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Dress up Dora the Explorer and go on an adventure! Choose locations for Dora to visit like the Purple Planet, the Old West and the Crystal Kingdom! Dress Dora like a ballet dancer, a pirate, a cowgirl and more! Or mix and match for silly outfits! Add more to your scene like a dancing pig, Swiper in his spaceship and a caterpillar that turns into a butterfly! Snap a picture of Dora and save it in your Adventure Photo Album.

Dora's Dress-Up Adventures includes:
• Tutorials led by Dora
• 12 different Explorer backgrounds
• 36 different articles of dress-up items
• 48 explorer props. Tap each prop to trigger surprise animations and pinch to change their size!
• Ability to share your child's Explorer photo of Dora on Facebook & email, as well as save it to your device's photo gallery

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Customer Reviews

  • I love it

    by the MIZ's friend

    I'm a Dora fan I can dress her up & take her picture too!

  • Great app! Daughter loves it!

    by Momof2angels119

    I previously stated there was no sound but I deleted the app and then re installed it and now it works fine! You also have to make sure the switch on the side of your iPhone is not on orange or there will be no sound in this game, threw me off after i fixed it. My daughter loves this game now!

  • Dora dress up

    by Love itch

    My lil sis loves this so much she always asks me to play it

  • Love this app

    by Mshairstyles

    Omg I love this it is a must get

  • Great app!!!

    by SmilingRosaah

    I absolutely love this app. I recommend on getting it. I have had no problems yet regarding sound or glitches. Not even ads! My little sister loves this game! Better get it now. It's totally worth the $1.99

  • Where is the sound?????

    by AK28kk

    is there a way to turn it on?

  • Dora is so much fun

    by Shelbm4a6

    Downloaded fort two year old and she loves it! No sound glitches so far and works great!

  • Great app

    by Tai'z

    My daughter luv's it, so that's all that matters to me.... And 99 cents isn't nothing ppl I'm pretty sure we've all spent more then that for our children! So to me it wasn't a waste...

  • My 6 year old loves it!

    by DadofRach

    Great fun

  • He LOOOOOOVES IT......

    by Safi's mom

    I enjoy the backgrounds, costumes, and other characters. I like the photo album for pictures taken with the camera. It's a cute functional application.

  • No Sound?

    by TaylorMaePlays

    My 3 yr old loves this game, but no sound all of a sudden?? Hope it's fixed after I write this review! She'll be pretty bummed.

  • Daughter loves the game

    by EstabanAquas

    My 3 yr old loves to play this game. We have had no sound issues

  • They fixed it!

    by Dazeychain

    I may have wished Dora was a mute but was chagrined to have no sound coming out of my phone when I handed it to my three year old the first time. Then one beautiful day I turned the game on and "hallelujah" sound emerged! Now she loves dressing up Dora all the time.

  • My daughter love this game

    by ola johnson

    Great kids game

  • Love it

    by Kellys mom

    My daughter loves this game she cannot stop playing she's three years old great app!!!! Finally An app i don't mind paying for

  • Little sister!

    by Hilariioo

    My baby sister that's only 2 loves playing this game!

  • Great for kids

    by Shawnacy

    Got three and they love it.

  • My kids love it

    by Lizammons

    Easy to play and lots of fun

  • Love it

    by Freddy fast hands

    Kids go crazy for this app

  • Sound works

    by Joey Leger

    Just installed it to my 4s and it plays perfectly, sound and all.

  • Waste of money!

    by Dora is making us sad

    Dora keeps saying, "Tap the..." We keep tapping and Dora doesn't put anything on. All Dora has given us is a frustrated little girl. This was a waste of money.

  • Dora Game - WASTE OF MONEY

    by MEMAW2009


  • Absolutely no sound?!?!

    by JessVitz

    I just bought this app for $1.99 for my 3 yr. old and there is no sound at all! What a waste of money! What's more obnoxious is how excited she was to play it. Disappointing!

  • No audio

    by Andy ODell

    I've deleted and reinstalled the app 3 times and still no audio. I have an iPhone 4. Very frustrating guys, you should have fixed this by now- bush league!

  • Bug report

    by Me2013?

    Waste of 99 cents... No sound !

  • Dora game

    by Kroy86

    No sound

  • Difficulties with app

    by Unknown6882378999

    Looks like a good game but cant hear anything!!! No sound comes out and im dissapointed!!!

  • No sound!

    by Momofdoralover

    Seems like a fun game, we have pretty much all the other Dora games, however there are two issues; No sound, and other than dressing her up, not much more to do and it's boring after a while.

  • Won't work on iphone4s :-(

    by Megan Haney

    I can see that this would be a great game but the only choices that will work are the ones for the location. We can't choose any outfits or additional props. Please refund.

  • Disappointed :(

    by Crz672010

    No sound on iphone4s please fix!!! My two year old was very sad :,(

  • A hit with my 2 year old

    by Ddmclane

    Great app for kids. Had no problem downloading or with the volume. My daughter loves it.

  • Not Working

    by Ronicole04

    Downloaded for my lil 1 & she played 3 games & now it will not load??????? HELP......

  • Dora

    by Rina'sMami09

    My 3 three old baby girl loves it!!!

  • No sound! Don't download to 4s

    by Yooper-gal

    No sound on iPhone 4s. What's the deal?!?! Both my 3 yr old and I were VERY disappointed!

  • Dora's Dress up a hit

    by Karibug321

    My 2-1/2 yr old daughter plays this app often, and has been going back to it as her favorite since we got it months ago. I recommend it, it's versatile with many different scenes and combinations of possible outfits with other characters. It's really cute, and the music isn't too annoying either ;)

  • It's True

    by Concurfan

    Downloaded to 4S no sound!! Figured they would have it fixed by now. Works on iPad 3. iOS 5.1 on both?

  • My 3 year old loves it!

    by Hopple4

    This was one of the first apps that she has used to take over my new iPad! Nice work! I may have lost an iPad, but gained some "free time"!

  • Volume please!!

    by Reesecup mom

    It would be nice if the volume worked!!!!! Otherwise this could b a good app

  • Our little girl lives this

    by Amroberts88

    I can't speak first hand, but our three year old baby girl loves it!!

  • Meme

    by JesseJake Lamonaco

    My granddaughters love it ages 3 and 5. Relives stress for me when I am driving

  • No volume

    by Fishybecky

    It's really annoying that the volume doesn't work... Looks like my daughter would enjoy it more if she could hear something!!

  • It is what it is ... For KIDS

    by InfiniteBliss

    I personally see no Joy in it ;; but my 4Yr old LOVES it

  • Little girl loves!

    by Rosejenn

    Great for entertainment while out and about town.

  • Very irritating

    by LJ2345

    When it does decide to work my daughter loves it. 90% of the time the volume doesn't work or you only hear the music and not the words or nothing at all. Very frustrating...

  • Great game

    by fatkidd83

    My 3 year old loves it

  • My daughter likes it

    by andytraub

    Keeps the 2 1/2 yr old happy.

  • No volume

    by Saingerna

    There is no volume. Hard to play if u can not hear anything. Waste of $1.99.

  • Game won't open in my iPhone 4..

    by bdamac

    Fix iy

  • Loving this app!

    by musicalmommy07

    My daughter loves this game! She loves being able to mix and match the different outfits, scenes, and friends.

  • Not working

    by Mommy2222

    App doesn't work consistently on my iPhone 4s. Very irritating when I have a squirmy toddler that wants to play it :)

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