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• Added translations into the "Review" game
• Updated Photo Hunt game to include labels
• Added ability to easily select and replay any level
• Added preview of each level to make it easier to decide what to work on
• Added high your score for each level. Can you beat it?
• Added support for multiple players

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★★★★★ It's amazing how quickly you will see results! ★★★★★

Start learning how to read, speak, and write Spanish with Lingo Arcade. Our language app features four addictive games that help you learn Spanish in no time.

Whether you are a student just getting started or a traveler that wants to brush up on their Spanish, Learn Spanish with Lingo Arcade is perfect for you! The best part of learning Spanish with Lingo Arcade is that it will feel just like a game. You will constantly want to keep playing and at the end of each session you will be amazed to see how quickly you are picking up new words and how quickly you will be able to understand Spanish.

The app includes ONE FREE LEVEL and you can upgrade and unlock ALL 150++ levels for just $0.99.


✔ Four unique games

✔ Includes over 3,000 words, phrases and sentences to build your Spanish vocabulary and comprehension

✔ Includes over 3,000 gorgeous photos that make learning more fun and effective

✔ Includes over 150+ carefully prepared levels designed by teachers (upgrade required for full access)

✔ Proprietary adaptive learning algorithm developed by Stanford graduate student to maximize fun, speed of learning, and retention

✔ Unique game mechanics that will make you want to keep playing

✔ Super easy to use for all ages

✔ Automatically syncs your progress across devices

✔ Optimized for all iOS devices - no internet connection required to play


✔ Accelerated learning - our proprietary learning algorithm helps you learn Spanish faster

✔ Best value. We offer a HUGE library of content. Learn Spanish with Lingo Arcade includes over 150 carefully prepared levels including 3,000+ gorgeous photos that are hand picked and edited. Each photo comes with a professional audio recordings to create a perfect learning environment. Once you play and advance through all of the levels, you will be amazed how far your Spanish skills and vocabulary have come.

✔ Learn Spanish with Lingo Arcade is more fun! One of the biggest obstacles that keeps users from making progress learning a new language is that they just give up and stop. You can't really blame them because learning Spanish has traditionally been very boring. Our addictive mini-games and gorgeous photos will keep you coming back for more. When learning Spanish is a game, learning is fun and easy!

✔ A natural approach to language learning. We believe that the best way to learn a language is the way kids effortlessly learn languages in the first place. That is without translation. It is well known that the best way to learn and memorize new information is by creating mental pictures. That's why Learn Spanish with Lingo Arcade comes with carefully prepared levels using gorgeous photos that make learning Spanish fun, easy, and effective.

✔ Select any level and jump ahead. While some programs force you to go level by level, we wanted to make Learn Spanish with Lingo Arcade perfect for both beginners and intermediate learners so we have made it as easy as one click to jump ahead and select the level that's right for you.

✔ Appropriate for all ages. It does not matter whether the primary user is a child or adult. While some of the advanced games build spelling and sentence building skills, kids can just focus on the initial mini-games and still dramatically advance their Spanish skills and build a huge vocabulary in record time.

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