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Languages: Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese

Seller: Synapse Apps LLC

Fixes to make more compatible with iOS 7 as well as address crash bug when opening messages.

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Over 3000 stimulus cards (1000 cards at each level)

29 of the most targeted phonemes (9 of which are devoted to r and it various vocalic variations).

See multiple students at once (no limit to the amount of students).

Score by correct, incorrect, and approximate.

"Hand tailor" decks specific to each student by choosing which cards you'd like to include or exclude.

Switch from word, phrase, or sentence during a session with a touch of a button
Switch from initial, medial, final, or mixed positions during a session.

Spoken audio for each card at each level.

Record/playback audio.
Detailed diagrams can be viewed during a session of tongue positioning for each phoneme (side and palate view.

Running scoring results during a session
Score by correct, incorrect, and approximate.

And introducing the most advanced scoring results in any articulation app available!!
See raw scores and percentages.

See exact words targeted with highlighted phoneme positions.

View bar graphs for each session.

View line graphs for progress on each phoneme for the last 5 sessions.

Visit the scoring section to chose specifically, down to the phoneme, level, and position if you want. You can view everything in bar, line, word table, or spreadsheet format. The detail available is "off the charts."

And of course export it all by email or printing.

Hands down the most powerful, easy to use, and affordable articulation app on the market. We're confident you'll agree.

Customer Reviews

  • Good app for the price

    by Lisa SLP

    I've used this app often with the preschoolers I serve. I got it on sale for $5 which was a steal, but I think it's worth the$19. PROS: It has a nice variety of stimuli for each sound in each position. I like that you have an option for phrase level. It's a quick and easy way to have an entire set or artic cards right at your fingertips. CONS: the buttons are small and finicky. My students have a difficult time pressing the speaker button or record. In the quick quiz mode you have yo choose phrase or sentence each time you go to a new word. (This isn't the case if you go to a students profile) I also use articulation station, which I do like better, but for half the price this is a good alternative

  • Pocket artic

    by Queen Hailee

    The students like it. I love that you can have different groupings of students working together on different sounds and at different levels if you want. It would be perfection if there were also the possibility of a memory game or a couple of game boards to add to the mix.

  • Speech therapist

    by Ck SLP

    Helpful during drill. Downfall is it can freeze and take awhile for results to generate.

  • Okay

    by Dritta

    This is a useful app. I like Articulation Station better. That one has better graphics, sounds, and is more engaging. But there are some pros to this app also. This app has the option for phrase level practice, which is missing on the other apps. And I like that the pictures are real, instead of cartoon drawings.

  • Loved the earlier version

    by CamarillaKangaroo

    This app was better before the updates. I loved it when I first got it! Now, if the time on your device is incorrect, an incorrect time is recorded on the student's record. It would be nice to have time stamp options on/off. More importantly, I wish that the reports were still separated into initial, medial, and final positions. It is much more difficult to do client analysis with all the scores for a phoneme lumped together. My rating of this app will increase dramatically if these features are restored.

  • Great updates

    by Edina Speech Path

    This is an excellent app. I would like a larger selection of vowel-combinations.

  • Great data tracking

    by (private nickname)

    This app is easy to track data for multiple students at the same time. I love that it graphs the data so I can easily share progress. The kids are motivated to see their scores go up as well.

  • Deleting clients

    by SLPTN

    I haven't found a way to delete clients once they have graduated/moved/etc.

  • Okay, but needs more work

    by Bottleofsmoke13

    Like the feature to have student repeat word, phrase, or sentence to listen to their own pronunciations. Downside with no medial or final productions of /r/. I haven't used this long, so hoping not same problem with other phonemes. Hope /r/ is included in updates. Going to need more than just initial /r/.....

  • Great target words but confusing settings

    by Kb4498909

    Some pros: I really like the target words that are used and all target phonemes are available which is awesome. The real pictures are much less abstract for the kids vs. Line drawn pics in othe apps. Some cons: App frequently crashes App freezes up when trying to access results from target word page Would like more words for sounds (at least 10 for each sound in each position) or the ability to add your own! Would like the ability to access the client profile from the target word page. Some kids can't handle going through multiple sounds at the same time and I usually have to start the app all over again just to switch to a different sound because of the glitch with getting to the results from the target word screen. I like the changes they have made in the past. Now there is the ability to go from word level to phrase and sentence level without going back into the client profile. And you don't have to add kids to your contact list anymore, you can add them just to the app.

  • Need better data tracking

    by Morgans1127

    I use this app almost every day. Pros: quick and easy The kids are more willing to do their work Simple data management Ability to track more than one kid Visual for placement of sound Record/playback feature Multiple R's that are separated Ability to do mixed placement to target carryover Cons: Data mixes word, phrase, & sentence levels if addressed in the same session Inability to target one blend (ie: sl) without going through ALL of the words and removing the ones I don't need. Doesn't remember initial/medial/final position for next session No carryover activities Student list doesn't rotate to horizontal view No option to track imitative vs spontaneous response Needs more word choices for each blend. Hope the update fixes the crashing. Overall a good app but hoping to see some improvements.

  • Great teaching device

    by Drbetty

    Hearing their recording and comparing with the audio model presented helps the child self evaluate. What a great therapy tool!

  • Deleting issues

    by LesSLP123

    I have changed schools and need to delete all of my previous students off of this app. I can't find a way to delete them. Help!

  • Works great for me!

    by SunshineSLP

    The update is the version of the app that I have. I notice that many people have said it is crashing, but I haven't had that problem. I have an iPad 2 with iOS 5. I love that it is so easy to switch between words, phrases, and sentences. My other artic app doesn't do that. I also love that it tracks data (including approximations), lets you have several students at a time, nice quality pictures, and recording features.

  • Great app but some problems

    by sermons89

    I use this app almost daily but am frustrated because it often crashes or will not open. I also have trouble getting the results button to activate. If you could remedy these problems, I'd give it all 5 stars! Thanks

  • Still use, but...

    by Jerushasmom

    I don't like the results mixing together. Does crash sometimes. I use on iPad too. Please fix the scoring/results!!!!

  • Laurenslp

    by Saygoodnight85

    I was really excited about this update and the first couple of times I used it were great! Love all the new features that have been added to improve the app. I would have given it five stars if it didn't crash all the time now. I literally can't make it through one session without the app shutting off or freezing, which makes me lose all my data for that session and wastes valuable time. Like I said, I love all the new features but would love for the app to be more stable and reliable. Also, just a side note, when the word and picture for "orange" are on the screen, the app says orbit.

  • Great Update!

    by Sunflowercm

    The upgrade has been awesome. I really like how I can the pick the pictures.

  • Love the new update!

    by Nia / SLP

    I've been using this app with my artic students for over a year and you make data collection so convenient! Great job!!!

  • Great app

    by Akrischel

    I love the updates! One thing I noticed though is it says " he" for a "she" picture. One of my 4 year old clients asked if I could fix it. I said I'd try :)

  • Not reliable

    by jericket

    I paid 29.99 for this app a year or so ago and it was definitely not worth it. It's constantly freezing and crashing which makes me only using it if I have nothing else on me. It takes an entire minute just for the results screen to pop up after a completed sound. I would use it way more if it wasn't such a fail! May not be as upset if I'd had only paid the 9.99 I see it's worth now. Think twice before buying it.

  • Pocket SLP

    by Pocket SLP

    I recently updated this app and, though its does work faster, it deleted my students' settings. Still having to rely on pen and paper to keep up with who is addressing which sound and at what level because some don't save from session to session. Prior to this recent update I was unable to switch from student to student without shutting down the app altogether and reopening. Finally after several attempts it would word again.

  • SLP

    by very disappointed SLP

    This was one of my favorite apps until the latest update. I used to be able to collect data on a group of students working on different sounds at various levels and have individualized data charts according to sound position in the word and at the word, phrase, or sentence levels. NOW IT'S A FRUSTRATING MESS..... data shows for one student on all reports for all students in the same session; charts can't be created for sounds in other positions of words besides initial; data has been taken for different students on the same sound but at different levels but the charts will only show for the word level for both students....... and the issues go on and on. What is the point of taking data when it can't be individualized? I will be using another app unless the issues are fixed.

  • Major issues

    by Mad SLP

    I loved this app before the most current update. Now my kiddos data is getting mixed up and the settings for word, phrase and sentence aren't working. I have emailed the company twice without any response. This used to be my favorite and now I can't stand using it!

  • Would not recommend

    by SLP..mp

    There are too many good apps out there for articulation. There are bugs in this app...some of the text does not match audio. Do not like any of the pocket slp apps. I also wish there would be a way to slow down the audio..sentences are spoken too fast.

  • Great stimulus items, crashes all the time

    by Just speech

    This app keeps crashing and losing my several times a day. Please fix.

  • Disappointed

    by DissedSLP

    I was so disappointed with the upgrade. I loved this app but now I have to continuously go through the same pictures and it takes a long time to change sounds and levels. Plus even one of my students laughed when a sentence popped up that used the word 'gonna'. That's not a great way to promote good language. Please go back to the older version.

  • Poor updates

    by Kgk32

    I used to use this app often as it was the first of its kind but with every update it gets worse. Developer says they have a lot if stimulus cards but the words repeat often. The most frustrating part is you Are FORCED to make a student profile before you can even begin. Then you have to navigate back to said profile anytime you want to do something different, be it switch phonemes or word /phrase levels. Plus, the data all gets jumbled up into one score, where it used to be separate scores for each sound position. I now use Artikpix and Articulation Station instead. They're Easy to use/score, clear pictures and no headaches!

  • Want the old version back!

    by unhappy SLP

    There are very few positives about the updated pocket artic. This app used to be my go-to app since it was quick and easy before the update. Now, it crashes all the time, the cards do not advance without multiple attempts and they are repeated frequently during the same session - even before the end of the deck has been reached, and you have to create profiles to even access the phoneme screen. In the past, I used this app for quick screenings since it would open right up to the phoneme page and I could very quickly jump from phoneme to phoneme. Not anymore. Though I really like the photos used on the cards, this app is definitely not the best artic app out there.

  • Terrible since update

    by Guinn887

    Sad to say I've gone back to artic cards. Since the update it doesn't function properly. Often have to push result five or more times to get out and change sound. Not user friendly at all. Takes to much time to work. Not practical when limited on therapy time. Please fix!

  • Not usable at all since the update

    by Zyx97531

    Ever since the update, I can't get past the client list without it crashing.

  • Crashes constantly since the update

    by DarkWingDuck262

    I used to love this app and I used it on a daily basis! Since the update I hardly ever use it. You can't count on it working due to it CRASHING ALL THE TIME!

  • Want old version back

    by Jenn m d

    I want the old version back. Having to put in last names and target phoneme takes too much time. I like to be able to pick the phoneme on a session bases. I can't get percentages for initial medial and final position as easily as the previous version. :(

  • It's OK

    by Marikito

    I like the new updates, but it crashes all the time. I miss the old version at least it never crashed :(

  • Nice features, but crashes

    by Enjoy the Emoji

    I really like the recent updates. Great for progress monitoring and wonderful visuals for students to follow their own progress. HOWEVER, it constantly crashes! Please, please fix this.

  • Quickie

    by Quickie from Vickie

    Love the update. Thx sooooooo much! Sad though! When I updated, ALL of my previous client info was deleted. Or I just can't find it. Also how do u delete past client names.

  • Great update - still needs some polish

    by Deaf Mac User

    Many of the things we have asked for are now in the revamped version 2.0. Thank you!!! - Client lists are within app now - no more using your personal contacts! Awesome! - better interface with swipe to go to the next card and other nice improvements. - addition of easy to access static images of placement cues - that is to say - drawings of where the tongue makes contact and how the mouth looks. Still not a video of the movement, but they are a nice reminder for students nonetheless - added the ability to easily record a students attempt - nice to compare the model and their production, or could be used for the therapist to record a different model (possibly with emphasis or the word repeated) The app still needs some polish: - stability is an issue. It's quitting on me when I go to look at the summary data. This causes the data to be lost! Huge problem, obviously. - there are odd flashing screens between the help screens. It makes me feel the app is quitting. It is not, but it makes the app feel unfinished. - the update does NOT include the iPhone version. What a shame. I use both, and they both need this update. Thank you for the update! This was a big one. ----version one review----- The draw of the iPhone/touch/ipad technology is very helpful for engaging students in artic therapy. I like that my students can score themselves (with my direction) and see their results immediately. The program needs a few tweaks. - The "ing" pronunciation is incorrect. - the client data base should be housed within the program. I don't like putting my clients names in my personal address book (which syncs with my family computer). This is a confidentiality issue. - the results page need to include what level (word or sentence) and what conditions (mixed positions, mixed presentations, etc) the data was collected. - the raw frequency counts need to be included in the results, not just percentages. A 2/3 66% cannot be averaged with a 25/50 50% with equal weight. - the email data page should include conditions and raw frequency counts as well. - I would have appreciated an in-program information page. I had to go to the website to learn how to adjust the options (in settings - not within the program) - the settings should be included within the program for faster changes. This program a great start. $30 is a bit pricey for what it offers now, but with upgrades that include needed functionality, it could become a staple for any SLP with an iPhone, Touch or ipad.

  • Pocket SLP

    by agfears

    App is just ok. I usually use it for variety in pictures. Need to be able to switch to sentence level within the app. As it is now, you must exit the app, go to setting, pick the app and change levels, then go back to the app. There are better apps wilth more features. This one, for me, is just for variety. I keep my data elsewhere when using it.

  • Great

    by Brianne Fergus

    Great app for an SLP. Not meant for parent use. I use it with my kiddos everyday to track progress, and for fast drills. It will not teach your kids how to say the sound. That is YOUR job, but it's good for practicing sounds. Would give five stars if more pics were available or a feature that allowed you to create your own cards within the program.

  • Not Worth It!!!

    by 123sad

    This would be a great app if it actually had sound, the option to record, and was less difficult to operate. Also words aren't learned at first trial. The picture should repeat the word by tapping the picture. Not move on..

  • Excellent Product!

    by TKSLP

    This app is great!! Don't let the bad reviews fool you. I am a practicing SLP in both the schools and private practice and spend my money cautiously on products. It is worth the cost!! I use this every day with all my artic kids and they respond to it consistently! It is easy and effective with great scoring. Parents love the emails showing their child's scores!! Thank you pocket SLP!! Keep designing apps for us!

  • Great app!

    by slpmh

    I use this app everyday in speech therapy! It's easy to use and the pictures are great. I would really like it if you were able to log in multiple users with multiple target sounds and switch between students.

  • Don't buy

    by Lvmichgirl

    The pictures for tongue movement were great but the sound doesn't always work. The pictures are ok but as a school therapist it's to frustrating to use in groups since it doesn't allow you to work with multiple students at one time. It's way to expensive for what you get. The money would be worth it if the app allowed you to switch between students.

  • Not Ready for Prime Time

    by TX/SLP

    A high-priced app that doesn't look finished. There is mention of tutorials but none can be found. There is no Help file or Getting Started. No one tells you that the student/client list is really your own iPad contacts list and you don't have discrete class rosters within the app. When you finally stumble on an exercise and get a result you are offered a chance to email it, but the dialog simply asks you report info options and never leads to an actual email screen to enter a destination. No way to print or transfer to other apps for processing. Record and playback is implied but couldn't be found. Pretty worthless. Wish I could get a refund.

  • It keeps crashing!!!!

    by Smasher72

    Not sure what the problem is... But since I downloaded the update it just keeps crashing. I have yet to be able to use it with a kid!!!!

  • It

    by Mitchrichie

    It would be better if it used the iPads capacity to switch between apps without having to reopen it every time, it would be nice to reward children with the option of playing a different app for doing their work. It would also be nice if it would automatically save, rather than having to click the save scores button. Some of the words are not appropriate for preschool children, the words are blends or 2-3 syllable words, which are really difficult for the smaller children. Plus I feel for how long we've waited for an update it was a little disappointing. For $30 I would hope to see a little more involvement to improve the app.

  • It is not working with the last update. But it

    by Linabruja

    I said it all! It is great but please fix it!

  • Won't load

    by NE slp

    I really like this app, but I just installed the update and now it won't load before it crashes. Please fix!

  • Can't open it!

    by alg03

    I just updated and now I can't open my application!!! Not ok!

  • Good

    by SLP in GA

    This app is good but not great. I wish there was a way to select only the cards that I want to use and to save them for the next session with my client. The pics are great. The only other thing that bugs me is that if I am working with a client on an early developing sound ( like final /p/ ), words like stethoscope and microscope aren't very functional. My clients are not successful with these words at their current skill level. My fave part is the data collection and having accuracy levels easily available for documentation.

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