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Languages: English

Seller: Long Weekend

* Fixes issue with last release where "Kana headwords" mode was missing

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Japanese Flash is made by students of Japanese FOR students of Japanese.

iPhone 5 Fully Supported!

✿ What Our 4,000+ Users Are Saying ✿
❏ “Best app I’ve found for reviewing vocab … best money I have ever spent on my Japanese”
❏ “These guys knew what they were doing when they made this for sure!”
❏ "Irreverent, fun, and incredibly useful. Buy this now."
❏ "I love the design and layout of this app ... it is brilliant for beginners and more advanced students"
❏ "Worth every yen!"

✰✰✰ Recommended by the JET Program ✰✰✰

✿ Featured ✿
❏ Apple - What's Hot in the App Store
❏ CNNGO - CNN's Asia Lifestyle site
❏ Metropolis - the premier English magazine in Tokyo
❏ Japan Times - major Japan newspaper
❏ Japan Today - a major Japan news site
❏ Japan Newbie - a Japan lifestyle blog

✸ Essential Features ✸
✓ Uber-fast dictionary
✓ Smart algorithm makes you practice what you don't know
✓ Customizable difficulty level
✓ Learned cards remembered across ALL sets
✓ Reading options to match your skill level (romaji or kana)
✓ Study or practice in JE or EJ mode
✓ No internet connection required

✸ Why It's Better? ✸
✓ Full dictionary searchable in English, Japanese or Romaji
✓ Make your own sets
✓ Crazy number of words (150k) and lots of examples (50k)
✓ Runs fast, even on older devices, even for large sets (10k cards okay with you?)
✓ Beautiful color schemes to suit your mood
✓ Supports multiple users

♨ Just A Few Sets to Whet Your Whistle ♨
◉ Common Words (11 sets, 23,000+ words)
◉ Phrases & Expressions (26 sets, 10,000+ words)
◉ Specialist Terminology (24 sets,13,000+ words)
◉ Foreign Loan Words (15 sets, 2500+ words)
◉ Onomatopoeia (600+ words)
◉ Japanglish / Wasei Eigo (600+ words)
◉ Japanese Slang (300+ words)
◉ Drinking Words (40+ words)

☆ What About Beginners? ☆
We designed Japanese Flash for beginners too. In addition to * English Alphabet Readings * for every card, you get a whole section of useful sets like these to get you started…

◉ Hiragana & Katakana Alphabets
◉ Survival Vocabulary (11 sets)
◉ Telling Time, Weeks & Dates (8 sets)
◉ Numbers, Counting & Counters (12 sets)
◉ School Related Vocab (5 sets)
◉ Phrases & Expressions (26 sets, 10,000+ words) – Your own phrase book!

Can’t read kanij yet? Don’t worry! You can show readings in kana or romaji and we even remember your preference to show/hide readings whilst you practice.

Japanese Flash is a developer supported product. This is not abandon-ware! We are continuing to improve the app even 12 months since launch. Can the competition say the same (some can't, we checked!)

Please contact us for new features or questions using the support link below. We have no way to respond to reviews!

Customer Reviews

  • Almost perfect

    by FeelGoodChicken

    Love the study algorithm it uses, can make personal study sets. Interface is unappealing and not very intuitive. Sentence examples are a nice addition, especially since they are cross referenced, but only to the words that show up in the same set you are in. For example in JLPT N4 set, you encounter sentences with words not learned until later examples and there's no reading or cross reference on those so their meaning is lost on those still at JLPT N4 level

  • Cool app but backup crashes app

    by Gerritkl

    It's a cool app and exactly what I was looking for. However the backup always crashes the App. Cannot backup my sets. I see that this has been reported 4 weeks ago. When will this be fixed?

  • Good product

    by RadagastTheBrown

    Nice indexing. Would like to see a radical based search. But still great.

  • Great study app

    by EricSN87

    I didn't realize how much this app had till I started messing with it. Very useful. Great job. だうも

  • Fantastic

    by Hazel Rah

    Everything you could want. Works flawlessly. An absolute necessity.

  • Good God.

    by Redalphaone

    So much Japanese... I'm intimidated by the amount of information this app has. Im still very much so a newbie but i can see this being my best friend for the next 4 or 5 years. You guys/gals are awesome. (-_-) ありがとお ございます。

  • Hands down best language app

    by ShadowGypsy

    One of the best out there.

  • Amazing App!

    by Dontwantanickname...

    This is the hands down the best tool I have come across to learn Kanji and new vocabulary. I've studied Japanese for years and this is probably the most effective study tool I've used. It's a great way to kill time on the train, waiting in line, etc. and makes you want to learn more. The pre-installed flash card sets are great, especially the N1-N4 sets, but it's also very helpful that you can add your own custom sets. Thanks to the developers! It's an absolute gift.

  • Very useful and customizable study sets

    by Mifune2000

    Have been using for a while and I really enjoy the ability to make your own study set. If I am studying a different book it's very easy to find the word and add it to my own study set. It makes it easy to study what you need practice on rather than a random set you already know half the answers too. Thanks for the app. Only issue is I haven't found it to be updated for the iPad. Make no mistake it works on my iPad but its the iPhone sizing. No biggy though. It works.

  • Very helpful!

    by Wilma jean

    I use this app and Midori. I like this app's easy to use dictionary search function. I can type in English or Japanese to find out the word I am looking for without having to choose a language first. The flash cards have been great for study. Excellent app!

  • Best Japanese Study App Ever!

    by burnsuburbia

    I've purchased/downloaded a lot of Japanese study tools over the years. This is the best of them all, including the big expensive books. It's easy to use and once you open it, you actually want to keep going, each time, because the way it's built you have to do reasonably well for it to show you any new words. Brings out your competitive spirit. The "smart" flash card system is excellent and really does reinforce your learning so you can't "fake learn" a word and be done with it - it will come back around. Developers - thank you for making this app! Keep giving us updates and I'll keep spreading the word. (^_^)

  • Hands-down best overall Japanese flash card App!

    by Catharsix

    I was one of the first to download this, and I still love it! It would be a bargain at half the price. The specific sets are especially useful. Great, straightforward interface makes practice all the more easier. Great for all levels.

  • MD

    by Masuiisha

    Easy to use, intuitive. Help line connects to real person. Great app

  • Great app for studying and reference

    by shimamizu

    Make sure to download all the updates and add on packs for this app so you get the most out of it, packed with tons of great features!

  • Great app and support

    by everynamewastaken...

    Great app, and very responsive customer support.

  • Perfect for someone with some classroom time background

    by Mo Man Tai

    This is EXACTLY what I've been looking for! Finally I can feel confident tossing my old Japanese school notes. The instant example sentences really make this ap come to life.

  • Fantastic

    by gogochan

    One of the best tools I've found for learning Japanese. The romaji options are much appreciated, and I absolutely adore the dictionary search.

  • Keeps getting better

    by pho0ze

    Jflash keeps delivering what I want-- fast search, add my search words to a flash deck, and then study them with examples. And it never crashes.

  • Great study tool

    by mstam1616

    Great tool for studying Japanese. The integrated dictionary is fantastic. Excellent product!!!

  • Great flash card app

    by joeymigs

    Great at what it does.

  • Disappointed

    by Hfsthnk

    Wish I had known there was no audio to accompany the material. Still a decent app though not as great as expected and overrated as well as overpriced for what little it does that other cheaper/simpler apps don't. Can't help but feel a bit cheated...

  • A little Disappointing

    by Noelle28

    This app is overpriced. While it has a ton of vocab the organization is confusing. The app is also rather ugly. It is a decent app but defiantly not worth the money.

  • Very intuitive and informative

    by Ben111198789

    Easy to use, nice interface. Very good example sentences for each word that are further broken down into each part of the sentence. Includes a variety of interesting practice sets including conjunctions, onomatopoeia, and much more. You won't waste your time with this app. Also good for JLPT study.

  • Love It

    by Lost Penmanship

    It's fun and efficient, plus it comes loaded with tons of useful words. Great for all Japanese language enthusiasts.

  • Best flashcards

    by T ipod man

    Was looking for an easy to use but effective Japanese flashcard app. For studying basic alphabet and up, best one around.

  • Bummer

    by Ai Mirai

    I really liked this app but after using it so long and putting my cards in it's crashed and now it won't reopen... I hoped an update would fix it but it didn't seem to

  • Nice set of flashcards

    by kraemder

    It has everything except audio. Good spaced repetition that you can configure and preloaded with tons of sets. If you use riki and your iPad it let's you import new words directly. Needs an iPad only version although the iPhone 2x doesn't look god awful like some apps.

  • Great!

    by Disclicious

    This app is great! It has many sentences for your anki deck!

  • Nice!

    by Origami DJ

    Lots of vocabulary + a very nice looking interface = a win. May not have everything that everyone wants, but is packed with vocab, helps put kanji into context, and seriously is one of the (if not the) best looking Japanese learning apps that I use.

  • Great for flashcard study on the go!

    by DestiNofi

    I didn't want to write out and carry decks of flashcards. So this is by far the best alternative! I love the categories.

  • great app

    by geoffreyyyy

    great app very useful for JLPT. would be great if you could practice writing as well though.

  • Its very good !

    by Thien ha ba'

    I absolutedly like this app but hope u give us more sensitive sentence in study set

  • Very basic refresher for complete novices

    by 95030

    Can I return it?

  • Huge study tool

    by sei_lightning

    With this app, kotoba and Tae Kim's guide you could practically teach yourself. My only reservation is that I can't create my own large lists easily but I would still recommend this app.

  • Great app

    by Gwest84

    Well worth the money

  • Worth the praise! (long review)

    by Lumieru

    It's rare that simply using an application program is the highlight of my day, but Long Weekend has put so much love into Japanese Flash that I can't help but smile when I open it. I didn't believe all the positive reviews at first, thinking maybe it was a viral marketing scheme, but it's honestly that good. From the memory-aiding spaced repetition system (SRS), to the streamlined "pick it up and use it" interface, to the sentence/dictionary updater built into the program itself, everything is as fast and easy to use as it could possibly be. Even if I only have two minutes, I can switch to my flash cards and get some meaningful studying done. The easier it is to study, the more chance you'll actually do it, you know? What other features would I like to see? Only a few: (1) Furigana/romaji for the example sentences. (2) Larger amount of slang items (read: 2ch/nico nico words). (3) A Lite version with a few example sets, for people who are unsure about whether to get the app. (Considering how attentive the devs are to feedback, though, these features will probably have been added by the time you read this review.) I used to use tons of study sites (smart.fm, etc) and $100's worth of books and CDs, but this little app has replaced nearly all of them. Easily the most useful Japanese study tool I've ever seen. Worth the price? To say the least. It's worth ten times what they're selling it for!

  • One of the best!

    by Pierre Bueser

    User friendly, extremely helpful! Soo worth it. :)

  • The best

    by Illsonn

    This, along with kotoba are going to get you places. Absolutely worth the price!

  • Perfect

    by マリーケ

    Irreverent, fun, and incredibly useful. Buy this now.

  • Watashi ga suki desu

    by Trlblazer77

    Very helpful

  • So Awsome

    by FaeDreamer

    I needed to study between classes over the summer and was able to compile a set of all the words I've learned so far to review. I also needed to practice kanji recognition and it's really helping to combine comprehension and recognition. I will be able to add more words to my set as I take more classes. It's so much easier to use an app than to carry around hundreds of paper flashcards. And I love that it can be programmed to know which words I need to study most. I highly reccommend this app if you want a great study tool.

  • Good and getting better

    by ACLee

    The addition of sample sentences was a nice improvement. Overall, a well done app!

  • Finally!

    by hatch173

    Been on the market for a good flashcard app FOREVER! Tried some others for Japanese but this one definitely wins hands down: It has multiple sets to study with, you can add your own sets, it's got a dictionary, and you can easily track your progress. Definitely something I would recommend for Japanese learners or anyone preparing for any JLPT.

  • Easy to use and good included sets

    by Justin Garcia

    The included sets are great. Well worth the price. Few small quibbles: For sets that include more than 20 words I don't yet know, I don't feel like the App repeats the new words frequently enough for me to remember them. I feel like it should rotate through a group of 10 or so and once those begin to be memorized start to introduce new ones. When I pull a list down with my finger, the navigation bar shouldn't come with it. Only the search bar (if one exists) should do that. See how that rubber band effect works in Apple Apps for an example of what I mean. Switching between English or Japanese headwords should perhaps be possible without going to Settings. Sometimes going to Settings loses the card I'm on.

  • just what I needed

    by McIntire

    This is a very well thought out app for learning Japanese. The app is not gimmicky or cute, just basic good stuff. Gives you the four levels for the JLPT, and a good format to review them. Graphics are clean, and easy to use. Well done.

  • Good first try

    by reluctanth3ro

    1. Need system to remind you when to study what. 2. Things that I haven't studied or don't know as well need to be put up first for study in any particular study set. Currently it seems like everything in a set just comes at you completely randomly which is annoying when words that you do well on keep coming up. You could just delete them from the list but what about if you forget what it means later on? This is why we need smart review. 3. Better defintions. The app needs to be able to make the distinction between tenses, especially transitive and intransitive. 4. Need to be able to chose the definition you want. Take あげる for example. It has dozens of meanings. While it would be nice to learn them all I think it would be more productive to just learn the most common one or two meanings. It's a decent app but I disagree with justross about it being for the serious student of Japanese. Fix the issues I've talked about and then it'll be for more serious study.

  • easy to use, nice to look at, and most of all, it works

    by justross

    I have been dissapointed with the smart.fm app as well as doubly aggravated with iAnki for my flashcards needs. There was no other app on the market that I could find that could supplement my Japanese studies with at-hand flashcard review, until of course, Japanese Flash made its debut. What I find most useful, aside from the essential gargantuan vocab list for JLPT 1-4, is that the creators designed this app with the "on the ground" feel. There are sets that are specifically tuned into what one may encounter in Japan and the essential words for each kind of interaction. (also, the "Kansai-ben" set is and will be a lifesaver. thank you) The only problem I've had with it so far is that it doesn't feel as intelligent as Anki, in that it may repeatedly bring up a card that you have made clear beyond a doubt that you know it. I'm sure however that this app will progress well and the developers will fix little setbacks such as this, as this is only the first version.(and a good one at that I might say.) I recommend this app for someone who wants to really take on their consumption of Japanese vocabulary to a serious level, as well as to make it as painless as possible for this long-haul objective. good luck, everyone

  • Awesome app

    by Hashiriya

    These guys knew what they were doing when they made this for sure! Really easy to study with and far better than smart.fm's app. Takes all the hard work of creating word lists away for you!

  • Great app for learning

    by wirelesshealth

    This app takes out the effort required to make your own flash cards, and also saves paper. I've been using it to learn new words while reviewing words I had forgotten until now. I use it when I have a few minutes, and over time am building my vocabulary up to prepare for the JLPT.

  • Japanese Flash

    by Wineside

    This is a very complete yet easy to use app. Lots of choice in the words to study so you can focus on the language area that is important to you. It has a very deep dictionary which makes study from beginner to advanced possible within this one app. A very useful addition to my selection of apps.

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