ABC SPELLING MAGIC 4 Silent Final e Education App Review (iOS, Free)


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This app focuses on silent final e.
This app will help your child gain mastery with words that contain silent final e.

Customer Reviews

  • Great apps!

    by Patchwork Ninja

    This is another in a fine series of kids learning apps!

  • Precise application

    by Okye6969

    Your children having trouble with can and cane? Then this is the precise app for that. Awesome.

  • Neat

    by Drepidge

    Cool app for kids to learn with. A lot of the ui looks rather drab and simple though. Like the background and the fonts.

  • Fun

    by cat_cardona

    A really good educational app that has potential although I would like to see more attention to details and improoved graphics...Fun to use though

  • Spelling Magic

    by CSS.2025

    This is a nice educational for helping the preschool kids build basic spelling skills. I particularly love its children-friendly layout design, it's clean and intuitive, easy for kids to start to play.

  • Nice app for kids!

    by Eleinn

    Nice app, educational, easy to play and funny.

  • Pretty good

    by husseybomb

    It's a great app for kids to learn about the final e in a word. The interface is great too.

  • Good educational app for children

    by keepwei

    Good educational app for children. A very carefully selection of words with final E. kids can learn how it changes the pronunciation intuitively. The definition of words are presented as pictures, also quite intuitive.

  • Nice app

    by sohaybgiroush

    This is a great tool that you don't find much in the appstore to teach your kids the words that have silent E at the end and how to say them ....awesome app.

  • Great

    by pontiacy

    Good choice of words (can vs. cane, kit vs kite, etc). Good pronunciation. A great app to help kids learn words with silent final e.

  • Good

    by Remixmaster5000

    My little sister loves the game. It seems very helpful and informative. Good job.

  • Nice app!!

    by robert1107

    This is a nice app, is good to waste time when you are bored and you want to do some execrcices with brain.

  • Great

    by Agutie29

    This is a great App. The best I have seen and tried so far regarding Spelling. I am going to use it with my students and hope they love it as much as I do. Over all GREAT APP TRY IT !

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