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Splash Math is a fun and innovative way to practice math. With 13 chapters covering over 185 math skills and an endless supply of problems, it is by far the most comprehensive math workbook in the app store.

+ WINNER of "Best Elementary Student App" (2011), by BestAppEver.com
+ Featured in Apple's "Staff Favorite"
+ Featured in New and Noteworthy

*** REVIEWS ***
"Of the educational apps that I have reviewed, it is a more expensive application, however, the capabilities and skills that your child(ren) will master will be well worth your money!!" - www.iear.org

"I’m very impressed with the thoroughness of content in Splash Math. I really like the workbook concept and it works well here. This is most definitely a well thought out, well designed, educational and entertaining Math app." - The iPhone Mom

"This app is very educational and has a vast amount of content" - Giggle Apps

+ Interactive Content - Children drag and drop shapes, pop bubbles, rotate clock hands and more to solve problems. The user interface is simple and clear with lots of pictures so that problem solving is fun.
+ Personalized Learning - Each topic starts with easy level and based on the child's progress, the medium and hard levels are gradually unlocked. The practice mode can be used to focus on problem areas.
+ Fun Games - Take a break between sessions and enjoy playing with fun creatures in the aquarium. Earn new ones such as angel fish, clown fish, squid, crabs as you earn more points. The more you practice more the prizes!
+ Weekly Email Reports - You can track your child's progress reports by our awesome weekly email reporting feature. Parents love it.
+ Scratch Pad for Rough Work - Child can use a scratch pad for all his rough work.

StudyPad has the best math apps on the app store. Each app is comprehensive with virtually infinite number of questions covering wide range of topics. The content is aligned to common core standards. This app covers following topics:

1. Place Value - Ones; Tens; Numbers to 100
2. Number Sense - Counting; Compare numbers; Order numbers
3. Addition Concepts - Sentences; Add with models; Model part-part whole; Add 0; Add in any order; Make a number
4. Subtraction Concepts - Sentences; Subtract with models; Subtract 0; all; Take apart numbers; Subtract to compare
5. Addition Strategy - Count on; Double facts; Make a ten; Add three numbers; Add numbers to 10; Word problems
6. Subtraction Strategy - Sentences; Relate addition; Fact families; Numbers to 10; Word problems
7. Addition and Subtraction - Equivalent sentences; Fact families; Mixed operations
8. Two Digit Operations - Add tens; Add ones; Two digit subtraction
9. Data and Graphs - Pictographs; Tally charts; Bar graphs
10. Time - Read analog and digital clocks
11. Money - Identify coins; Count coins
12. Addition Refresher - Add 0; Add 1; Add 2; Add 3; Add 4; Add 5; Add 6; Add 7; Add 8; Add 9
13. Subtraction Refresher - Subtract 0; Subtract 1; Subtract 2; Subtract 3; Subtract 4; Subtract 5; Subtract 6; Subtract 7; Subtract 8; Subtract 9

*** LITE version - Limit of 20 questions per day

+ More than 2000 educational institutions in US
+ Parents for daily homework, practice
+ Teachers in the classroom
+ Homeschoolers
+ Parents for previous grade review
+ Parents for preparation for next grade

+ http://vimeo.com/31468475

+ 1st Grade Math App
+ 2nd Grade Math App
+ 3rd Grade Math App
+ 4th Grade Math App

* Apps available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
* FREE Lite version of all apps available

*** CONTACT ***
+ Facebook: http://facebook.com/SplashMath
+ Twitter: @SplashMath
+ Website: http://SplashMath.com

Customer Reviews

  • Minor Bugs

    by Chitch10

    We use this ap to reinforce our homeschool curriculum. The skill practice is excellent, but records don't show a complete 100 on some skills that have achieved them. This makes the progress data inaccurate. These bugs need fixed. It would also be helpful for parents to see the type of problem missed the most. That waywe can re-teach that skill.

  • Love it

    by Mensa master

    Good learning tool

  • Eve

    by Deira

    This is exactly what my 1st grade twins are working on in school right now! Love it!

  • Love it


    Love it for my little brother because he will be 1st grade so he gets a head start

  • Splash is tons of fun!!!

    by Treennicole

    My son loves this app and so do I. Its an easy way to track his progress and introduces him to new things!

  • Really good

    by Destinyr1

    This help my brother enteraid and he is still learning

  • Great


    This is so amazing when she doesn't have any homework I let her use this app

  • great educational tool

    by aripasci

    Quite entertaining but still resourceful.

  • Educational and fun!

    by Tjdodge1

    Great app that covers what both mom and kid are looking for - educational and fun. My daughter loves the challenge and I love the weekly reports that show where she does well and where she might need a little help. Love it!

  • Excellent

    by Yanyibianka

    Its really good if you want to review math. Great examples and exercises. Its really interactive for kids. It really helped my daughter before any math exam. Highly recommended

  • Great App

    by ~~bLeSsEd By ThE wOrD~~

    I homeschool and my young kids love this app. It makes learning math fun.

  • Summer help

    by Lathropj2

    My kids used this app over the summer. It really helped them stay on track for the fall.

  • Mrs

    by Mjpete13

    Good game for kids!

  • Fun learning

    by Ccwe!

    My kids love learning with this App

  • China mom

    by ChinaCampMan

    I love splash math! My kids don't have a school since we live in China, and this app helps me out a ton. I love being able to explain basic concepts to them and have hundreds of practice problems right at their fingertips- much better than finding worksheets online! My only issue is that the prizes seem to be the same each year- at least first and second grade do. I won't need third grade until next year, but I hope it has new prizes, or my daughter won't like it.

  • Love It!

    by SmileyGurl12

    My son needed some extra help in math and this keeps his interest! Bravo

  • Good app

    by AnthonyMom

    My son loves that!!!

  • Child loves it

    by Carrie Hefner

    My child loves to play. Doesn't even realize it is a learning tool.

  • Quality questions

    by Mom22grtkids

    Both of my kids like playing & they're exposed to quality questions. What more do you need?

  • Making a Splash with Splash Math

    by GrowingUpp

    The content is academically appropriate and motivational to students. Though the responses to incorrect answers are not phrased in a manner I'd prefer, students are still excited to play and practice. My daughter and my first grade students keep coming back for more math! When it comes to sinking or swimming, Splash Math keeps floating its way to the top of my students' app choices!

  • Way to deflate my kid!

    by Rsurfp

    We just downloaded this app and my daughter (who struggles in math) was happily playing until she got the abrasive "c'mon!" Response. She and my two boys who were in the room all had a visceral reaction to the critical response. It left my daughter in tears and unwilling to try any further. We will be deleting immediately. Who would possibly design an app that chastises learning 6 and 7 year olds !

  • Kicking me out

    by P I G G I E S

    It worked great for about 10 minutes and was very educational. Now, I can't even open it without getting kicked out. Soon I'm going to contact Apple for a refund.

  • Freeze

    by Seniorjeffypoo

    My kids like playing the Splash Math at all levels but it keeps freezing up. This needs to be addressed.

  • Afterschoolingfun

    by Afterschoolingfun

    Great program for supplementing my child's math skills. I like the parent weekly reports option. The program is motivating for kids. I would agree with previous reviewers that some of the negative audio responses to an incorrect answer could be changed. I like how it the program tries to graphically represent the problems.

  • So fun

    by Nehbor post card

    This app is good for kids who are struggling in 1st grade math and for second grade and third grade . It is good for 2nd grade and third grade because you can review what you learned so get this app it is worth it

  • Good but not great

    by tap.in.for.eagle

    Overall, this is a good app. I bought it specifically to supplement my son’s math education, and get him thinking about numbers and arithmetic for a few minutes each day outside of school. And the app does just that. The english-accented question reading gets annoying quickly, but can easily be turned off. The subject matter is appropriate and, I believe, well suited for 1st graders. What I would *really* like to see in an app like this is the ability to turn off multiple choice answers and force the student to enter numerical answers him/herself. That’s really my only criticism. My experience with this app has been largely positive and I recommend it.

  • Same As Below

    by MoherofABC

    As they all say, the App is well written, aligned to the Common Core but he audio could use a lot of work. We generally use it without the sound on because of it and that makes it less popular with the kids!

  • Good learning

    by Impressesd

    I like the game alot. She's improved in some areas that she was weak in and learned some other things. Instead of what it says when a child get's it wrong maybe it could be changed to "Try Again" or "You can Do It" something cheerful. My daughter sometimes shuts down and doesn't want to learn if she feels pressured or no helped.

  • Fun

    by Wow wow Wundt

    I love how it sends me emails on my daughters progress, and she has a lot of fun playing it.

  • Great app for all the downtime

    by Lacey Stogdill

    My son loves this app! He grabs my phone whenever we are at any appointment or in the car to play! LOVE LOVE LOVE! There are lots of negative comments and I haven't seen these but we keep the volume off on my phone so I haven't heard these things.

  • Great

    by Upionmio

    Great app highly recommend

  • Good app

    by Bookgirl1105

    I have a first grader who has been playing for a week. While the price was steep for an app, I do think that it's worth it given the alignment with Common Core, the depth and breadth of skills it presents, and the weekly progress reports (a great option). I like that the aquarium rewards are fun without dominating the point of he app. My son says, "There are a lot of different kinds of skills. The app gives you ten questions in one skill area. Before the questions start, the app shows you the possible rewards for your aquarium. For example, one angelfish is worth 20 correct answers. The aquarium is fun, and you can play with the fish in your aquarium. There is a present in a box that shows your next reward. There are no in-app purchases, which makes Mom happy."

  • Love this

    by Rosepetal2002

    I have to kids and they both love the splash math apps.

  • Good tool for self-directed learners

    by hawks5999

    Our son has really enjoyed using the app to teach himself math concepts. He is able to choose the topic he is interested in and enjoys the positive feedback which keeps him coming back for more. As parents we like the email reports of his progress.

  • Would give five stars if it weren't rude

    by Urban M0M

    Great math program that covers everything my son is learning in first grade. But as other reviewers have pointed out, at least one comment is rude and possibly hurtful as a child tries his/her best to master the questions. If a child picks two wrong answers, the little star says "c'mon!" in a really denigrating tone of voice. Not encouraging at all. Fix that and it's five stars.

  • Great for learning, bad for manners

    by Prettyflutterbi

    I was pleased with the information it teaches and how much my son was learning. Very very disappointed with the reaction to getting an answer wrong. Rude, condescending responses to a wrong answer, not happy! Please change this.

  • Teaches a lot

    by Transplantmom2009

    My son has learned a ton from this program. I love that it tracks his progress so in depth. It is fascinating to look back to when we first got this and compare it to now on how many questions he gets right! My only complaint, and it is a huge one is the sound effects when a child gets a question wrong. A voice that says "come on!" Angrily? That is the worst response I've ever heard on an app and was almost enough to make me delete the whole app. The only reason I didn't is that I could see how much he was learning from it! Please please change the responses!

  • Obnoxious

    by Couponfile

    The game itself is fine. What is NOT fine are the sounds. The "responses" for incorrect answers are not only rude, but also negative reinforcement that will discourage any student who is not proficient in math already. The point of games is to make learning fun & encourage interest. Within 2 minutes my 1st grader started repeating the responses. If you want to encourage snotty behavior toward peers & disrespect toward adults, this is the game for you.

  • Frustrated

    by Avamamsmidget

    There is double vision answers with an incomplete picture for child to deduce any kind of an answer. This problem seemed to of occurred at time of the upgrade to the iONS7. What once an enjoyable game has become a disappointment for the children as unable to play. Please correct before 200 complaints are made as you give us no other way of contacting you which makes it extra frustrating for the parents. Thank you. Won't even let ya send the stupid review so why even ask! Now I am frustrated

  • Good but...

    by HomeSCH00L

    My 5yo really likes this math program but there are problems with the graphics that make it hard to read the information. I hope they fix this soon!

  • Splash math

    by jesse warr

    Everything showing up double . And I can't contact developer

  • Nice idea

    by Not worth it yet

    I bought the full version and it has great categories. However there are major errors on every screen. Numbers/questions are duplicated on the screen or part of the screen is cut off completely. It would also be nice, since I paid $9.99, if the screen pivoted. I'm hoping for a major update to this app. Until then, I am unable to use it at all.

  • Support people

    by corelsoft

    I really like this app. I bought it for my daughter and its a great supplement for school. But please update. After ios 7. The screen and letters do not align properly. Like having blurry vision. Please update and fix this as soon as possible.

  • Good app but buggy

    by jjflight

    Daughter really likes this app, but the display is all wonky and shows double on the iPad (equations all show up twice in grey and green, offset a little but overlapping), and then the same freezing others get

  • Not working right with the new OS

    by Youthpastorick

    I just bought this a week ago and installed the new Mac OS a few days ago. The sound is overlapping and most of the graphics are overlapping as well. I cannot access the developer's website-says it is down. I've been using this in my classroom-but definitely can't use it like this.

  • Poor quality

    by robert.bessell

    I bought the paid version for my son and on all of the pages it shows the questions and answers twice overlapping each other making it impossible to see what the question is asking. I want a refund....

  • Needs improvement, too many bugs

    by Mjb1369

    The app is good and we use it to review math facts. We did buy the full version, as it was still cheaper than a workbook, BUT my biggest issue is that a good portion of the problems are split due to a developing issue. It's impossible for my 5 year old to read/see and I won't have him try to decipher a math problem as it could be confusing to him. FIX THIS and I'd give the app 5 stars.

  • A little buggy

    by MrsVanMeer

    Having trouble with overlapping numbers, or shifted layers on some problems. Won't spend more than $3 on it even with the fix. My five year old does enjoy the demo version.

  • Disappointed

    by 2 easy 100

    Aim VERY disappointed with this company - while their product is good, their customer service is NOT. I BOUGHT THE $9.99 version in the spring of 2013. I am a teacher. I did not get to use the app for a year - I do NOT remember seeing anything that my purchase was for 1 school year!!! What a ripoff!!!

  • Eh

    by Sarahjames2005

    Eh,.. The apps ok... Not the best but it'll work

  • Splashmath

    by Gummi_beAr24

    This app is helping my lil bro a lot and he is geting good grades

  • Worth the $

    by steetes

    While I was preturbed at not knowing about the 20 question per day limit on the demo - which is how it should be labeled - I did buy the app for my 1st grader, who loves it so much, his 3rd grader sister wanted her own. Now that they've had the app for a couple of weeks, here is what I think: -divides the types of problems up well, rates them fairly -the aquarium friends seemed hokey to me, but the kids love "earning" a new friend -we did have a lock up issue a few times the first couple of days, but we downloaded updates offered every couple of days and all is well now. -***the report emailed to me weekly to tell me what they've done and HOW they've done is fabulous. I can easily see where they have excelled and what has challenged them. Worth the $10.

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