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Seller: Innovative Language Learning, LLC

- updated for iOS 4.0

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Get the complete Grammar package with Gengo Grammar - Japanese.

Very Convenient

Gengo Grammar puts all of your grammar questions in one convenient place. Are you reading a magazine? Learning something new in class? Gengo Grammar puts every major grammar topic at your fingertips.

Great Organization

Gengo Grammar puts all of its data in multiple categories, so it is simple to find whatever you need when you need it. With topics arranged alphabetically, by difficulty, by category, and even by JLPT Level, Gengo Grammar makes it super-convenient for anyone to find what they are looking for.

Full Audio

Not only does Gengo Grammar make your grammar dictionary obsolete, it does what your grammar dictionary could never do. It give full audio example from native Japanese speakers. Listen to example words, phrases, and sentences.

Linked with

Do you want to take your grammar learning even further? Gengo Grammar can point you to episodes of which provide even more fun examples for your language study.


* hundreds of grammar topics
* explanations, usages, examples
* full audio

Gengo Grammar is the best way to boost your Japanese grammar knowledge.

Customer Reviews

  • Not the easiest to study with

    by navel.inspector

    I wanted to choose one Japanese learning app from among the many put out by ILL, and I thought this would be best for my weak point, grammar. The app was a really good effort. However, there are still a noticeable number of missing audio files. I would **strongly** suggest a redesign of the layout as well. For example, make the top part of the scrollable screen or allow it to be minimized. This would give a lot more room for the example sentences. Also, the touchable audio icon for each example should really be alongside its respective written example. As it is, if you want to hear and read an example at the same time, you've got to do a lot of quick back-and-forth scrolling. It feels tedious and isn't so fun for the eyes.

  • Its useful

    by Sapphira95

    I found this app to be very useful, and i find myself lucky that i was able to download it last friday while browsing for free apps. even tho its certainly not free anymore, if you do buy it, it will prove worthy of your money ( i just think its slightly overpriced) All in all, its pretty good! :4

  • Works now, but...

    by あさめしまえ

    App is updated and works but it is still costs 50% more than it should. There aren't a lot of good Japanese grammar apps and this one does have a good deal of info. Not the easiest to use for studying but it is good for reference. If I had the choice to buy this again I wouldn't for $9.99.

  • Used to be great

    by SeanBillion

    Too bad it won't work anymore. Since updating to iOS 4 on my 3GS iPhone the app no longer works. This is a great app for practicing Japanese. There are tons of real audio clips with native speakers only. It has a great search feature that you can use like a phrase dictionary. Not nearly as nice as the $400 electronic dictionaries everyone carries around here in Japan, but for $10 it's worth the money. Please fix the app, I really want to use it again...

  • Has Potential, Many Flaws

    by Kyoto_boy

    I bought this app to help prepare me for the JLPT level 1. I enjoyed JapanesePod101 podcasts in the past and I assumed they'd make a great program. To their credit, grammatical points are easy to search for and the explanations and examples are clear. The main problem is lack of content. There are at least 100 grammar points tested in level 1. Only 21 are included here. For level 2, about 190 points are tested. This app lists 72. The audio seemed like a great feature except that it doesn't work. Normally I would contact the producers before posting a negative review but the support pages linked to here do not go anywhere. Given the lack of content, this app might be valuable to beginners, but for may $2 or $3 max. At $9.99 this is rip-off. And without any way to contact them about the broken audio, it borders on a scam. Hold off until these problems are addressed. UPDATE: The audio in the app does work.

  • Avoid

    by qdbout44

    When an app hasn't been updated for -as of today- a year and a half, that's a pretty reliable indication that you should avoid this app. Granted the grammar points are useful. But no retina display, it's slow, searching is tedious… Largely overpriced for what it does...

  • Get "Japanese" or "kotoba"

    by bdonnach

    I bought this app because I expected greatness from the folks at Unfortunately, it usually takes more than 90 seconds from start to finding the first word. A real conversation stopper. Has some cool features, but becomes very limited when compared to "Japanese", which costs about the same while being significantly faster and more feature rich. Even the free "kotoba" provides superior functionality and performance, while offering the same database of words. Another thing that kills this app is that it seems more interested in presenting advertising than in delivering functionality. Especially annoying because of the cost, and because you cannot turn off the ads. My recommendation is for you to spend your money on "Japanese" and skip this one. If money is an issue, go with kotoba rather than this app.

  • Honestly, not so good

    by expatintokyo

    There is some good information here, but the app is poorly designed. For US$2, it would be acceptable, but certainly not at this price. Would not buy I again.

  • Overpriced...

    by JapanL

    This program would probably be a great tool for beginners, but even so there's not much material on here for the price..although I will say that the material they do have is really great. If they added more advanced material, this program would be worth it's price

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