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Seller: McMillan Study Guides, Inc.

- Update includes minor corrections to question database.
- Added support for iPad 3.

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Looking for an all-in-one study app? "PDG Suite" combines all our iOS apps and adds a new option to study Multiple-Choice Questions by chapter. It's a Suite iOS deal for enlisted Air Force members!

Study each testable PDG chapter with our 3-Step Study System:
1. ReviewNotes: Gain an overview of key points in summary format.
2. Single-Answer Study Questions: Reinforce the correct information with the flip of a flashcard.
3. Multiple-Choice Quiz Questions: Confirm you’ve mastered the PDG with quizzes and final exams.

NEW! Challenge yourself with our newest study mode -- "PDG Choice!" Study Multiple-Choice Questions by chapter and target areas for improvement.

“PDG Suite” app features:
• Rely on more than 10,000 questions and ReviewNotes.
• Choose from four unique study modes.
• Prep for test day using our proven 3-Step System from our "PDG GOLD" software.
• Target your study session with filters like Correct/Incorrect or Seen/Unseen.
• Refer to your PDG with chapter and page references.
• Tap acronyms to view pop-up definitions.
• View questions in shuffled or sequential order.
• Customize font style and size.
• Navigate using familiar swipe gestures or the toolbar.
• Select portrait or landscape view.

Check out our "PDG GOLD" software (PC/Mac) for additional features not available in this app — including study games, question editor, reports & graphs, WAPS and decorations calculators, print and more. Plus a chance to win amazing prizes in our GOLD MINE Sweepstakes!

Thousands of Airmen attribute their promotions to our study guides. Find out why your colleagues rely on us for their next stripe at mcmguides.com/testimonials.php.

Follow us on twitter.com/mcmguides.

Customer Reviews

  • Tech first time!

    by Mikehsjaj

    It is expensive but that really pays off because you can study everywhere. Between my phone and my ipad I was always using this app and it increased my score from staff to tech by 24 points!

  • Good but could be better

    by Dustyhurly23

    Its a good way to study, but i think it could be better. One of the things i really dislike about it are the questions that ask which answer is false. I dont like studying this way as it teaches you the false answer and could potentially confuse you on the actual WAPS test. I dont want to know which answer is the wrong one, just the right one. I understand the concept is to see if you know what the right ones are, and which one doesnt fit, but with thousands of questions, i just want each question to ask which one is correct, not 3 are correct, which one isnt. other than that, i like the program and it is teaching me the PDG so i dont have to read the entire thing. I would recommend keeping the PDG open while you study so you can reference some of the confusing questions. Study hard and good luck!

  • Must have!!

    by pepe-roni 123

    Made Tech first time while waiting for redballs!! Highly recommend!! It is pricey, but more than pays off in the first pay check, therefore, completely worth it.

  • Good but Pricey

    by oibois

    Good study application. However, lacks many abilities of the standard PDG Gold software. This application is perfect if you find yourself bored or waiting for something and just simply want to review notes and answer questions. However, my opinion, along with some others, is that the price is way too high for what you actually get. This application would be a superb choice if it either cost 50% less or came with the PDG Gold Software for the computer. Again I would recommend this to someone that finds themselves with 5 or 10 minutes windows to study. Just be aware that it does not have nearly the same ability has PDG Gold. Pros -Excellent choice if you are on the road a lot or find yourself sitting waiting for something. -Does transfer from Iphone to Ipad so you can have it on both toys -Review notes and questions are very similar to the PDG Gold and will make you think about the answer prior to answering. -Chapter flash cards are good summaries of the chapters. -Saves your location if you have to exit out of the program. Cons -Does not allow you to track your progression. -Does not allow you to select number of questions to be quizzed on. Only which chapter(s) you want to review and whether you look at questions you got wrong, have not seen or all. -No WAPS Calculator (not that big of deal considering you can download that from the net for free) -No Games to play for breaks -Does not come with a copy of the PDG for reference look up (does give you the reference, you just need a PDG to look at)

  • Made SSgt first time

    by Millejosh

    This was the only study material I used and I just made SSgt first time with 20 points to spare! Well worth the money if you use it properly.

  • For Suite & Flash

    by Rakel Laugh

    Since "Flash" is included in "Suite", I'd like to suggest spaced repetition for both of them—that is, shuffling incorrect cards back into the deck so that they appear a few cards after they're selected as wrong ("X"; red), and ranking them in difficulty (ranging from "Very Difficult", "Difficult", "Moderately Difficult", "Average", "Moderately Easy", "Easy", and "Very Easy") until you select them as right (checkmark; green) so many times. In other words, each card's rank in difficulty should determine their priority in the queue—i.e. if a card is "Very Difficult", it should have top priority for spaced repetition, and less priority to repeat as it becomes less difficult. Once it becomes "Very Easy", for example, it won't appear until after a very long while. If this isn't done, wrong cards won't appear for reinforcement until the entire chapter is done. And given the amount of questions in some chapters *and* the information on each card (ranging from names, facts, sets of facts, dates, and metrics), doing this could not only streamline memory retention for the test, but for application throughout an Airman's career. As it stands, what I've seen as a result from study guides such as these are many promotions, but few truly educated Airmen, as the tendency to cram information before the test and "flush" it afterwards has become mainstream. One could argue that an "educated Airman" is someone that applies themselves and studies the PDG entirely *without* McMillan study guides, but I believe that McMillan has the potential to develop both efficient AND effective self-paced training methods that don't submit a developing professional to one extreme (time-consuming study) or another ("quick-fix" information forgotten soon after testing).

  • First thoughts on app

    by Kosmo....good luck :)

    Just got app....going through it and so far it looks great. Its well broken down, with the chapters and the important information gets pulled. Flash cards seem great as well, will be good to kill time. Testing at end of exam, also allows you to make it where you can see correct answer as soon as you hit next question. Which is good, so it can give you extra time to see what you missed right then and the there. As of now this is only investment i have, dont have gold. But it is pricey, but im thinking once i make rank first pay increase will pay for app itself. So I just wanted to give my first opinion of this app, but i will really be focusing on this app, so once i get further along i will provide an update on my thoughts on app.....good luck all

  • Allows me to study everywhere

    by Tha F1rst Ninja

    In my opinion, the only difference between this app and PDG Gold is that Gold has some games you can take advantage of during breaks. Otherwise, all the same options for studying in Gold are in this app. If you are a mobile person and you own an iPad (you should be if you're reading this) then you should consider this app FIRST instead of purchasing PDG Gold. It is a luxury to be able to study on the iPad while I'm waiting at appointments. I started PCS to OCONUS on 28Jan and I've used the app while traveling, since checking into TLA, appointments for in processing and pretty much anywhere I've had time to the iPad out of the bag. My style of study so far has been to skim (lightly lightly lightly) read a chapter and then reread the review notes on the app. Then i start a PDG Choice on that chapter. and so far, every week since then, i've also taken a PDG Final Exam. The only negative remark I can make is that the app does not give a good visual of your progress like the PDG Gold. But each "suite" within the app remembers which questions you got wrong by chapter, so you can review them to your hearts content. But this app was designed for the NCO on the go…if that's not you, then I recommend the PDG Gold. Also, word on the street is that a Mac version of Master Your CDC is in the works…if that's true, then an app version shouldn't be far behind. Good luck studying to everyone… Promote!

  • Not bad for travel…but doesn't measure up to the computer program.

    by HandfulOfKeys

    I purchased PDG Gold for my computer a few months ago - that program is awesome. No complaints. This program, PDG Suite for iPad/iPhone has the Review Notes, Single Answer and Multiple Choice - but not nearly enough customization options. I personally like the multiple choice questions the best. The program loads all the questions for the selected chapter. If you want to stop after 20 questions, click stop and it will give you your progress. You can go random or in sequential order, which is nice. It doesn't have the fancy screen with "time until test day" or "time spent studying". And they should have put a WAPS calculator in…but they didn't. Great for killing time in airports and places where using a laptop isn't practical. Worth $80? Probably - but if you are only going to buy one program - get the computer program.

  • PDG Suite

    by wkmm

    Less features than the PC version for the same price. They should reimburse for PC version since this came out late in the study year. I rate 4 stars since you can still get the same results as PDG gold in this mobile app. 5 stars if you lower the price since we get lower bang for our buck versus the PC version of PDG Gold.

  • Almost worth the price

    by Apps gone free

    They did a great job bringing the whole PDG apps together but it still comes up short of a 5 star due to price. McMillan either needs to drop the price $15 to $20 or better yet add more content to the app. I do not think it needs every thing from it's PC sibling but the WAPS calculator should have been standard. Maybe also add a couple of the study break games from the PC version of PDG Gold as well. Hey McMillian, why no CDC Tester for mobile apps?

  • Great app but $80???? C'mon man!

    by Champ Shotta

    This is the app we needed. You can quiz yourself by chapter just like on the computer version. Love that feature. The problem here is that I had already purchased the PC version and the PDG Made Easy app. I really think it will be worth it in the end but it does feel like the company is taking advantage of Airman with these prices. Great app if it fits in your budget.

  • Update!!!!

    by Shelica Jackson

    Please update this app to coincide with the latest version or this app is useless and no one will purchase it.

  • Could be better

    by james robison

    Way to expensive for how basic the software is. people who buy the computer version should be able to access this version as well and they should sync together. There needs to be more options, for example. You should be able to view the history of your studying in sessions in detail, there should also be statistics for every aspect of your studying to see how your improving, stats for each question individually to narrow down the high miss questions. The questions are written a little lazy in that picking the incorrect answer allows them to cover much more material in less questions it would be nice if there was a little more variety in the way the questions are presented.

  • Expensive

    by kevinmwilson

    I already bought the PC version for about the same price. Thought this app would be included. It should be.

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