared standard for virtual conferencing. On the Windows platform it works great. However the mobile app is very frustrating since layouts can not be modified. Also iff someone is sharing a presentation and then I navigate away from Connect to IPad home screen and then another application, when I come back to Connect the shared presentation is frozen, only remedy is to close APP and restart. Adobe - REALLY!!

  • The connection ALWAYS DROPPED >o<

    by Isabelle Handy

    Please fix it, I though it's my Internet speed or something but turns out everything goes well. Then I check it all over again and ask my friends-The Problem Is On This Application!!! Please FIX IT. I really need this to work and study it's all so frustrating!!

  • Don't waste you time!!!!!!

    by zacthepoet

    App does not work at ALL, but alas, what else have we come to expect from Adobe? They so do not get anything mobile - so frustrating! Connect is a good tool though, you'll just have to use it on that inconvenient desktop you have....

  • Right to left languages


    Its not supporting right to left languages

  • Sometimes good

    by Harry Haff

    Connections are often dropped and now it says I need Flash if I want to listen to the recordings I just made. Works much better on the desktop than on my 4s iphone

  • Can't view recorded meetings?

    by Del Mar, CA

    All my classes are recorded, but this app does not support viewing recorded meetings. Or am I missing something?

  • Cannot join meeting.

    by sbrunner

    "Cannot join meeting. The server provided unexpected information."

  • recorded webinar

    by Alydox

    Does not work for recorded webinars keep directing me to the pages which does not support flash useless!!

  • Really? Requires Flash on IOS?

    by PBijhouwer

    How asinine to require Flash for viewing of recorded videos on the IOS version of this application when Flash is not available for IOS.

  • Can't mute yourself

    by Guitarguy82

    Had to get out of a conference because it doesn't have a way to mute your own line! Crazy

  • can't watch adobe connect videos

    by lab130

    I'm told by the program that I can't watch Adobe Connect videos because I need flash. I thought the whole point of having the app was to allow me to watch Adobe Connect videos?! I used to be able to watch them until the last update. Disappointing!

  • Missing desktop share

    by Sanjosesharks-1

    Abode Connect mobile client still lacks some key features like sharing my Ipad screen. I have a video on my IPad I wanna play and share it with my participants or I have a mobile app on my IPad I wanna share.

  • Good but.....

    by MPRJones

    This app would be spectacular if the sharing screens were more clear. For every meeting I attend the quality of what's being displayed is POOR. Please update so I can refer colleagues.

  • Fix it!

    by erickvilela84

    Adobe fix it please! The app freeze after 20 minutes in use. I've been loosing all my online classes because of that. Thank you

  • No camera

    by Mrs.Frustrated

    The camera does not allow me to broadcast. Please fix

  • Does not work

    by Menolikeypandoranomote

    I enter a URL and it tells me I need flash! This is an iOS app? Total garbage like many adobe products

  • Will not open!

    by Inbloom2

    Previous version worked great now when I open it I get a blank screen. I even deleted and reinstalled and still no luck.

  • Does not work

    by perrtrol

    Cannot access my meetings or launch an unscheduled on in connect. I also have access to WebEx which works much better. I see now why WebEx has majority market share. Adobe is a productivity killer :(

  • Network error

    by Woodstock 815

    I've been using adobe connect for 5 years. Thought I'd try using the mobile version on my iPhone. No such luck. This app wouldn't even open. All I got was a "network error" message. I sure hope this gets fixed soon.

  • Sound

    by Diverseaprn

    The host can hear me but I can't hear her. Program is defective

  • There is bug

    by Hussein B

    It is freeze many time. I lasted tow classes Please fix it soon

  • Crashes!

    by Michael Flatt

    I used the initial version long ago and it was okay, but this update is awful. I can't open the app; I get a black screen and it crashes so I'm missing a critical work training I depended on this app to access.


    by Amy is sad

    This new adobe connect has a bug!! I have updated it on my iPad3, trashed it because the camera app didn't work, reinstalled it , SAME PROBLEM where I can see everyone but can't get my camera to show ME when I hit 'broadcast'... THEN, I downloaded this app to my husbands iphone 4 successfully and same problem!!!! I can see all of them but the BROADCAST button does not work!! Please please help...... I am required to broadcast my image for my school class... :-(.. Ready to cry. Amy 612-219-6093

  • Not so good!

    by Щеу

    Works well, but some times it freezes. It doesn't matter 3g or wi-fi connection you use - it freezes 4 or more times per hour. Especialy it's sad when you are asked during a meeting and you cann't answer because it doesn't responce to your actions. Update is needed!

  • Junk

    by Missed my meeting

    No matter what I tried, it would not connect me to the event I downloaded it for. Calling tech support was useless. All I was told was the URL didn't work. I know at least 20 people who were able to use that same URL from their pcs. Had I known how useless this app was, I would have traveled with my laptop instead of my Ipad.

  • POS

    by How's it work?

    Very difficult to use, won't connect me to my meeting, no support. Generally an all around worthless loser of a program! Not sure how it is Adobe is still making software.

  • Regularly drops video

    by Serhiy S.

    Randomly disconnects the sharing feed, especially when you connect to the conference which already in progress.

  • Prez

    by GrifKat

    Just downloaded this for my ipad. Easy,fast download, How long it takes to enter the room may be a few seconds to many minutes (like, more than 7). Worst about this app, here's a list of the things you CANNOT do in Connect Mobile: -Use Files pods or Weblinks pods -Set polls -Show and hide polls responses -View voting -Broadcast poll results view more than one camera feed. What would be the point of attending a meeting without access to any tools??

  • Not reliable

    by bandjoe

    Losses connections often, crashes, not robust. You will miss parts of your meeting using this.

  • Doesn't work and no support

    by KAW98

    Can't even get to the login screen. "Can't connect with server". Called support and went into intergalactic hold. Wish that it worked...

  • Adobe Connect

    by Rgarc027

    Wow app stinks. Horrible connecting. It starts and then stops within seconds. Has nothing to do with Internet connection or wi fi . It's horrible and just cost me extra credit for school.

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