SUPER WHY! for iPad Games App Review (iOS, $3.99)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: PBS KIDS
  • Updated: Apr, 01 2010
  • Version: 2.33
  • Size: 53.58 MB

Languages: English

Seller: PBS Kids

Optimized for iOS 7
Note: Update will reset reward stickers

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Help your child achieve the Power to Read with this collection of four SUPER WHY interactive games. Featured by Apple at the launch of the iPad2 and winner of a Parents' Choice Silver Award!

Your child can play along with each of the main characters from the TV series: Alpha Pig, Princess Presto, Wonder Red, and, of course, Super Why, while practicing the alphabet, rhyming, spelling, writing and reading. Super Duper!

Help Alpha Pig find his way home by identifying the letters he needs to follow the alphabet path. That’s Alphabet Power!

Help Princess Presto make objects appear by identifying letter sounds, tracing letters on the touch screen, and writing words. Spectacular Spelling!

It’s time to rhyme! Help Wonder Red find the rhyming words missing from her Wonder Words Basket.

Super the rescue! Help Super Why save the day by selecting words to complete sentences that fit the story.

Collect virtual stickers along the way and decorate a “sticker book” with over 50 items.

The SUPER WHY app from PBS KIDS was developed by Bean Creative in partnership with PBS and Out of the Blue Enterprises, the producers of the breakthrough preschool series SUPER WHY. The series is designed to help kids ages 3 to 6 with the critical skills that they need to learn (and love) to read! For more exciting SUPER WHY online games, music and activities visit

Customer Reviews

  • Review

    by Laura67?

    Absolutely a great app. I have a 4 year and she loves it

  • Needs some parental options

    by Ldybg1127

    I purchased this app for my three year old daughter who knows her letter names, letter sounds, and some sight words. She loves the tv show and will enjoy the game. The games stay true to the objective of the tv show. I hope in future updates that they give the parent the option to turn off the background music (it gets annoying pretty fast!) and would also like the option for the user to able to tap on the word in some of the games to have the word spoken for them (then have the user drag and drop the word). Had I known that these options were not available I may have held off on the app purchase. Maybe I'll have her use headphones for now!

  • Check the MUTE button

    by Welcome?

    If you find no sound, check the mute button on iPad 1. Double tab home key 2. Scroll to far left 3. Tab on the mute button on the left next to the brightness slide. Not sure why this mute button only affect this app, but not others. All other apps still have sound even this mute button is enabled.

  • Great for 18 month old!

    by Chgo2StL

    This is a fun app for my 18 month old daughter. She loves this app. When supplemented with the TV program you have a few extra options for learning the alphabet. She can differentiate between letters. The developers could expand the app dictionary. There have been a lot of repeats.

  • Sound issues

    by Nhenson

    SO, we figured out that sound only works on the PBS apps (all of them that we've downloaded so far) when headphones are plugged in. I guess this is a nice way to take pity on parents who don't want to hear it, but we actually do some of the games WITH our 3 year old and would prefer to be able to hear what she hears. we just bought a headphone splitter so we could both be plugged in. Anyway, for parents frustrated by no sound...plug in some headphones. Other than that hurdle, it's a nice app for little ones.

  • First Grade Teacher

    by Angel50365

    I would be willing to give this app a 5 star rating if it allowed you the option of picking and writing lowercase letters. In our world most of the time we read and spell using lowercase letters.

  • My kid loves it!

    by fffz

    Thumbs up!

  • Big hit

    by Lemon39

    My 2 yr old loves it and I love that she learns from it.

  • 4 Y.O. Skyler

    by Guff god

    My 4 year old says, "I love this game, its just like TV." Any game that is engaging and fun is a thumbs up for me. Better than sitting in front of the TV when I'm busy. She requires very little to no supervision with this. I'll step in to assist her and use it as part of our mommy and me learning time. I enjoy playing with her as well. BTW, very easy to download. I had no problems with it. It could be there iPad????

  • Great

    by kimkwong

    My 2 1/2 year old loves your app. Just you need to speed it up a illite. He doesn't wait for instructions. I have worked with him to show him the instructions but being young he doesn't have patience! Thanks Super Why for helping teach my son his letters!

  • Forces wrong answer choices

    by Mcoulter876

    You know how on the cartoon, he'll most times choose the wrong word to fit into the sentence? Yeah, it makes you choose those first. Waste of $4 to help my child pick the wrong answer, you morons.

  • fix it please

    by frustrated mom5

    This app can't be opened, deleted, or updated in weeks. It is grey-ed out and we can't do anything with it. Please fix!!

  • NO SOUND!!!!!!!!!!

    by VCizzle

    Fix this or give refund!!

  • No sound

    by bori2jz

    Downloaded for my son . He loves super why but it has no sound at all

  • No sound

    by Jlofitz

    Why have you people not fixed this problem yet? There's an update and then suddenly no sound! Come on, get it together!

  • No sound!

    by Kkarasek

    Was working fine for awhile and now there is no sound, please fix bc this is my daughters favorite game!

  • No Sound :(

    by Tasha Balfour

    No sound :(

  • Not enough for the $$

    by Hepcat33

    My son really likes the app, but after just one day he says "I've done it all!" There should be more words to learn for the $3.99. I would not spend that much money for a game that's really only good for a couple of days.

  • Sound not working

    by 0starznosound

    Expensive app son looking forward to playing & no sound. Waste of money. Please fix!

  • No sound!!!!

    by Ally752

    I have tried several times to download this and there is no sound!!! A waste of money!!!

  • No sound YET?

    by larb

    Seriously? Is no one reading these reviews? How many times does the same complaint have to be filed for there to be any result? THERE IS NO VOLUME FOR THIS APPLICATION! FIX OR REFUND!

  • Not as super as I hoped

    by Unimpressed321

    This ap has cute activities and graphics but all of the letters used in the rhyming and word building games are uppercase. As a teacher, i find that it is very difficult to teach emerging readers and writers to use lowercase letters appropriately when games model just the opposite. It is incorrect to write in all caps. I'm disappointed in PBS for not considering this convention rule when creating this ap.

  • No sound

    by Cesar Rubin

    I just downloaded this app and paid 3.99 and there is no sound. You can't play the app if the child cannot follow what the super why characters instruct them to do. This is a huge disappointment and should be fixed ASAP.

  • No sound

    by Mobrooks

    I tried all the suggestions to make the sounds work but nothing worked. I'm very disappointed because my kid LOVES super why and I was excited to have this for an upcoming trip. Now I just want my money back.

  • Expensive

    by Prika br

    The app works so far... At least that.... But this app is expensive for the content.. It took my 4 year old just about 30 min to go over all the games and get bored with it. I am not expecting my child to play for hours with the iPad, but don't want to pay 4 dollars for 30 minutes of play either, so please make some updates adding stuff...

  • Sound does not work

    by OliverAndIansMom

    Is there a way to get the sound to work? I have tried everything, but there must be a bug. Please fix this. I hope I didn't waste $4. Thanks

  • No sound

    by Want sound99

    Please fix the sound.

  • Crappy

    by Debrickashaw

    Bought for my daughter. Sound doesn't work, worthless . Refund or fix it!!!!!!!

  • Volume

    by Bonjourmia

    I'm upset that I bought this and the volume for this game doesn't even work. Fix please

  • No Sound

    by ddonnagale

    I am still waiting for a refund or the sound to be fixed as this app does me absolutely no good without sound

  • No sound

    by Susanmauzee

    Just like others I am getting no sound and can't find a help button

  • Sound??

    by Onelove0827

    Where is the sound????? You can't have a reading app and not get any sound...I am furious and hope this is fixed soon!

  • No sound!!!!!!

    by M.Nicoll

    Ughhhh, I installed, deleted, and then reinstalled...still no sound. Please update!

  • Why???

    by Worthless!!

    Have loaded and reloaded twice -- no sound. Total waste of money!!

  • Overpriced

    by danacatification

    My 2.5 year old nephew loves super why, so we were pretty excited to see this app. Some of the concepts were over his head- he can't read so he doesn't know how to choose which word will complete a sentence. I was ok with that, and figured the app would still be useful as he learns. Unfortunately we aren't going to keep it that long. As another reviewer said- it's redundant. We started seeing repeats in all four mini-games after barely having played it. There are much cheaper and even some free apps that are nicer looking, more engaging, and are not as repetitive. I'm bummed that I paid so much for this.

  • Boring and expensive

    by Wensfox

    Don't usually write reviews wanted to stick this on here. This is way over priced and the kids found it very boring!

  • Broken Sound

    by Bbk8080

    After only using the app a few times, the sound completely stopped working. I've tried deleting and re-installing, but it didn't fix the problem. Too bad, as my 2 year old really liked it before it broke.

  • Super why

    by PandBsmom

    it looks like a great game but the sound wouldn't work at all.

  • VOLUME???

    by Jaybird1974818

    I would like to know where the volume is on this ap.? And yes, it's not on mute. Please help, or refund.

  • No Sound!!!

    by Appser543

    Sound does not work. Tried numerous times to re-install it, but the app is like a silent movie from 1910. How about an app for the 21st century?

  • Sound does not work, don't buy!

    by Polarp69

    I bought it and have installed 3 times and sound does not work. I noticed other reviewers with the same issue. I wish I had read before wasting four dollars.

  • No sound

    by 2012jmlnd

    The sound does not work on this. Can someone explain how I could get a refund. It's worthless without sound.

  • Volume

    by Dimple423

    The app worked great but for some reason the volume just stopped working. I hope this is a fix for this really soon.

  • slow, redundant and expensive; better apps out there...

    by Foned

    Hate to say this, as my 2-1/2 yr old daughter loves super why, but this app is not worth $3.99, probably not even worth $.99... First, the app is slow to start (how many developer logos do we really need to see?) and move through games (there's a robotic dull feel to it). For reference, it's about half as fast as the tv series, which my daughter follows just fine. Second, the app is redundant. I've seen the same rhyming words and the same alpha pig words repeatedly, which, again, gets boring quickly. And third, the app just isn't well executed. The letter writing is poorly executed (much better, cheaper apps out there for this), the story fill in is only interesting if you intentionally pick the wrong words, which is a little confusing, and the sticker rewards are just lame. Couldn't the stickers be like super letters that are used later to more productive ends? Overall the app has potential with refinements and expanded content, but for now, it's relegated to the 'no, not that one' category, which defeats its educational purpose.

  • Where is the sound??

    by Simply_Shanika

    The sound isn't working. I want my money back.

  • No sound

    by Bette Bobcowski

    Sound not working. Free and $0.99 apps can get sound...

  • disappointed!!! :(

    by dave23dave

    My 3yr old insisted I get him this app.He was so excited until after it was installed. He couldn't hear anything.I'm so upset because this is one of the more costly apps available and it doesn't work.

  • No sound

    by McLean mom

    Downloaded and the sound doesn't work. Please fix this

  • Volume not working

    by Horacio aa

    It did installed but the volume is not working


    by Thenati

    I just bought this app for my daughter. IT DOES NOT WORK!!!! I would like my money back or please fix the app!!!!!! My daughter is very upset. Please fix.

  • Problem

    by LWbigg

    I just purchased this app but it did not install. It says it did but it is not on my screen. I guess some of the reviews were right. Where do I go from here? Thanks

  • Background music works, voices don't

    by Atlanta,GA 2012

    The voices don't work on my app unless I turn on and off my mute button quickly. Then I will get one sentence. However, the music plays 100% of the time. It defeats the purpose of the game if my kids can't hear the letters, words, and sentences while they are trying to play.

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