100 Zoo Animals - Elephants, giraffes, lions and more Book App Review (iOS, $1.99)

  • Category: Book
  • Publisher: Whyse ApS
  • Updated: May, 11 2013
  • Version: 3.1
  • Size: 250.38 MB

Languages: Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese

Seller: Whyse ApS

- videos! by popular request the app now contains great videos for the children to watch.
- now even more languages feature the small fact-based stories about the animals.
- iOS7 fixes.

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77 Ratings


Know a child who love looking at and talking about zoo animals? We've got them! 100 high quality photos of all sorts of Zoo Animals: giraffe, elephant, tiger, lion, monkeys, snakes and many more!

Easy to use interface, making it suitable for kids to play themselves or to watch together with parents -- even grandparents.

• 100% ad free
• 100 stunning photos in really high quality!
• Sound clips matching the images - tap to hear the sound
• All photos native to the app (no data charges)
• Automatically display optimized photos for iPhone/iPad and Retina display

Customer Reviews

  • Nice pictures

    by Sir Ted 11

    Great app for learning. My kids do enjoy these types of apps. Animal pictures are very solid.

  • Enjoyable app!

    by Germs1211

    Makes learning fun and enjoyable for children!

  • Good

    by Jingtian5

    Good app with all types of animals.

  • Great animal picture app

    by Alcion25

    Perfect for kids who wants to learn about animals and flip through to view picture of animals.

  • Cool app for kids

    by cjvogel23

    Cool app for kids. Great animal pictures with informative text underneath them. More of an information resource than any sort of game. Recommended.

  • MagicMas

    by Dangandy

    Love this app cause of animals

  • Awesome

    by rpphade

    Amazing pictures of zoo animals. Good app for kids. Really well designed app.

  • Great

    by piyush11

    Nice collections of zoo animal pictures. Awesome user interface. I like it.

  • High quality

    by LolipopQ

    It is easy to use interface, making it suitable for kids to play and watch. High quality book!

  • Nice app

    by marian_popescu

    Nice app

  • Amazing

    by chendai3333

    Amazing app. I recommend it.

  • Wow~

    by Eve X.

    Sooooo many animals pictures in it,just download.

  • Teach

    by DJ Emergency

    Animals for kids learning. Very good pictures and everything.

  • wow!

    by RegulusR

    my younger sister and cousins love this app! you can see animals in its best images! thanks

  • Amazing pics..

    by pau0551

    This app contain some of best animal pictures. It's stunning and beautiful.

  • Excellent

    by Johnnyjackie

    Very neat good visuals excellent for kids !

  • Good app

    by chatzy1234

    Nice animal app for kids.. Great way to learn about animal

  • Good apps

    by vedb0x

    Good app for kids.

  • Excellent

    by vrishphade

    Fantastic app for kids. It offers high quality pictures of zoo animals. User interface is great.

  • Good

    by Wylly's

    Good app for little kid

  • ok

    by njx.psn

    ok apps for kids

  • Why do you even make this app

    by SkinBots

    Google has millions of different animal pictures that you can save to your phone. This one has less than 200

  • Fun and Educational

    by theBuggalo

    This is a fun app that is also educational for kids. Lots of animal information!

  • A zoo in your hands

    by Snake Player23

    I enjoy looking through the high quality animal pictures, and this app lets me do that on an idevice. The photos are top-notch quality. Especially, young kids and toddlers will love this. The elephants are gorgeous!

  • It really surprised me

    by Ashling72

    This is very unexpected. I didn't expect that they will feature real animal pictures. There is alot of very interesting pictures in this app. The kids will love this and will help them learn a lot with animals.

  • 5*

    by virinel

    A very interesting app for children.

  • AWWW

    by Ashallyn`

    100 cute animals with great pictures Super awesome Love it~

  • 100 Zoo Animals

    by syntheticvoid

    Another great app for the younger iDevice crowd. Here, they'll be able to see and learn about animals from around the world. The user interface is clean and simple to use while the movement within the app is incredibly smooth. Definitely something to check out if your kids like animals. =o)

  • Nice

    by Artemka

    Cool application with very cute pictures of animals. Kids like it very much

  • Really cool

    by cheesyappleuser

    Very nice for kids to learn about animals. And it won't be troublesome for adults to sneek as well :p

  • Nice

    by express2013

    Kids love this book so much, thank you.

  • Great

    by oregonhero

    What a great app, kids will love it.

  • Great

    by betkingbet

    The app is so great, my kids love it very much.

  • Good

    by bernard246810

    Good app for children to get to know more about animals.

  • Zoo

    by SCZ77

    It's a nice app for little kids, with HD pictures of many animals.

  • Neat app

    by HikaruIchiju

    My kids are amused by the featured animals. Pretty entertaining for a while. Nice dialogue at the bottom.

  • Nice

    by Ian Krest

    A nice and simple animal app for small kids

  • very cool

    by Rafaelhere

    there are not any annoying ads! it is very cool for kids :)

  • Education

    by Blackpearl8012

    A great way to educate kids!

  • Excellent photo album with lots of animals

    by vincentm11

    Excellent photo album with lots of animals

  • Great

    by marrysept

    Great funny app, I will recommend it to all my friends.

  • Fun

    by freshmilktea

    The app is so fun, kids will love it.

  • Elefante

    by Daltonbbbbbb

    In Spanish elephant is elefante. Good game, by the way.

  • Like A Normal Image Gallery But More

    by HK597

    With most image galleries, you don't get sound, but with this you do and it makes for a much better experience

  • at

    by lukepolo

    The collection of picutres in this app are high quality and nice to look through. Any animal loving child will love it, but don't expect to amuse adults for too long.

  • Lovely

    by prcbeast

    Lovely cute animals for my little daughter, she likes it very much.

  • Great for kids

    by The Phoenix of might

    This is a great app for young children

  • Nice

    by Andyjoe1234

    Nice app for kids to learn about animals,

  • Really nice!

    by Disgusted consumer 777

    Wow, some really nice pictures here! Really fun to look at them, very well made!

  • Eh

    by Divdasunder

    Same as others I've seen. Nothing special

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