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The first in the Nickelodeon Literacy Suite, Dora ABCs Vol 1: Letters & Letter Sounds focuses on your child’s emerging literacy skills. In this application, your child will learn the Alphabetic Principle: to recognize letters, write letters and associate letters with sounds. Once children are able to hear and discern sounds (phonemes), they are ready to associate those sounds with letters. That means kids learn their ABC’s with Dora and Boots in this exciting educational game!

What’s that Dora and Boots see up in the sky? It’s Tico in his Nutty Plane, writing letters and drawing pictures. But he needs you to help him with his ABC’s! Pick up all the nuts he needs to power the plane by tracing the letters.

After that, help Tico make a picture in the sky. What’s that picture that begins with the letter A? An Apple! It’s such an adventure to explore, learn and read with Dora.

As your child traces the letters, Dora reinforces the sound of each of the letters. Supportive directions and sound effects help guide your child in learning their letters.

A new game, Letter and Picture Match, reinforces initial letter sounds by grouping pictures that start with the same sound. A letter select screen allows your child to play any game on any letter they choose. With the educational activity of tracing letters, the interactive tilting action, and the picture guessing, Dora ABCs Vol 1: Letters & Letter Sounds will keep kids entertained, all while learning their ABC’s! Ready for some high-flying letter learning? Let’s go!

Dora ABCs Vol 1: Letters & Letter Sounds includes: •Easy to use tutorials lead by Dora •Tracing Uppercase and Lowercase Letters of the alphabet •Hearing and reinforcement of letters sounds •A tap and drag game to put letters in the correct holes. •78 pictures that reinforce letters sounds and initial letters •A new game, Letter and Picture Match, reinforces initial letter sounds by grouping pictures that start with the same sound. •A letter select screen that allows you to choose any letter to play •Curriculum developed and reviewed by preschool education expert •Player profiles now allow more than one child to play and save their progress •Parent Reporting which shows you how your child is progressing in the app.

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Customer Reviews

  • Fun but overpriced

    by sbfj

    My daughter enjoys but I wish there was more to do.

  • Very easy

    by Jackman1020

    My son started playing it at 2.5 and still loves it a year later.

  • Love this app!!

    by Lisa Jasnow

    I'm a speech- language pathologist and I work with preschoolers and children with autism and this app is awesome for letter and sound recognition, as well as learning how to make each letter! The only negative I have is that I wish I could pause it in between letters so I can ask questions and review what letter/sound was just done. Maybe this is something that can be changed in an update?

  • It is an okay game

    by FlamingKarma

    My daughter likes it but she gets a little frustrated when trying to put the nuts in their place to form the pictures. The nuts are a little small and hard to get.

  • Love it

    by DadofRach

    Great fun for my 4 year old...

  • Works great for me!

    by IronBum

    Daughter loves it! Kept saying "Tico is so cool!" No crashes at all for me.

  • Now that the tilt part is gone...

    by rkckes

    This is an engaging game my almost-3yo can play by himself. The tilt was impossible and made us shelve it until we noticed the change. Thanks!!!!

  • Ok

    by Geez all nicknames taken

    To be fair, I haven't gone all the way thru the letters. I couldn't get my 2yo to get interested. Wish the Dora character was shown more.

  • Buttons inconvenient for lefties

    by Hasche2

    The change letter button is in an inconvenient place for lefties. My daughter's hand keeps bringing up that screen as she is tracing letters.

  • They fixed the tilt so now this app is AWESOME!

    by alecksjaycubs

    I had read all the reviews that loved this app except for one thing. There was part of the game that was frustrating kids because it used tilt controls. Well the developer must have been reading the reviews because they changed that part to much more simple drag and drop. Once I saw that I grabbed this app and gave it to my just turned three year old. INSTANT HIT! My only mistake was giving it to her right before bed because she didn't want to put it down!

  • Great!

    by Canasta game lover

    My 2 year old son loves this game and is learning so much. We love the recent update with the new game. My son likes being able to guide the acorns instead of shaking them. One thing to note on the newest game The picture of a fox does not match for F. I realize that the fox was intended for the ending sound for X, but this is confusing for kids.

  • Great app!

    by Starfishgirl5

    Perfectly designed to make it fun for kids to learn letters.

  • Still great!

    by Dukies300

    Really love the newest matching the sound of a letter to words that begin with that letter. Definitely a helpful learning tool!

  • Mug better without acorn tilt!

    by Andrew0427

    I picked this up at Starbucks with the free code so didn't have to pay but both my 2 1/2 year old daughter and I loved the letters but got frustrated with the acorn tilt. It's the perfect app now that the update removed the tilt and added the bonus matching game! Definitely recommend this app!

  • 3 yr old loves Dora!

    by THTBD

    I bought the app for a friend's daughter and she absolutely loved learning her ABCs w/ Dora!

  • Still a great educational app!!

    by ninjatune02

    I just downloaded the update and this app never ceases to amaze me. My kids absolutely love this app and they cannot get enough of it.

  • Fantastic Update

    by BuenosNueva

    The Update is great and makes this app even better!

  • Where did my picture tab (icon) go?

    by Picture please...

    Installed the update and lost the picture for the tab(icon) on my iPad for my daughter to select this app. I hope nothing else goes wrong with this update. Overall, my 3 year old has been happy with this app and learned to write her name with the help from her favorite friends. Thank you for the update (I think).

  • Update Rocks - New Content and No More Acorn Madness

    by Goodlife16

    Really glad to see that Nick Jr didn't forget about this wonderful app. The new letter matching game is a nice addition and they removed that acorn game which drove my little one batty. I feel that education games and toys are pricey these days with not enough learning activities. This update makes me feel good about the purchase.

  • Love this game

    by Proudmom3

    I love this game, my daughter is 2 years old and has this game mastered. Keeps her entertained for a while and repeating the sounds of the letter back. She has no problem doing the tilting part for the acorns, she has it down. This game is her fave hands down. And i will not update it because of the removal of the tilting

  • Waste of Money, Wouldn't Operate, very disappointing

    by LJS2468

    If I could give this zero stars I would, since it wouldn't load or run at all. I bought it after incautiously promising my three-year-old a Dora game and this was the best reviewed of a bad lot I found. Apparently most of the Dora apps have problems with loading and/or running according to reviewers I have read, this one does too. It loaded fine but when I opened it to add my child's name it got stuck on the "add your name to play" screen and wouldn't go further. Very disappointing. I do not recommend it and wish I could get a refund. From the large number of negative reviews this developer does not appear to care about customer experience.

  • Dora abc vol 1

    by Lois Mason

    This app does not work on my iPad ...wish I could return it!

  • Overpriced

    by RancidFiend

    My 3 year old loves it, very simple to use. It is totally overpriced (4.99) for what you get.

  • doesn't work

    by aaroncap

    can't get past the home screen.... how ridiculous that i just wasted the money to purchase this, without any way to seek a refund. Thanks Nickelodeon, way to treat your clients. Sprout, here we come.

  • Repetative and boring

    by rasaps

    Not worth the price.

  • Save your money

    by SpiffyTiffy25

    This is too expensive for what it has to offer

  • Doesn't work on older iPod Touch models

    by Nichomoff

    Make sure you know what version of iOS your device can run. Older iPod Touch models can't run anything past 4.2, whereas this software needs 4.3 to run.

  • Can't play game

    by TessaAJ123

    Bought this app, loaded it and can't get past the if your name doesn't appear press a blank space. Game just sits there and does not advance.

  • Not impressive

    by Astos100

    My 2 year old loves Dora and I'd great with the iPad. However this app is not intuitive nor interesting. Maybe if she were older. Deleted it -- can't recommend.

  • All about ads

    by Pjdt4

    The play button is hidden green in green grass, but the MORE NICK button is very clear and every time my 2 yr olds open, that is the button they want to click and it brings them to more nickelodeon apps! They get very frustrated, so I need to delete the app. Shame on Nickelodeon :(

  • Boring fast

    by ...loading ...

    Not much to do. Free apps are better. Skip this Dora and find a better app to spend your money on. I wish I'd have listened to the reviews. My 2 year old will get carpel tunnel repeating the same activity over and over again, but luckily she closes the app.

  • Inaccurate and disapointing.

    by Pee u

    As a 31 year old man with English as my primary language I have a solid grasp on letters and numbers. The closest thing to a challenge I found was the "Letter and Picture Match" challenge. I was doing quite well until I got to "O". The game refused to take the picture of the ox as a correct answer, It clearly wanted the picture of the octopus. This is unacceptable. I was not playing "Pick Things That Are Not Oxen" I was playing "Letter and Picture Match". I am disappointed. I question whether Dora is in fact an "explora" at all. I cannot recommend this game until this ox thing is taken care of. Worst $ I've spent in the App Store.

  • Dora's ABC

    by Flacky100

    This is terrible not worth $4.99

  • Crap - doesn't work at all

    by Lucas Jackson_37

    Freezes up upon opening, won't allow us to enter a player or even play the game. Do not buy!

  • Not worth the $$

    by Morrtl

    I haven't experienced the crash issues some of the other reviewers have had, however there is nothing " special" about this app that you can't get from some of the other free apps. Although my toddler loves Dora, this app doesn't hold her attention at all.

  • Frustrating

    by Cancanksgirl

    I would give this a good rating for content, but the App kept crashing...very frustrating.

  • Crashes and couldn't transfer

    by SoJunghan

    My daughter likes it, but the app crashes quite often. Also, I recently switched to an iPhone from an iPod and the app kept encountering an error during the transfer process! Every other app I had transferred over perfectly, EXCEPT this one. Very frustrating.


    by Lynn Stewart

    Would be five star if it didnt freeze constantly. My 2, almost 3 yo loves it!! But its no fun to have to restart and play the same part over and over cause you cant get past it without freezing... No good...

  • Don't waste your money!!!!!!!!!

    by Khristyle617

    This app does nothing but crash, $4.99 down the drain. Two thumbs way down, I am so disappointed.

  • C is for crash

    by obCO

    Update : one star. I am frustrated and disappointed that a nickelodeon product with such a huge draw would be so poorly supported. Seems a bit dishonest to offer a product that promises a service at an upfront cost (though low cost) and is unable to provide a refund due to its inability to produce the service promised. Ask your barber how much he makes for botching your haircut. $4.99 a download is a lot of money to be made for doing nothing at all. Cool app. The kids love it and it keeps their attention...when it works. One letter works then crash and reboot. One more letter, crash reboot. If they can iron out the issues it could be a four or five star app. F is for fix it. P is for please.

  • CrAp

    by Craigomatix

    Crashes way to often

  • Boringly repetitive

    by ianlotinsky

    Just about as annoying as Dora herself.

  • Apps cuts out

    by das8888

    I have a fully updated iPad 2 and this app cuts out all the time.

  • Not worth $

    by Glaswegian

    My 3-year-old daughter loves Dora a little less after this disappointing game. She can do the tasks just fine, but is quickly bored by the mindless repetition and clumsy game mechanics. Why didn't they give this app a narrative like the Dora cartoons? The cartoons are practically designed to be computer games, with simple three or four stage quests, but this app has none of that. No backpack, no map, no story, no fun. It's called Dora the EXPLORER, right? This is Dora the Drudge. Delete.

  • Having some issues

    by Reg Pioneer Spanish

    Just bought it and can't get past first screen! I saw some other reviews with the same problem on all 3 levels of this app, and thought it would be fixed by now, but I guess I was wrong! How can I resolve this? Thanks

  • Dont do it !!!

    by COWBOY68

    Too complicated for little ones ! Nice graphics,etc BUT when you have to balance the acorns....forget'll see what i mean,trust me

  • Crash. Crash. Crash.

    by JeffR.

    Too bad, Really neat Concept and design. But Awful execution. Game crashes and quits every few letters on iPod and iPad. A disaster with a 4 year old. She's crying now. Deleting app now. Wish there was a way to get a refund.

  • Acorn tilt isn't good

    by JenKTBSPA

    This is waaaay overpriced. The letter traceing is all this has going for it and it should be .99. The acorn tilt thing stinks, my 4 yo is already over this game after 10 minutes cause the tilt part frustrates him. It only has this one activity. NOT WORTH 4 DOLLARS, BUYER BEWARE!

  • Tilting game ruins an otherwise good app

    by The BBE

    Title says it all. My three year old has little interest in the game because of the useless tilting feature/"game" that is neither fun, nor adds anything. Would be five stars if there was a way to bypass.

  • The acorn game is awful. Hate it!

    by fjd0427

    My daughter loves how to trace the letters and it helps her too. but when it comes to the nuts its so frustrating hope they change to different one.

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