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Explore the arrangement of names on the 9/11 Memorial at the World Trade Center. Listen to remembrances of those who were lost, spoken by family and friends. Locate sponsored cobblestones on the Memorial plaza. This is an official app of the National September 11 Memorial & Museum.

Customer Reviews

  • Amazing

    by Nick the guy who is kick

    Love this very useful to anyone on tour

  • God bless you

    by daveman96`

    I believe it is amazing that people took the time to build these apps

  • Great!

    by cinco312

    Very nicely done.


    by Twisted Toxic Root

    Great App!

  • Good

    by Captdave42

    I can't believe some people are actually charging money for 911 memorial apps. They should be ashamed if themselves for making a profit off such a horrible day. Anyone who is charging for 911 apps should be shut down permanently

  • I love it

    by Robert FulkersonRafu

    Now I can say I have a piece of 9/11 God bless the Fallen !

  • Sad :'(

    by Mattchupechu

    Great app but very upsetting also Pete penderson u can't just move on when this happened I mean yes it was a while ago but no one can forget about this especially people who's family died in the 9/11 accident

  • Awesome

    by Jetset195

    Awesome app. Helped me a lot!

  • 9/11 memorial guide

    by Pete pedersen

    Good but needs more info and pictures and we have to move on yes the people who died on 9/11 was terrible but its over now

  • A Moving Tribute

    by poet lisa

    Ten years later, and we're still crying. Especially moving are the audio tributes. I've listened to them all, and I find myself wanting to hear more. For me, the stories are what brings these souls back to life. We are truly reminded that the victims were like us all - people with hopes and dreams, loving life and wanting more of it. May God bless and bring peace to all who, ten years later, are still crying.

  • How sad...

    by Lov thus app

    Every single story brought tears to my eyes.. The one that touched me the most is the 2 fire fighters who were 34 and 36 and one of the brothers badge number was ironically 3436.. You know I think that was meant to be.. I need a moment now... I'm having a moment of silence

  • Gone, but NEVER forgotten!

    by Jeremy C. Garcia

    This is an awesome app! Great design!

  • 9/11

    by Tinytrip

    I thought it was so cool it was neet to hear peoples story

  • 9/11

    by GoDodgers!!!!!!!!!


  • Truly tasteful

    by shaseiful

    The creators did such a great job !!! Get this app!

  • Touched My Heart...

    by Big Mr. U

    A beautiful tribute to those that were taken from us so tragically 10 years ago. The Memorial will serve as a constant reminder to all of us that the cost of Freedom and Liberty is Eternal Vigilance.

  • Beautiful

    by BadAltitude

    I seldom review apps, but this one is definitely worthy of the time and effort. I did not lose anyone who I knew on 9/11. I'd never been to the WTC or even New York, for that matter. Yet, I feel a deep, personal connection, as I'm sure many others do, to the events of that day. I just listened to two of the audio stories (randomly chosen) and they brought tears to my eyes. I will listen to them all. What a beautiful and poignant tribute.

  • R.I.P Karl Henry Joseph

    by Ear hicky jones

    This is the best app in the app store, don't listen to all the negative reviews. It's worth getting if you lost someone on that tragic day or to learn more about it.

  • Outstanding

    by Briandfl

    Great App! - Ignore dumb reviews and don't respond to them.

  • Haunting...

    by Samrios33

    This app is amazingly haunting, may we never forget 9/11... My only issue is that it keeps crashing when I try to read some of the biographical information, I've tried restarting my iPod several times but the issue persists, please look into it, thank you

  • Please update!

    by kevinislegion

    Don't let those who lost their lives b forgotten and update the app for iPhone 5!

  • Greatest crime in US history, no criminal investigation?

    by Laura - Columbus, OH

    There are hundreds, if not thousands, of unanswered questions about 9/11. The families of the victims, the dying first responders, and the entire world deserves to know the truth. The government's official story is a bogus lie. Investigate 9/11!

  • I Don't appreciate this, terrible

    by Waka fl.

    I mean thingking of the families how lost the beloveds why this? they can get the sorry but ppl are not nice some times,? I fill for toes the have to live with some terrible pain, no at all wish too no one :( god I put them in my prays <3<3 resting with the 1 the look for them and all us, now and forever

  • Gone but never forgotten

    by Fourhorsemom

    @ R U Serious You are just rude and ignorant!

  • Never Forget

    by Scream2323

    These attacks shatter steel but cannot even dent the steel of American resolve. -George W. Bush

  • 9/11

    by ThrashLord

    This is an amazing app and I think it was a good idea to make this tribute. I may be only 13 but I appreciate this, for all those families. One day all terrorists will die under our hand

  • Very, very moving!

    by GingerJules98

    I'm so glad there is an app for the memorial. I've been to the OKC museum w/my son, since we live in Oklahoma, & he was moved by it. (He was 12 at the time.) I would love to take him to this when the museum is done, since I was telling him how I visited the towers when I was 15, back in '85. He was only 2 1/2 when the towers fell, so it's important for him to see. This app helps in the meantime!

  • 9/11


    Looks like a great game I'm gonna hope for the best. Thank you to everyone who helped making the game and for being a hero of the event. If you are someone who was affected deeply on the date of september 11 2001 I have been praying for you and anyone who has list anyone or anything during the attack. Thank You.

  • We will never forget!

    by Budhabong

  • Never forgotten

    by Ibz2

    Amazing, sad, heartbreaking. Thank you for creating this app. God Bless America!

  • Great job guys!!!

    by Cheese-it the greatest

    Great job in remembering those who helped out at 9/11, also the loved ones who are loved dearly through American families throughout the nation.

  • God BLESS you

    by Shock3376

    I've said it all...

  • Touching

    by texasFTW

    Great job with the app. Tough to relive, but good to remember.

  • A beautiful tribute. We will never forget.

    by hotrokr

    Great app. Well done.

  • Fantastic app

    by Monlow

    Clean and simple tour of the WTC - wonderful and somber app

  • Great Tribute

    by trock4u

    Thanks to the developer for the great app. God Bless America.

  • Wow

    by Dream416

    I must say this is one of the best apps I've ever had. It's amazing. I cried through every story I heard and it's great to be able to see all of the names of the victims. They'll always be remembered. Thank you for this app.

  • Heart wrenching

    by 4fambam

    RIP our fallen brothers and sisters. Very touching app.

  • A Day To Remember

    by Goldenboy007

    I didn't loss anybody on 9/11/2001. But just knowing. That we lost American. It's a heart touching. The ppl that made this app. Thank you for caring. GOD BLESS America. GOD BLESS those who lost somebody.

  • Always Remember

    by duceovic

    Never forget the lives lost that fateful day!  /

  • Very special

    by TheWarden

    Amazing work. Great tribute!

  • One love, One Nation

    by YnvbriaN

    Always remembered!! NEVER forgotten!

  • 9/11 

    by Nightrider223

    9/11 will be remembered forever. Everyone in  America will remember the people's lives lost on this tragic day. But while family members are remembered at the pools, the  Twin Towers (WTC) will be remembered the most after they were it by 2  airliners. God bless America and hope that this tragic and horrifying day never happens to the new WTC or any other skyscrapers in other cities. We remember the heroes of America that saved lives of people that wouldn't have made it out without them. 

  • Great app

    by Lemony

    Very well done and tasteful, nice way to learn about some of the victims and about the memorial itself.

  • 9/11

    by App Tester

    9/11/01, a day that will live in infamy. Just like Pearl Harbor, we might someday forgive, but we will never forget.

  • Why just the twin towers?

    by JStacks

    I give the app 5 stars for functionality but an overall 3 for only showing one crash site there was the pentagon and the field in pennsylvania, they need to be remembered too!

  • Wow

    by jlb103180

    Simple but amazing. Hard to believe this won't get 100% 5 star reviews.

  • 9/11

    by Mimi16143

    RIP what a tragic event

  • Beautiful!

    by Addicted2gloss

    This is such a beautiful tribute... Whoever made this app, thank you! God Bless all of those innocent lives lost that day. I will never forget!

  • Great tribute

    by JFJ2000

    This is great compliment to the memorial especially for those who cannot make the trip to NYC.

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