35 Sing Along Songs Education App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese

Seller: Samsung Publishing Ltd.

Updated for iOS7.

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Enjoy 35 kids’ favorite sing along songs!
Have fun with your little ones whenever, wherever you are!

* Features *
# Make your own playlist by selecting your favorite songs.
# Learn the lyrics while singing the songs.
# The last song is automatically played when you start the app again.
# You can listen to your songs even when the screen is locked.
# Song play doesn’t require any network connections.
# You can jump to our other MP3 apps and play songs right away.
# Listen songs in the background while sending txt messages or emails.
# Enjoy your songs with both iPhone and iPad.
[35 Sing Along Songs] includes the following songs:

* Hello
* Happy Birthday to You
* Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
* ABC Song
* Sing-a-ling
* What's This?
* Animal Talk
* One Little Finger
* Mary Had a Little Lamb
* How Are You, My Friend?
* The Hokey Pokey
* In a Cottage in a Wood
* Rock-a-Bye, Baby
* If You're Happy
* Teddy Bear
* Sing a Rainbow
* Where Is Thumbkin?
* This Old Man
* The More We Sing Together
* Hush, Little Baby
* On Top of Spaghetti
* Old MacDonald Had a Farm
* Baby's Clothes
* Row, Row, Row Your Boat
* This is the Way
* We Wish You a Merry Christmas
* Head and Shoulders
* Rain, Rain, Go Away
* The Muffin Man
* I'm a Little Teapot
* The Bus
* Hickory, Dickory, Dock
* This Little Pig Went to Market
* The Eentsy Weentsy Spider
* Bingo

Customer Reviews

  • Bad

    by Fbcxgjfsehmmnbfwqqdhji


  • Rip off

    by rdgprof

    Comes with only 3 songs. Very misleading. If you want the other 32 songs you must spend $3.99 to get them. In my mind that's cheating the consumer. Be upfront about what you're selling!

  • Do not download!

    by Firewife68

    If I could give this app zero stars, I would! 1. The description is so misleading. You do not get all 35 songs..you get 3!! The other 32 you have to pay 3.99 for!! 2. The 3 songs you do get are junk! They have nouns interjected in them so you can't personalize the song. For example, the birthday song says "happy birthday mommy." Therefore you can't insert a child's name in when you're signing for a particular child's day. Very, very disappointed!

  • Misleading

    by jb75070

    Only 3 songs

  • False Advertisement

    by lotionistic

    Looks like you get 35 songs, but really only 3. Come on, Apple, let's have some QC here.

  • Cheating

    by Sushi4mkt

    I have bought this application by paying $3.99 and now it stopped working. Went to their website to seek help and it is in Korean. The app doesn't even launch now..really don't know what to do..felt like cheated..

  • Misleading

    by Ivorypearl

    Only 3 free songs. Poor quality.

  • Misleading!

    by Crys46953

    The description claims 35 songs are included, but that's a lie - 3 songs are included, and you have to pay 3.99 for the rest. After hearing the awful quality of the 3 included, I don't know why anyone would waste the money.

  • Misleading and poor quality

    by LizB2011

    I have downloaded this app twice. Both times were because of ads that said "for a limited time, free". The description even listed all the songs that would be included. Each time I only got three songs and then I would have to pay $3.99 for the rest of them. I would probably consider it but the quality of songs is horrible, it doesn't show the lyrics so my little girl could learn them. Any awful app that I am deleting.

  • Only 3 Songs

    by KatieCheck

    I downloaded this app for my little boy because he loves music and it said it has 35 songs but when I downloaded it only 3 songs were there. Don't know where all the other songs are. Boo!

  • 35 sing a long songs

    by Ski grammie

    awful only 3songs not 35 very tinny sounding

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