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- Available for iOS 3.2 and higher

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Vibra Calc calculates vibration frequencies of rotating machinery components given the specifications of each component. It includes induction motors, gears, rolling element bearings, pumps, fans & blowers, journal bearings, and belts & pulleys. Also, it provides an interactive vibration severity test tool based on the ISO 10816-3 standard. Furthermore, Vibra Calc has a calculator for vibration conversions from/to displacement, velocity, and acceleration with metric and imperial units.

- Induction Motor Frequency Calculator
- Full detailed gears frequencies (main, harmonics, sidebands) up to 4X
- Rolling element frequencies (BPFI, BPFO, BSF, FTF) given the bearing dimension or the bearing model number
- Pump vane pass frequencies up to 4X
- Fans blade pass frequencies up to 4X
- Journal bearing frequencies corresponding to wear and oil whirl phenomena presented in a table and over an interactive chart
- Belt frequencies up to 4X
- Interactive Vibration Severity Test Tool based on ISO 10816-3 (INPUTS: vibration velocity in mm/s or inch/s, type of support, type of machine & OUTPUTS: Machine Operation Condition)
- E-mail and Save the screen option for vibration severity tool
- Vibration calculator to convert displacement/velocity/accelerations to each other (Metric & Imperial)
- Vibration Glossary
- Metric and Imperial units provided for all input dimensions

Vibra Calc is intended for educational purposes. Although the calculations by this app were made with great care, it may contain error or inaccuracies. Using the results of the calculations is the responsibility of the user.


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