AutoTeach - Drawing for Driving Instructors Education App Review (iOS, $18.99)


Languages: English, French, German, Italian

Seller: Swift Management AG



Explain to your learner with a few strokes how it works. With AutoTeach you have satellite images from the scene, photos of the actual situation, ready templates, or even actual maps as templates. Load, draw and explain the template - this makes learning fun.

1000 &1 situations well explained
Who has right of way at this junction?
Take the satellite image of the intersection and draw directly onto the picture with your finger.

How do I park here?
Take a picture of the parking situation and show the steps with a few strokes.

How do I drive in a two-lane traffic circle?
Take the roundabout template and draw the track before the eyes of your learner.

Everything included
* Pre-considered road situations
* Maps
* Satellite images
* Your photos on site
* Photos from your photo album
* 48 colors for painting
* Great features to save, delete, and send

Have fun explaining!


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