ABC SPELLING MAGIC 4 Silent Final e Deluxe Education App Review (iOS, $0.99)


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This app focuses on silent final e.
This app will help your child gain mastery with words that contain silent final e.

Customer Reviews

  • Educational!!!

    by CutesyDani

    Great app for helping children learn to read etc! I like how the pictures change and how the word is read out loud for the user. I did not like how there is no way to exit or go back to the main page once you are in a specific section!

  • Nice app for kids!

    by Mioung

    This app is a quite nice app for kids in their early age education.

  • high quality

    by gulnacrui am

    This app is engaging and the kids have fun while exploring the colorful little things. The animations and sound effects are attention getter. Thank you for making this high quality app!

  • Great

    by PacManPlayer

    Really great spelling app. So simple to use and really facilitates learning. Love it

  • Very simple spelling app

    by Drepidge

    Recommended only for very young kids. Basically it's just a spelling game where a word is spoken and you try to spell it out. Or you add e's to the ends of words

  • Great app

    by MrCooper5

    Great educational app for kids. Nice intuitive interface and easy to use. The app has detailed instruction how to play. There are three modes for reading development such as word building, moveable alphabet and vowel game. This app contains a lot of words in different categories. Perfect app to start reading. Definitely recommend this app for kids.

  • Nice app

    by CSS.2025

    I have already download the lite version of this app yesterday, it's nice, my kids love it. So now I purchased this. Really love the photo-real illustration, it will help the kids better understanding the word when spelling.

  • Fun

    by cat_cardona

    The app works as advertised although I would like to see some improvements like more content and more activities incorporated in the app as it's really repetitive.

  • Great for silent e

    by Okye6969

    Does what it promises. I can see a little improvement of my kids. I am sure they will master this in couple of days. Thanks!

  • Great

    by Juparkin

    Another great app from this company. Good way to teach kids to develop their English skills!

  • Wow

    by Patchwork Ninja

    Another great learning app, so simple to use but with good results!

  • Best English lesson

    by Deslee2012

    The pronunciation very accurate. The graphic and background music quite outstanding. This app quite informative and suitable app for children.

  • Good content

    by pontiacy

    A lot of words with silent final e. three different activities: learn the words with and without e, word building, and movable alphabet. Very educational.

  • bad name app

    by daltonburr

    the name of this app is really hard to remember for sharing . The content is normal and not outstanding

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