Adam's Art - Coloring Book Education App Review (iOS, $0.99)


Languages: English, Japanese

Seller: Sol Robots L.L.C.

- Added Japanese localization.
- The multi-color crayon now gradually changes its color in a random way.
- Drawing is now smoother than previously.
- Includes minor cosmetic tweaks to improve the look of the program.
- Subsequent app launches are faster when using iOS4.

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Adam's Art is a drawing and coloring program designed for kids. Not only can kids draw their own art, but they can also color in over 50 coloring pages. When they are done, they can post their drawings on the fridge or save them in the iPhone's photo library.

The program includes:
- 10 different crayons (1 for erasing and one multicolor crayon)
- Over 50 coloring pages (a whole coloring book's worth)
- Black and white backgrounds
- A customizable and interactive fridge view so your kids can display their favorite artwork

- To paint just touch the screen with your finger
- For a new coloring page or a blank page, shake the device. Alternatively you can touch the screen housing (at the top). Three rope pulls appear. The white one creates a new white page, the black one creates a black page and the yellow one gives you a white page with a random line art drawing to color.
- To change color touch one of the crayons. The tallest crayon is the currently active crayon. You can erase with the white crayon on white backgrounds, and the black crayon on black backgrounds
- The multicolor crayon draws multiple colors as you paint
- Touch the fridge to keep the current drawing. The fridge stores up to 5 drawings. To keep the drawing permanently drag the fridge drawing to the heart on the fridge. You'll know its saved when your fridge magnet turns into a heart.
- You can remove a drawing from the fridge by dragging it off the fridge.
- To return from the fridge view, tap a drawing or the outside border of the refrigerator.

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Customer Reviews

  • Just in time for Summer!

    by Cool iPhone Apps

    Adam's Art is for the kid in all of us. Not only will your kids love it, but you will also love using your drawing skills to create masterpieces. The crayons are plentiful, coloring pages are fun, and choice of blank papers is a plus. App is easy for all ages to navigate. Try passing Adam's Art around at the restaurant while you're waiting for your meal to arrive-it will keep everyone busy and happily engaged.

  • Good times!

    by Correspondeau

    What a fun app! I'm not a kid, I don't have kids, but I found myself having a great time coloring in the pictures and playing around with the artwork on the fridge. Two thumbs up!

  • For the "kid" in all of us!

    by A discriminating critic

    What a great app! It not only keeps the kids entertained, it is also a lot of fun for the rest of us. It is a great way to relax or to punctuate a busy day with a refreshing and very creative activity. I think the refrigerator idea is especially clever. Thanks Sol Robots.

  • Fun app

    by canyonsleeper

    I love the fridge! It's Simple for my kids to use

  • Really good!

    by WheelT

    My 3 year old really likes this app. Great clean crayoning. Keeps her busy in restaurants.


    by Megz (:

    I love it but, you should be able to open the fridge and there is food in it and you can eat it, Pleaseeeeeeeeee

  • Good.. better with Undo!

    by caitj1111

    Totally needs an UNDO button! And needs to move the new screen buttons. But great! app!! As a full grown adult, I never ceases to entertain me. :)

  • Good start

    by 80s Games fan

    This is a good start but the pictures are too small with small details. This makes it a bit hard to color in the lines. Also would be great if there was an eraser. Otherwise it's' cool.

  • Interesting

    by dadothree

    It was ok

  • Awsome but...

    by Sketerbait

    It's a good game but after u make your pic it goes to the fridge and then what do u do? Also how do u erase the old pic?

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