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Languages: English

Seller: Synapse Apps LLC

Minor Bug Fix.

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Whether you are a speech language pathologist or a parent you will find the Category Carousel app a fun way to increase and enhance a child's vocabulary. The ability to categorize and subcategorize words and concepts is a skill necessary to build, store, and retrieve words leading to better comprehension and expressive language skills.

Choose a category (or multiple categories) and let children touch the pictures, hear the word, and then sort them by dragging them into various categories. Once pictures have been dragged into a category users can touch the category and watch it split into sub-categories, encouraging the child to think about words in multiple ways. Audio reinforcement and correction are included in this fun and educational app.

Categories and subcategories found within:
• Animals (birds, bugs, farm, water, jungle, forest)
• Transportation (land, water, sky)
• Clothing (body, head, feet)
• Food (breakfast, deserts, drinks, meat, fruit, vegetables)
• Household (cleaning, furniture, toys, tools, bathroom, kitchen)
• Instruments
• Occupations
• Summer
• Winter

Customer Reviews

  • What A Great Idea

    by Danturtle

    This app really breaks down vocabulary words and shows the child were in the world these words belong. There is a lot of positive reinforcement for the child. This app really has helped my child's vocabulary grow in a short amount of time.

  • Too expensive

    by NanSLP

    This app was WAY too expensive. The photos are really poor quality; some are distorted and "stretched"-looking. Some of the items are also categorized weirdly. One of my students was confused that a cartoon duck was not an animal, but rather a "household item." I know that it was supposed to be a rubber duck, but that wasn't very clear. I'm sad that this app was not very quality for the price because I like the concept.


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