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Finally, an effective tool that helps students improve their writing! Plus, it saves teachers time!

Published by Kids is guaranteed to help students increase their writing scores on Common Core assessment tests!

How kids can use Published by Kids:

· Write stories on your smart phone/ tablet and receive writing prompts and suggestions based on U.S. Common Core standards!

· Add photos, create drawings, place stickers, etc.

· Stories are published and can be read by anyone using the app!

· Search for stories created by other students from around the world by category, most read or most recent

· Earn awards for your stories that you can share on Facebook, Twitter & e-mail

· Improve your own writing knowledge by reading and rating other kids’ stories using a writing rubric based on U.S. Common Core Standards

How Teachers can use Published by Kids:

· Give writing assignments your students

· Your students will rate their classmates’ stories according to U.S. Common Core Standards (CCS) Writing Rubrics

· Students can clone and improve their story based on ratings and comments from their peers

· Once their story has already been read and rated several times by their peers, students can invite you to read and rate their “Final Draft”

Unique features in the Published by Kids writing app:

· Kids can choose “Mode” and “Topics” based on their registered grade level (ex. Persuasive Opinion, Informatory, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, etc.)

· Choose from fun, engaging topics like “My First Pet”, “If I Could Fly”, “How I Would Change the World”, etc.

· Special editing/design features include: Font modifiers, alignment, spell-check, cut & paste, add photos, create drawings, place stickers and much, much more!

· “Help” button guides kids on writing essentials they should include when writing different types of stories

· Students can create multiple drafts by cloning their own stories

· Invite friends/teacher to read and rate their story via text, e-mail and Facebook.

· Students rate story based on Common Core Standards writing rubric

· Users get push notifications every time a friend rates a story.

· Readers can offer comments/suggestions and even make edits to stories and email their edits to the author with an attached PDF directly from the app!

Why introduce Published by Kids in your School? Getting published excites and motivates kids to put more effort into their writing. Published by Kids is guaranteed to help kids become better writers.


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