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The creators of Language Forest believe that learning language should be an experience, not just a tedious memorization process. As practicing speech and language pathologists, they are well aware that each person is unique and learns via an array of modalities. This is why they have designed a unique flashcard application that goes far beyond the reaches of traditional flashcards.

Called Language Forest because we view each word in a language as being analogous to a tree. Though each word has a “trunk” or meaning of its own, it also has many roots and branches. Language Forest is built around the concept that users can find the primary meaning of the words as well as how it can branch off into related words and real life experiences. Relating words to real life experiences not only affords people with a deeper understanding of a word but also greatly improves retention. This is why Language Forest not only provides users with the ability to create their own decks and flashcards but it also provides them with the ability to fill in their own “branches.”

As users look up (internet connection required) and/or add words, they are also provided with boxes where they can write in and/or copy/paste definitions, antonyms, synonyms, and “other” information. Beyond that, they can also draw pictures, add/take photos, and also add audio. Once all this is added, simply touch “save” and your experience is saved for unique viewing in a quiz screen.

Once decks are created the user can then view all this information in a study or quiz screen. Associated buttons according to information entered are provided below the flashcard and can be accessed as pop up information with a simple touch. Users can also decide which of the information they added will be on the primary flashcard. Draw all your cards, create your own photo decks, study synonyms for words in a deck and then change to study their antonyms if you wish, or simply utilize the “other” option to include whatever text you’d like. The possibilities are vast.

When quizzing, users can score using correct, incorrect, or approximate buttons and then view the exact words and according percentages when finished. In addition, users can view line graphs for how they are progressing for each specific deck.

But this is just one of the main features included within the app. As practicing speech and language therapists, we also know one might not have time to create decks for commonly targeted areas, particularly in the realm of language therapy. This is why we’ve included an unprecedented amount of decks within the application. Language Forest comes with over 50 jammed packed decks (over 1300 cards in all). Included decks are as follows:

Flashcards with images:
Associations - guess my job, words that go together
Categories - animal habitats, animal types, food groups, transportation, “name the category”
Describing - Texture
Guess The Word
If...Then Statements
Naming - colors, shapes, transportation
Root Words
Wh Questions - who, what, when, where, why, and how

Text Only Decks (images and drawings can be added to any deck):
Adjectives - appearance, condition, feelings (bad), feelings (good), quantity, shape, size, sound, taste, time, touch, words to compliment your mom ;)
Definitions - words that make you sound like a braniac, words that make you sound like a doctor, words that make you sound like an artist, words that sound cool
Irregular Past Tense Verbs (all in the English language)
Opposites - adjectives, nouns, verbs (nearly 300 opposites in all)

Other features include:
See multiple students at a time
Study multiple decks at a time
Double tap cards for full screen view
Add comments about each session
Email/Print results
Email/Print information from the card decks
Send and receive decks to and from other Language Tree users

Customer Reviews

  • There ARE Lists!

    by LindaSLP

    I had trouble finding the lists at first also - there is a tutorial on the website - tap the blue arrow to the right of the student's name and the lists can be opened! I'm just learning how to use this app, but one way to use it is to have the kids work with you to create word webs and add drawings to the practice cards. You can add/create your own cards related to the kid's curriculum if you want.

  • Amazing app with tons of info!

    by EchoTheHusky

    I really enjoy using the app for my middle schoolers! My students really enjoy being able to have options of having similar or opposite meanings of targets words we are practicing. I also enjoy having the option to make my own decks of cards targeting grade level vocabulary. There is so much you can do with this!

  • Very helpful

    by SunshineSLP

    Just tried this with my students today. It was great to be able to have them work on a variety of goals without shuffling through different decks or apps! I also really like that the data has a choice for "approximate." the ability to make new cards or add to them is great also, and will be a summer project. The video tutorial on the website were very helpful, and a great way to learn more before buying!

  • Not enough material

    by Frustrated SLP

    The idea is good but the lists don't include enough words and it should either be self explanatory or come with a help section.

  • SLP

    by Allymic7

    This is an incredible app! Thank you, Pocket SLP for making this available. I cannot wait to begin using this with my students. As a traveling SLP in the schools, this is not only going to lighten my load, but will revolutionize my therapy. Keep doing what you do.

  • Still exploring all the cool things I can do!

    by specialappssk

    This is chock full of language exercises to use with my kiddos! I look forward to exploring this app's features further and using it when my kids come from Winter Break!

  • Finally!!!!!!

    by Dragonfli621

    Thank you for creating a language app that tracks data for several different aspects of language. Love the customizable features. I am a Speech Language Pathologist working in a school setting and tracking meaningful data is a challenging part of my position. I have over 275 apps to date, so I have purchased some apps only to find they were not worth the money. A typical workbook purchased from an educational website costs $25-30. This app is well worth the money from an SLP point of view. Used this with students this morning and they loved it!!

  • Pretty good app

    by cello7368

    Pretty good app for language therapy. Many of the flash cards do not have pictures to accompany the word. That is a problem for me since I work with young children and students with reading disabilities. This app does allow you to add your own pictures or photographs which can be good. However, I would have preferred more pictures with this app. It took me a while to figure out that I had to add my clients in my contacts before I could begin. Most apps let you add the names directly in the app. Data tracking is good and will publish each word correctly used or missed. Also graphs can be utilized with each student's data I hope future updates will include more pictures.

  • No longer works

    by bitty.buttons

    This stopped working after the software update. Can we get an update soon?

  • Useless

    by CaptHero

    There is no list to select from! App is completely useless.

  • No lists

    by Waste of time/money

    This app had no lists and would not work. Everything was blank. I tried deleting and reinstalling it but it did not fix the problem. Wish I hadn't spent any money on it. I would not recommend this app for anything.

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