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Languages: English

Seller: McMillan Study Guides, Inc.

- Update includes minor corrections to question database.
- Added support for iPad 3.

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If you’ve studied and think you’re ready to ace your promotion test, “PDG Final Exams!” is for you. Confirm you’ve mastered the PDG with 100-question exams that mimic the PFE. You’ll be set for success on test day!

Do you prefer to quiz by chapter instead? "PDG Suite" combines all our iOS apps and adds a new option to study Multiple-Choice Questions by chapter. It's a Suite iOS deal!

"PDG Final Exams!" app features:
• Test with 100 random multiple-choice questions drawn from a pool of more than 2,800 questions.
• Receive a score at the end of your exam to gauge how well you’ve prepared.
• Review incorrect answers to reinforce the correct information.
• Flip through the post-quiz review with familiar swipe gestures.
• Change font style and size.
• Select portrait or landscape view.

Note: We exclude non-testable PDG chapter 1 from Final Exams. Chapter 17 is non-testable for NCOs testing for MSgt. Each Final Exam is generated from all testable chapters.

Thousands of Airmen attribute their promotions to our study guides. Find out why your colleagues rely on us for their next stripe at mcmguides.com/testimonials.php.

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Customer Reviews

  • pdg final exams

    by jurudo

    App is pretty good. It is really what I needed to get me to study. I think it will really pay off. One upgrade I would like is if it would tell you what acronyms mean. I ended up downloading the pdg mp3 file to ibooks and went back and forth to review acronym meanings. All in all good app easy to use and convienient.

  • Doesn't let you select chapters

    by Tha F1rst Ninja

    An app of $30 should allow for some personalization. The only thing I'd change is to allow users to select a certain chapter to concentrate on. Why McMillan didn't incorporate this is surprising...they have been very good with the PDG Gold series. Most Airmen study 1 chapter at a time so it would make sense that we should be able to select 1 chapter at a time to test our knowledge. A new item to introduce is graphs which track your progress. That way, one can see where they've improved...and where they are lacking. Lastly, is there any room for considering lowering the price of the apps if one has already purchased PDG Gold? If a user wants to purchase all 3 apps, it's darn near $90...plus cost of the actual PDG Gold. Not to mention Master your CDCs. Overall, I think the app is still helpful but the value is not commensurate with the price. I purchased the PDG Gold for somewhere around $60 and I have a plethora of options. This app is half the price but not half the functionality. C'mon McMillan, we can do better. Looking forward to the updates... And yes, I'd still recommend this app, but the next person may not make the purchase based on fact we can't select a specific chapter at a time...for $30???

  • Not Worth the Price!

    by oldskool49er

    The app is ok, but it is definitely not worth the price compared to what you should get for the price you are paying.

  • Good but...

    by PereiraJ2

    Nice little app but its not broken up in seperate chapters you can choose to study. Its 100 random questions chosen from all the chapters of the PDG. I wouldve prefered to study a chapter at a time rather than each one randomly.

  • Not Worth It!!!

    by RatingNazi

    This product is a complete rip-off and a sham! Make sure you read and heed the description. It only provides you with a final exam. Nothing more. It is not worth the 30+ bucks you pay. - No ability to review specific sections or questions (you have to buy the full version for that) - Asks previously answered questions. It's a random 100 question test - Can't tailor the question quantity - Doest track progress I understand that these are features in the PDG Gold, hence the price premium. But, the price of this product doesn't compare. You would think you would at least be able to determine the sections for each test instead of having to go through 75 questions just to get to chapter 10. Oh yea, they're not randomized outside of section either! Worthless product!

  • Noooooooo

    by Bama130P

    The worst study guide ever! You can't select chapters, its just random questions. PDG Gold is far better. Spend your $35 somewhere else.

  • Inaccurate

    by Unicornsssss

    A lot of questions are wrong, and poorly worded. Does not reflect the actual PDG gold program published by the same company. I recommend saving your money and buying the application for your actual computer.

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