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Seller: Innovative Mobile Apps Ltd

• Added workbooks and games for all letters from A to Z
• Fixed iOS 7 bugs

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ABC Genius makes learning letters fun simple and easy!

Finally a FUN and EDUCATIONAL game to help little ones
learn their ABC in to time at all.

ABC Genius comes with many interactive games and
activities that are great for kids of all ages. Whether you have
a toddler or a kids starting kindergarten, they will know their
ABC in no time with ABC Genius.

ABC Genius activities and games include:

ABC Letter tracing. Fun games and activities to help your little
ones master tracing letters from A to Z.

Spot the letter. Fun games to help your little one recognize both
uppercase and lowercase letters.

Matching games. Fun games to help your little ones match the
letters to the words.

Draw lines to complete the action. Kids are asked to draw lines to
connect the related items such as big and small letters.

ABC Phonics. Fun games to help your little one learn how to
correctly identify pictures and letters by sound.

Fill in the missing letter. Fun games to help your little one spot
the missing letter for simple words.

Which item does not belong? Fun games helping your little one
to spot which item does not belong to a given letter.

Puzzles and mazes. Fun games and mazes to reinforce learning
and help little ones become familiar with all the letters from A to Z.

In total, ABC Genius contains hundreds of activities. It's like getting
dozens of expensive workbooks all in one app.

Version 1 only includes activities and games for the first six letters.
More letters will be added in the coming weeks as soon as we have
received your feedback so that we can make ABC Genius the single
best ABC learning app for kids!


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Customer Reviews

  • Great app!

    by Namealreadyused

    This has been a great app to teach my son recognition of letters as well as beginning sounds! He loves it and plays it whenever we have to wait around for something.

  • ABC Genius

    by Skciefhs

    Love this game. Works on recognition, phonics, beginning sounds.

  • Awesome

    by bajebooth

    ABC Genius - Preschool Games for Learning Alphabet Letters and Phonics Awesome app for preschoolers in learning their letters- both upper and lowercase, phonics, letter tracing, and early workbook type activities to name a few. The material is laid out in a nice sequence, allowing for work on selected letters if you need to zero in on letters to your name for example. I would love to see in future updates a repeat of directions button for those kids that have difficulty processing directions or are distracted easily. There is an IAP to receive all games and a link to other apps, but it is secured under a button. I would definitely recommend this app especially to kids starting in a preschool classroom environment. Parental involvement could include playing school, and giving out homework (something preschoolers enjoy) or pointing out application of letters to everyday objects. Highly recommended.

  • Fun way to practice ABCs

    by MsS(ELL)

    My kindergarteners love all of the fun ways to practice ABCs featured on this app. They especially like the tracing portion! Thanks for making and sharing such a great app!

  • All in one

    by Sharky206

    I like how this app has so many games to choose from. As a teacher and mom of a four year old, this app is a great way to help reinforce those ABCs. My favorite is the proper letter writing strokes. Stroke order is so important and this shows it!!! Just trying to figure out how to make it keep working without shutting off.

  • Great learning tool!

    by Mr Orzo

    I really like this app. It's got a lot of different features to keep kids interested and I much prefer my child using apps like this to games with no educational value.

  • Review

    by Sadie & Bella's Mama

    A great app to use with special needs children. Thanks!

  • Beyond ❤️❤️❤️

    by Just "K"

    What a fabulous app for kindergartens to learn more about the alphabet & its sounds. It reinforces what they're learning at school & this app can be used as practice/review at home. I can also see this app being used by teachers & speech therapists. Very well done...& continue bringing us more of these educational Apps.

  • Simple and good app.

    by sugarstreet

    I use this for my English class for little guys here in Japan. The love learning... If it is from an iPad.

  • Read

    by Kdmfjf

    We really like the workbook a but are confused on how to open/ buy the others.

  • Great


    Great app. My son loves tracing the letters.

  • Great!

    by Hkj95

    As a kindergarten teacher I can see many uses for this app in small groups! Looking forward to more letters being added!

  • Fantastic!

    by Mdgunrichard

    I am a kindergarten teacher, and this app looks to be extremely helpful for my students with letter names, letter sounds, phonemic awareness, phonics, and proper handwriting. I am so happy! I would love the full alphabet!

  • ABC

    by Mara54321

    I like the app but it stopped at K need L through Z too. Alphabet does not stop at K

  • ABC Genius

    by TortoiseJ

    I liked the fact that your program doesn't reward incorrect answers. Some programs make a sound that encourages kids with Autism to continue to do the wrong answer to get that sound. This one makes a very light sound and takes away the wrong answer.

  • This has potential but I'm finding some errors


    Where are the lessons after K? I didn't check all the letters but I found many errors in J and K lessons. In K lessons, there are some sounds and references to H In J lesson - a hard g sound was made After funding errors in these two sections I gave up. I know you will fix this since you have put out many great apps I use!

  • Wonderful learning app

    by Lesa80

    What a wonderfully, simple app to " play" with. It is simple to use and easy for my 4 year old grandson to enjoy. The pictures are simple, but the color is nice. Thank you for continuing to offer these fun and educational apps!!!

  • Genius!

    by Hannahshelper

    I love this app! It has so many aspects necessary to learn to read. There's recognizing capital letters, small case, and later matching them together. Then there's practice tracing the shapes of the letters, or choosing pictures whose name begins with the letter. There are so many different approaches that a child could work on that it will be easy to keep their interest. The only difficulty that I had was in trying to rate it! Each time I went to the settings page and tapped on "rate this app" it responded that it could not connect with the Itunes store. I had to exit the app to go to the store!

  • joyful worker

    by joyfulworker

    This app is great in teaching young children their alphabet letters and phonics which is important in learning early literacy.

  • ABC Genius

    by Grand kids rock!

    Great app for pre schoolers. It allows ample time to enjoy, practice, and learn each letter. Simple and bright pictures. Loved the encouragement for the user to make each letter correctly by following an object representing the letter sound. Great job!

  • Won't let me use parental controls!!!

    by MegJ1985

    I just bought this & we love it, but I won't let me use the parental controls to unlock half the letters!!!!!

  • ABC Genius

    by Chulski

    I just downloaded and it looks really good. I did find one mistake when I went through the K workbook on one page it called the K "H", hopefully this is a minor bug that can easily be fixed with an update.

  • Perfect for a preschooler starting to learn to write letters.

    by BioJamie

    This app is perfect for a preschooler just starting to recognize and write letters.

  • Kate R.

    by sabrinacharliepatric

    This is an wonderful app! As a former Kindergarten teacher, reading specialist and current first grade teacher, I would definitely recommend it to parents and teachers. The graphics are cute, the directions/activities are simple and clear and I am impressed with the range of letter activities provided. Here are a few questions, suggestions and comments that I hope will be helpful considerations as your designers work to improve and enhance this product: TRACE THE ____ (capital letters) At first it seemed that the little tracer icons began with the same sound as the letter but after letter S this was no longer true. Although it is a subtle feature, matching the tracer icons with the sound of that particular letter is a good reinforcer for youngsters. Trace the capital Z did not work - no tracing icons appeared. I love that the letters can only be formed in the proper way and if another way is tried you get a slight sound effect to indicate no. It is important to learn the right way from the get-go. Will Trace the lower case letters be added? It should. Lower case are even trickier than upper case. MATCH THE PICTURE TO THE LETTER IT BEGINS WITH Children may have trouble identifying some of the pictures. For example, j-jewel but the picture is of a RING with a jewel; d-dart; y-yacht - they will call this a boat; the baby eagle for e is also a tough one. LETTER IN BETWEEN 2 PICTURES The directions say match the sound in the middle to the pictures that start with it but a "sound" cannot be pictured so a letter is there. Reword the directions to say something like "Think of the sound for the letter in the middle. Match it to the pictures that start with that sound." Also, being able to touch the letter to hear the sound would be helpful for many youngsters. The G exercise in this game is a confusing one. An animal that looks like a gorilla and a giraffe are the choices. Giraffe is the correct answer however, giraffe does not begin with g's most common sound - as in "go". The animal that looks like a gorilla is probably an ape. For new learners this doesn't make sense. There are a few other pictures students would probably have trouble identifying in the way the designers expected: i for infant (they will call it a baby); p for puppy (they will call it a dog); t for truck (to children the beginning sounds like /chr/ rather than /t/; zephyr will also be a tricky one. If children do know what it is at all, they are likely to call it a blimp not a zephyr. And finally: Consider adding two setting features: the ability to navigate through the alphabet rather than having to go through the whole thing each time; provide an option to turn of the repeating of the directions for every screen within the same game. Keep up the great work. Your products are top notc

  • Abc

    by Learn with us

    Very educational!

  • Nice app... Would like a few more features

    by StacyRenee3

    I really like the app. The pics are great. It would be nice if in the "a is for" part there were lowercase letters and they would say object name or sound after child gets to correct. "Your right...a is for apple a a a. I would like that in the phonics section too. You should also add a "abc touch" lowercase with phonics instead of just names. :).

  • Good variety but Bland

    by SPeechLP

    This is a very straightforward way to learn some basic skills. I like how the wrong answer disappears but there is no reinforcement of correct sounds or words after identifying so of limited learning value. Also no way of tracking success or varying presentation. I don't see any child clamoring for this. Still it is a nice, clean design and good range of skills. Needs better reinforcers and more settings options.

  • Abc genius

    by Sklu4k1

    This is good app but need to have a way to stop or get out of each game. Haven't tried it with students. I think it will be boring for them. I'll add more after students try it.

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