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Seller: Michael Quach

iOS 7 compatibility improvements
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Best Affirmations!

Want to think more positive and enrich your life? Want to feel more inspired?

Are you working on goals to achieve better health, more success, more wealth, or better interpersonal relationships? Then this is the perfect app for you!

This great FREE app gives you 365 positive daily affirmations to read and reflect each day.

Use these positive affirmations to direct what your focus will be, and start living a more productive and quality life!

Say your positive daily affirmations silently or aloud to yourself, and repeat them as needed to maintain a positive attitude and to counteract any negative thoughts that are running through your mind.

App Features:

- Save your favorite affirmations!
- Share your favorite affirmations via Email!
- SMS your favorite affirmations!
- Post your favorite affirmations directly to Facebook (if you have an an iPhone, iPod, or iPad running iOS 6.0 or later and are logged in to Facebook)!


Great reviews from our loyal users:

"I love this app! Reading these each morning really sets my day in a positive direction. Thank you for this great app!"

"Great job! This app has helped me forward the positive words through text to help others. Thank you!"

"I love this app! Makes me happier!"

"Super simple, yet powerful!"

"Great way to start the day! I love this app! Every morning I use this to get the day started on a positive note."

"A lift to the soul. Small, short, easy to read and understand. Makes you want to be a better person. Great app!"

Customer Reviews

  • Loving the affirmations

    by Satihe

    I love the colors and the butterfly in this app. It's easy to operate and the affirmations are deep and meaningful. I wish there was a way to write some of my own affirmations and throw them in the mix. Still an awesome app though!

  • Wonderful!

    by Unisphere64

    Great app that is a wonderful source of support!❤️

  • Ms. Audio

    by FreedomSexy

    Love this app!!!

  • Great

    by Khady814

    Love this app!!!!

  • My daily inspiration!

    by Gbbfffy

    Great app, I try to read every morning. I wish I could add some of my own though. Someone mentioned alerts... That would be great also.

  • Love it!

    by Kimbalv

    Great app if your looking for daily affirmations. You can copy or email them.

  • Don't Update

    by andyman52

    I accidentally updated, and now I have very distracting ads. Is there a paid version, or do I need a better affirmations app?

  • Very Nice

    by Respectisuniversal

    This is wonderful if you have a little girl and both of you can repeat these affirmations daily. Very nice and a boost of confidence every morning.

  • Great reminder

    by Cheeze15

    Thank you so much for creating these positive affirmations! It's hard to come up with them on your own when your down in the dumps. This app has saved my day MANY days! I love the ability to send them to friends when I know they are having a bad day and I don't know what to say.

  • Amazing App!!!

    by iCandy609

    I read through it a few times a day! So refreshing!!!

  • nice app!

    by powerful minded man

    really nice app!i love it and also i use it!!

  • Affirmations

    by Phoenix122112

    Just what I need to bring me back...excellent "medicine"...Good for the Heart...

  • Wonderful App

    by Teepee22

    Very up lifting. Brightens my mood any time I need it :)

  • Please add alerts on this

    by My secretary

    4 stars only cause there is no alert on this like the secrets app where twice a day it comes up and alerts you reminds you, usually great timing too. I'd be willing to pay .99 or whatever decent amount for this app to have reminders. Thank you. Great affirmations.

  • Great application

    by Divine awesomeness

    Started using this app everyday and affirming "I believe" before the quotes. It has made a big difference in my life and opened my eyes to new horizons :)

  • Debra Dee

    by Delph 8

    I love, love, love This app! It keeps me in touch with my children daily! But! we need more Quotes about Healing so many Sick people that are Depressed needs to be encouraged.

  • Useful and needed app!!

    by Jnkh22


  • Love it but want one more feature

    by Dachshund mama

    I love this app!! The graphic and colors are beautiful and I like the affirmations themselves. I have recommended it to friends. But I don't like having to open the app to see the phrases. I would like to set it to send an affirmation to my iPhone's home screen every so often (hourly, twice daily, daily...that sort of thing.) That way I don't have to think about it, and I get a "surprise" self-esteem boost on my schedule. I'd be willing to pay $1-2 for the app to have that ability. If you add that feature, I'll give it 5 stars.

  • Love it!

    by Monie718

    Love it!

  • Awesome

    by Cenandra

    I love this app! I open it every day to read a positive thought! I would love to see more surrounding health and weight loss.

  • Meh

    by Honeygirl::::))))

    Its pretty dumb. Doesn't brighten up my day or anything. But many other people like it, so I'm going to give it two stars.

  • Ads

    by starz_girl_1

    I PAID for this app, before this free special, and it has ADs on the bottom!! Not happy with an app I paid for!

  • Good to get

    by Momofthree1983

    Love this helps me stay positive

  • Just add rotating pics!

    by MrsCra

    Great app. Just add rotating pics like a screensaver so one can have it in front of you them at work and then it will be perfect !

  • Great App!

    by ESK22

    I love this app. Gives me just what I need to affirm and attract great things into my day. Love the feature to save my favorites!

  • It is awesome

    by happy1137

    The app. Is beautiful. It is very inspiring. Love it and it lift your spirit.

  • Best food for the soul first thing in the morning

    by Universal Light Light

    Thanks for creating this awesome tool.

  • Not worth the time to download

    by Rockon261

    I don't mean to be mean to the developer but to be honest the Affirmations seem to be from a Christian Perspective, and are mostly cheesy and unbelievable. Also there are ads running at the bottom of the page making it even cheesier. I personally would much rather pay a buck and have it be without the ads, that is if the affirmations were actually decent. Here are some examples of what I'm talking about: "I am financially free" "I am whole and healing with every breath" "I breath in the awe of the infinite each moment" There is another free App also called Affirmations that I think is much better than this one, though far from perfect. Also, Louis Hayes makes some better ones as well, again far from perfect.

  • Awesome free app

    by Tigerrr62

    This app has really helped me. I just go through the affirmations every day. They are spot on. There are plenty of them as well, many more than I expected. Thank you for making this... It truly has made my life better by changing my attitude and increasing my self esteem. Everyone should try this, especially if you have depression and self esteem issues.

  • Magnificent

    by Zqsoul

    I luv the pacing. Iluv the layout. I cant wait to get back to it each morning & each afternoon. Each time the begining of a cleansing. Thank you.

  • simple, memorable, effective

    by Everafterall

    This is the BEST affirmation app that I have used. It's simple, uncluttered, yet effective. (Love the clean, user friendly interface.) The affirmations are short and to the point, simple and encouraging. This makes each affirmation easier to remember throughout the day. With the new update to let me save favorites, it's almost perfect. I would only add 2 things: being able to write my own specific affirmations to my favorites list, and keeping the same affirmation for a whole day (but still able to move forward or back which is possible now.)

  • Mg92672

    by Mg92673

    Wishing the app could be shared on twitter f/b. Kinda sugary 4 me-

  • My favorite app

    by RobMcGil

    I use this app all throughout the day every day to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. I tell new people about it on a weekly basis. I would miss it terribly if I couldn't access it every single day!!!

  • Gets old

    by Auttybot

    I do enjoy the affirmations, but wish I could bookmark my favorites. Going to look for another app that may offer that.

  • .

    by Paulette://


  • Uplifting & Encouraging

    by Special_K0602

    Love the simple affirmations - if the first one doesn't seem appropriate, I like that I can flip till I find one that suites better. Then I can look @ it throughout the day!!

  • I looooooove this app!!!!

    by H20Gate

    Reading these each morning really sets my day in a positive direction. One thing... I would love it if I could get it in landscape mode on my iPad. Thanks for a great app with health benefits!!!


    by Meee2you


  • Love it!

    by Vivalamojo

    Love this app!!!

  • Stop complaining. This app is great.

    by chelstastic

    I agree with Trisha C. This app should be 5 stars. I'm so sick of people downloading free apps and then acting spoiled. Ppl always have something to whine about. This app is great and serves its purpose. Gets me thru a lot of days and has even helped me thru days I feel depressed. Thank u developers.

  • I miss the original

    by CRazyPants7

    The messages are great and help start my hectic day as a kindergarten teacher off right. I liked it much better when it was a solid color with simple font though - something about the new design feels cheesy (no offense)

  • Not very guy-friendly

    by Kej0522

    If they could just change the ap to be a little more gender-neutral I would really appreciate it. My fiancé loves the affirmations but feels silly keeping it on his phone with a butterfly covered in girly colors. It's even too much for me and I'm the biggest girly-girl I know. Would be able to better focus on the affirmations with a basic simple background. PLEASE CHANGE IT!!!!

  • Good Enough

    by Trisha C.-SLP

    Happiness is a choice. The negative comments reflect an inability to choose unhappiness and to choose to be distracted from what doesn't go as expected or assumed. I choose to accept the app for what it is: a convenient way to access positive thinking! Thank you!

  • Old version better

    by GlassOfMilk

    The updated version looks incredibly tacky and the ads are very distracting for focusing on the affirmations. They're just really good affirmations...

  • No ad free version to buy????

    by OrlandoFL

    I want to buy an ad-free version, with the old flipping, soft colors, an hidden buttons... New version is AD-CRAZY... I try to meditate on an affirmation and I get a full screen AT&T ad instead? Only positive is the affirmations are very good!

  • Poor update

    by Tammy1m

    I don't mind the ads but I preferred the app prior to the update.

  • Good

    by Princessenc77

    Love it

  • Bring back the old

    by Skrfirfhdtfhhtflgd

    New colors are harsh. Used to love relaxing, flipping thru the affirmations. No flipping now. Ads are horrid.

  • Update ruined it

    by Westphunk

    Terrible graphics update. App was much nicer before with no fugly logo and less obtrusive ads.


    by Appsnapps

    I loved this app until today... PLEASE GIVE US AN OPTION TO RETURN TO THE ORIGINAL STYLE I hate the look of the new update I much preferred the clean basic look of the original version...can't we pick what style we like?

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