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Replaced most written words with images & fancy new look.

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This application from Pocket SLP is a state of the art Minimal Pairs application designed to target the twelve most common phonological processes. Some have described it as “a therapist’s dream come true!”

“Pocket SLP – Minimal Pairs” offers two different activities to help improve phonological processes. A “Receptive Mode” which requires students to identify which of the words in the pair contains their target sound(s) and an “Expressive Mode” where they are cued to say both words. Data tracking buttons are provided for therapists, parents, and teachers to enter whether the response was correct, incorrect, or approximate.

Highly detailed diagrams provide side-by-side images that highlight correct/incorrect tongue positioning.

Finally, and most spectacular for therapists-Pocket SLP has taken data collection and sharing to a whole new level, by offering three highly specific report formats that are sure to impress:

Spreadsheet – complete with names, dates, processes, percentages, and raw scores.

Report Card – A table with accuracy percentages and the exact word pairs that were scored as “correct, incorrect, or approximate”. This “Report Card” also has the long-awaited and most useful option to include “homework text” which describes specifically what and how to practice at home! Comment boxes for parents and therapists are provided too! That’s right, Pocket SLP – Minimal Pairs creates individualized, readymade homework that can be printed (requires OS 4.0+) or emailed at the touch of a button!

Line Graph – A color coded graph visually demonstrates the percentages of any/all processes over the last five sessions.

Unbelievably cost effective! At half the price of traditional card decks, Pocket SLP – Minimal Pairs saves school districts, therapists, and parents a significant amount of money, while saving valuable time. Demonstrating Response To Intervention and present levels of performance has never been easier!

Additional features:

Almost 800 flashcards
“Multiple Client” option for group sessions
Application remembers the students‘ specific processes. Just select the student(s) and begin!
Memory of success responses with the option to front load the deck for building success and confidence per session.
Audible pronunciation of each each flashcard.
Response sound options for on, off, or silly.
Recording for students’ spoken responses that are stored within the application for tracking and replay at any time.
Print directly from the application (requires OS 4.0+) or email data with the touch of a button.
Processes within the application:
Cluster Reduction – All
Cluster Reduction – L
Cluster Reduction – R
Cluster Reduction – S
Deaffrication – All
Deaffrication – CH
Deaffrication – J
Deletion of Final Consonants – All
Deletion of Final Consonants – Ch/
Deletion of Final Consonants – F/V
Deletion of Final Consonants – K/G
Deletion of Final Consonants - M
Deletion of Final Consonants – NG
Deletion of Final Consonants – P/B
Deletion of Final Consonants – S/Z
Deletion of Final Consonants – T/D
Final Devoicing
Fronting Palatal – All
Fronting Palatal – CH/J
Fronting Palatal – SH
Fronting Velars
Gliding – All
Gliding – L
Gliding – R
Initial Consonant Deletion
Prevocalic Voicing
Stopping of Fricatives – All
Stopping of Fricatives – CH/J
Stopping of Fricatives – F/V
Stopping of Fricatives – S/Z
Stopping of Fricatives – SH
Stopping of Fricatives – TH
Stridency Deletion

Customer Reviews

  • Bugs

    by SLP..mp

    This app has pictures that randomly show up blank. It show 2 blanks white squares for the minimal pairs, with sound only . It really interrupts the therapy session. Just sent my 2nd email as I got no response from the first one I sent last week.

  • Not for preschoolers

    by Honey<3433

    I was so excited about this app. I work with preschoolers who love any activity on my phone. Every feature is awesome....except that the cards without pictures are totally meaningless to my students. I agree with other comment that it would be easy to add pictures for these cards. Please, please add pictures to all of the cards so that it is relevant for preschoolers and non-readers. I would imagine that would be 99% of the intended population for this app. As it is it wasn't the best purchase for my practice.

  • Love It!

    by Red headed Slp

    I love this app especially for tracking data. The kids I work with love using my phone for therapy. I agree The pocket SLP should add the group Feature that minimal pairs does.

  • Somewhat disappointing

    by ssaol

    This program organization is genius! But many of the pairs contain one picture and a word....cannot use effectively with young non-readers, which is the likely population. In many instances, a picture representation would have been easy.

  • By shl

    by ShelleyHL

    This app is great. It has good data recording and can be used with multiple students. I wish they would add place shifts and those contrasts e.g s and th, f and th, d and dg, t and ch, s and sh, etc.

  • There's Nothing 'minimal' About Minimal Pairs

    by Neansai1

    I use Minimal Pairs when a student is having difficulty with sounds that have similar means of articulation. There are receptive and expressive modes, or both can be used at the same time. Minimal Pairs allows customization for each student you work with. If a student is having difficulty telling the words apart, there is a pop-up function that shows tongue and lip position (similar to Speech Tutor, but not animated), that compares the two sounds side-by-side. A student can record themselves as they say the words and then play the recording back. AND, the recordings are stored in the app so they can be played back for comparison over time! Minimal Pairs has a feature that speech therapists should love! You can email a report of the session to parents and other teachers involved with a student, and even print a hard copy for your files. There is a homework feature in the Report Card version where the therapist can give suggestions to parents for working on the target sounds. It’s also possible to have instant access to spreadsheets or graphs that indicate the percentage of correct, incorrect, and approximate responses. There are over 800 flashcards and options so that the app can be used with small groups, even if students are working on different sounds. The only suggestion I really have is to have an explanation of what the various processes are. I know what some are, but I don’t know enough to explain them to the older clients I use the app with, and I don’t think most parents would know what they mean, either. While this is pricier than most apps I’ve reviewed, it is packed with so many features that a school speech therapist with a large caseload can’t help but love, that I think it is well worth it. And an iPhone or an iPad is SO much easier to cart from school to school than a stack of 800 flashcards that has to be re-ordered for each group! With Minimal Pairs, the therapist is ready to go as soon as her students are seated. (from my review on my blog)

  • Love It!

    by Techie SLP

    This app is wonderful for the school setting. I've gone totally paperless and it would be wonderful if this app had the ability to write notes/comments about individual progress for each session. Thanks again!


    by SLP Assistant

    This app is WONDERFUL!!

  • Love, love, LOVE!

    by Luke1138

    This is pretty much everything that an SLP could want for an articulation app. The individual, in-app data tracking is incredible, and I adore that you can select any of your entered clients/students and see them in a group while the app takes data for you. I only have superlatives that describe how much I love the design of this app. Well done, Synapse! Now, if you make these same improvements on your previous Pocket SLP app, I'd gush about it in the same way.

  • The Best App For SLPs Yet

    by Nia / SLP

    To be honest this is one of the best speech apps I’ve seen yet. I actually recommended it to my speech group at our speech meeting this week. As a school based SLP, I am always looking for ways to provide the students with an effective model as well as collect efficient data. With this Minimal Pairs App, the students are able to see a visual representation of the errors they were making and receive a visual model of how to produce the sounds correctly. The fact that this app allows me to take data for each student, then email the results (SOAP NOTES) to myself or the parents is amazing:) I’m having the parents take the list of words I email them and practice those words at home. Thank you for a great contribution to speech therapy! Shonia Porter, M.A., CCC-SLP

  • Nice Features Some Issues to Fix

    by SLP Me

    I like the way many of the troublesome aspects of the Pocket SLP have been addressed in this new app: You don't have to use your iPhone contact list to sign up a child on the app, for example. The recording part is a great feature for teaching children to hear how others perceive their speech when they pronounce correctly, approximate, or mispronounce sounds. Minimal pairs is a good way to teach children the issue others have with their intelligibility, especially with the r when they get ray/weigh, and pronounce the two words identically. There are some issues already though: Only R and L sounds can be worked on individually. To work with S, one needs to pick the fricatives group and the child gets little practice on the error sound you are targeting. Also, the quality of the recording is especially poor enough, that the pairs marked incorrect sound perfectly correct. what a mixed message to give the child. Please consider allowing minimal/pairs to be checked with each phoneme, and improve the quality of the recording to the level that distinguishes incorrect from correct productions of S. Then, I'll give this app a 5!

  • Update!

    by Kgk32

    Please update so that the blank cards show pictures. This is an expensive paid app, so please listen to your customers.

  • Doesn't work right anymore

    by Guinn887

    With new update every other set of cards shows up blank. Annoying.

  • Good for Adult Therapy not for kids

    by Speech therapist0228

    The pictures and words are not useful for kids. The kids don't understand what most of the words are. I am unable to use this with my preschool or elementary school kids. Not a good buy.

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