100 Trains - picture book for small kids Book App Review (iOS, $1.99)

  • Category: Book
  • Publisher: Whyse ApS
  • Updated: Nov, 13 2012
  • Version: 3.1
  • Size: 315.34 MB

Languages: Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese

Seller: Whyse ApS

- added 3 more videos for all our happy train viewers :)
- iOS 7 fixes

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100 Trains is packed with over 100 fantastic HD photos of trains from all over the world. There are also a number of videos and each picture is described with a small text for reading aloud. All this packed in an entertaining, interactive app great for children to play by themselves - or together with an adult.

Does your child love seeing trains in action? Then this is the app for you!

What our users are saying
' It is very good that the child can move the photos in both directions, my daughter really liked the photos.

' The pictures are of very good quality.

' The app was quite a sucess with my boy (4 years old)

• Over 100 stunning HD photos
• Videos included!
• Awesome audio clips of trains in action. Tap the train to hear the sound!
• Simple, intuitive user interface
• 100% ad free
• All photos native to the app (no data charges)
• Small stories/descriptions included on all photos for you to read aloud
• Automatically display optimized photos for iPhone/iPad and Retina display

All the train and railway photography within the app are good quality, and are in full HD. Photos include trains of all kinds from around the world!

Suitable for all...
The user interface has been designed to ensure that both children and grown-ups (!) easily can navigate and enjoy the interesting library of trains.

We regularly update all our apps with fresh content for our users. Please keep checking the updates tab on the app store in order to make sure you’re enjoying all the latest additions to our application.

Customer Reviews

  • Nice

    by rozaraml

    Great app!

  • Nice book for kids.

    by MikeBish

    Has a lot of nice pictures of different trains.

  • very good

    by Rafaelhere

    it shows pictures of different kinds of train! nice!

  • Nice!

    by Blackpearl8012

    Nice graphics even for a kids app!

  • Very good

    by The Phoenix of might

    This is great for kids and will amuse them

  • good

    by Hao86

    Pretty good for a kid's learning

  • Nice

    by Slaaade

    Solid app for kids. Worth a look.

  • Awesome children train app that is really fun

    by vincentm11

    Awesome children train app that is really fun

  • Beautiful images!

    by Luke9339

    Love this pictures of trains! I take it everyday!

  • Nice Book for kids

    by LolipopQ

    This interactive app is great for children to play by themselves or together with an adult.

  • Great reference

    by Eco838

    A great reference for kids and adults alike. Manny train pictures to discover.

  • Trains

    by DJ Emergency

    What more can I say? An app that has information about trains. Kids would love this stuff. Another app for my niece and nephew.

  • good!

    by RegulusR

    good app for kids! a little updates is not bad ! thanks!

  • Great

    by vrishphade

    Excellent app for kids. It offers information about many different trains. Amazing use interface. Learn with fun.

  • C5 starz

    by Extremeao

    This is a good app for Thomas the train lovers

  • 5 stars from me

    by AndreiUCV

    I really love this train app ! 5 stars from me!

  • Okay

    by divestrato

    Quite a good app for kids.

  • Awesome

    by prcbeast

    This is just the perfect gift I am looking for, my little child likes this pic-book very much. Great work..

  • Decent

    by Dannyz1000

    A decent app for kids

  • Awesome

    by express2013

    What a nice app! My kids like this book soooooo much!

  • Meh

    by val.holmes18

    Not that great of an app. The text at the bottom describing the trains is very slow scrolling and you can't speed it up (or slow it down).

  • boring

    by njx.psn

    boring even for small kids

  • Iiii

    by lukepolo

    Trains everywhere. All kids love trains, hence all kids will love this app. Trains.

  • Quite good

    by chatzy1234

    I think I'll found cartoonish train pictures inside, but I was wrong. That icon just lied to me, it should be changed into a better one. Ps: my little brother quite enjoying this app.

  • someting about the train

    by joeyhsiao

    This is a specialized train educational app. In this app, I learn a lot of knowledge. For example, the development history of every kind of train and different countries train design. I can teach my children with this app. It has many pictures and videos to learn.

  • Good

    by goodreaderfan

    It is really a good app, my kids love it very much.

  • Great

    by metenfans

    What a great app for kids, do not miss it.

  • kids app

    by Sukhisandhu

    this is surely kids app but train lovers will also like it.

  • Very nice

    by vedb0x

    Very nice app for kids.

  • Neat train pictures

    by cjvogel23

    Neat app with pictures and videos of trains. Works with no problems. Worth checking out.

  • A great app for kids.

    by difujia

    Awesome! Bought for my children.

  • Good

    by rpphade

    Really nice informative app about trains for kids. Very well designed app. Easy to use with great user interface.

  • great picture book

    by grimme404

    this app is great for little kids

  • Great Picture Book App

    by HK597

    The trains look pretty, and it is a great app for kids who like trains

  • Exactly

    by Ian Krest

    100 trains will fulfill your child's possible love of trains with photos and videos of them.

  • One flaw only

    by Okye6969

    Kids and adults gonna enjoy this, even though not a train lover. Beautiful and loads of great train pics. Just one flaw, I hate the running texts. The are too slow and uneasy for the eyes.

  • Awesome app

    by Rock7788

    Add more videos. Overall good concept

  • Lovely train pictures

    by Germs1211

    Great pictures! The icon doesn't do the content justice, nor any favors.

  • Nice

    by SCZ77

    A good app, especially for kids and train lovers.

  • Very nice looking pictures..

    by pau0551

    The compilation of pictures are put well together and stunning..The videos are interesting as well..I just there were fun facts that kids may learn..

  • Good

    by marrysept

    It is really a good app for kids, worth to download it.

  • Great

    by freshmilktea

    Great app for kids, my kids love it very much.

  • Why

    by Robert12359

    Why always trains for kids?

  • Very nice app

    by Sir Ted 11

    Lots and lots of trains. Great videos for my kids.

  • Really nice

    by Teddy.c

    Cool app, pretty amazing and useful. Well done

  • Love the app

    by Cr2diaz

    Has lots of cool stuff for the kiddos

  • Good

    by Divdasunder

    If you kids like trains, get this

  • My sister loves this app

    by Artem223

    My little sister loves to play this

  • Good learning tool

    by HikaruIchiju

    My boy is really into vehicles and trains are one of his favorites. This app has a few videos and lots of info on trains. Really worth keeping him focused and interested.

  • good for train lovers

    by ehenri424

    This is a good app for people who like trains. I don't know how much non train loving people would like it.

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