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The essential resource for doctors and healthcare professionals in internal medicine. Diagnosing symptoms, disorders, diseases, infections, and conditions and developing a treatment program is even with the most trusted textbook in medicine. Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Web on Inkling, includes everything from the print book plus extra resources like 100 instructional videos, numerous interactive diagrams, 57 formerly online-only chapters and a robust search engine.

Doody's Reviews: “Clearly, this version is a dramatic enhancement to the print version, making this comprehensive reference easy to carry and simply accessible in almost any clinical environment.”—Dr. Vincent Carr, DO

iMedicalApps: “Medical professionals who purchase this text will know they carry one of the most extensive medical resources in a highly accessible format on a device no larger than a notepad.”

Details about Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine or Inkling:
► Practice Makes Perfect: Want to see how well you know your medical terminology, symptoms, diagnoses, diseases, anatomy and treatment? Just tap a “Test Yourself” button, and a figure becomes a quiz.

► Less Search, More Find: Internal medicine is complicated, but finding the guides and resources you need doesn’t have to be. Search for terms and phrases in your notes, the book and web with ease.

► Watch and Learn: Listen to doctors, physicians, and medical experts share added insight and perspective with more than 100 embedded medical and healthcare videos, just a tap away.

► The Grand Tour: Need to know a complicated process inside and out? Use one of many interactive Guided Tours, with hi-res images and annotated steps.

► Get Connected: When you create an Inkling account in the app on your iPad or iPhone, you can then access all of Harrison's on the web as well, through Inkling.com/read. Plus, all of your notes and annotations will sync between all devices, including your computer.

Details about book content:
No other medical reference or resource delivers the depth of disease mechanisms and management like Harrison's, with in-depth content on:
• Clinical medicine
• Genes, the environment, and disease
• Regenerative medicine
• Health and nutrition
• Cancer, oncology and hematology
• Infectious diseases
• Psoriasis, shingles, eczema, and other skin disorders
• Terrorism and clinical medicine
• Disorders of the cardiovascular system
• Human anatomy, skeleton, and muscles

Customer Reviews

  • great update

    by moskey2009

    i downloaded the latest update v 3.5.3 . and its great. i had a lot or problems with crashing after opening the app in the previous version but this update fixed that and also fixed afew other bugs i had noticed. so far so good

  • Awesome Resource

    by Iowa_man

    Awesome resource, portable but 3 stars for price as almost 3 times the original book price.

  • Unable to highlight post new update and io&

    by Dr.JV

    Quite glitchy especially with highlighting. Unfortunate because that is a useful feature when dealing with so much text.

  • Worth the money for med students

    by Jenny1918

    App contains all the useful information of the print version. Occasionally crashes, navigation could be easier, no useful table of contents. Having such a useful resource in a portable, searchable format is great, and the small issues listed aren't a big deal for me. Expensive, but worth it for med school classes and rotations.

  • Outstanding App

    by RezaSandhya

    This app is very helpful, searching function quiet fast. Can use this app anytime. But its price really high. In my country harrison textbook 18th ed only $75. But overall this app is very good.

  • Really hard too see

    by dr Jv

    The information is good because it has the Harrison's but the app it self is not good , the font can not be increased and then whole impression is the app is not good and la lack of fluidity .other than that is good . I hope the app improve with future releases .

  • Fantastic

    by Somar24

    Conveniently portable and more features than the hard copy. An incredible resource for medicine residents.

  • The only way to read Harrison's

    by Lewintomy

    Ok... This is the way to read, search, and learn from a medical text. Especially one as large and comprehensive as Harrison's. And the supplemental material is very useful as well. My only complaint is that it would be nice to have the program be able to download the web material on a permanent basis so things you have studied could be looked at again off line. Other than that, more than worth the price.

  • 5000 pages never felt this good

    by Netters Review

    As Medical Students, patients actually think we have 5000 page books memorized. Well I was reticent to sped this much on the text, but this book truly does everything well. It better. For such a huge book I would expect searches to take a long long time. The average search pop's up results in under 2 seconds. Automatically synced with Wikipedia what a great feature. fast smooth scrolling. Images are high resolution unlike other hated ebook apps for the iPad. There are real page numbers notes you can make on topics, underlining.... oh I could go on and on. However If you want a great reference while on the Internal medicine service, get this book. I am a poor student just like everyone else, and this book delivers in every area. Fast, Functional, and oh I can't think of another F word to go with the list just get the app!

  • On the front of the curve

    by H Prophet

    I have been using various study apps for over a year and several have been good 'readers.' This is the first app I have found which is almost fully interactive. Why purchase this app version of Harrison's as opposed to an E-book version which is significantly less expensive? Because this version backs up all of your notes or highlights, it is searchable, there is no lag when loading pages, and you are not limited to viewing it on the iPad or phone. I find adding any lenghty notes to be more comfortably accomplished on my laptop and these update almost instantly to the pad. We don't even have to talk about how much lighter the iPad is than the two volumes of this book in print. The primary weakness found thus far is a lack of filtering with regard to the highlights and notes of other students. I may be erring on the side of caution / paranoia here but I do not trust my medical education to the anonymous personalities of the internet. A school, or better, personal group filter for sharing notes would be phenomenal. Another reviewer noted a lack of interactive quizzes. I have found this to be a sporadic issue. Some sections have detailed "quiz me" segments while other sections have none. Not a point which would cause me to abandon the app, but I love small self-assessment tools. There is plenty of room for more of them. A little diversity with the color of highlights would also be a nice asthetic improvement. This is very close to all five stars for me, just not quite there.

  • Great App

    by :) Cat

    I was expecting more quizzes, colors to underline and also a way to summarize all your notes and send them to your email or something similar. Otherwise I think these app allows you to read the book in a very comfortable way and the edition is also very pretty.

  • Incredible

    by Johericd

    The best way to read Harrison's. Great note-taking and highlighting, search and organization. Good for studying and now convenient for access while on rotations--the algorithms are well done. Not the best for tx guidelines or medications, but other apps for that!

  • Perfect and Amazing

    by MD_1212

    I'm starting my residency in internal medicine at a major academic center and I've been reading through Harrison's during the lazy days of 4th year. This version is a dream come true. It is the full and complete version of Harrison's (I've checked it against the actual text). But in every every way it is much better. This isn't just like a Kindle or Apple ebook. This is the ACTUAL textbook itself. Imagine a high resolution PDF of the book, but easily scrollable, searchable, no lag, just exactly what you would hope an electronic text book to be. It's the same exact same text (character for character), same exact format, and same exact layout as the actual book, just with the added convince of being on a touch screen device. All graphs, graphics, styles, are all the same. If you were reading this version and someone was reading the text book next to you, you could say, look to the right of the blue star on page 3534 and they'd be able to turn right to it (this is unlike kindle or apple ebooks which have the same text, but lose the formatting and most of the graphics and styles). The price is higher then the actual text, but 1. you have the almost 5,000 page Harrison's at your finger tips with no added weight 2. it is fully searchable, highlightable, annotatable (and it saves those online in case you get a new iPad in the future just redownload it and they'll be there), 3. It includes ALL of the added content that is only available online when you purchase the added book (that's like another 20+ chapters). So this volume is MORE complete the text version. It looks amazing on the new iPad 3. It also includes ALL videos that are otherwise only available online too. Bottom line, I can't recommend this highly enough. No one is going to sit down with a 12 pound 5000 page text book and read it, but you can do that with this… and you can do it quickly before rounds, before journal club, at the beach, where ever. I can't recommend it highly enough. Worth every penny! Would Purchase again! Med student Gunner seal of approval.

  • Great App

    by MAS543212345

    I am a resident in a surgical subspecialty and bought this app to read about various medical conditions and topics without having to carry an 11 pound volume like Harrison's. Before purchasing, I downloaded the trial chapter through the Inkling app to see how detailed and extensive this book would be. I was impressed so I sprung for the purchase...I am very pleased so far.

  • Ok

    by Rabiya999

    I am a 3rdyr medical student. i Was hoping for the same thorough content as the printed harrison's...but ipad version feels abridged. Nonetheless I like it bc does not need Internet connection to read while on rotations.

  • Good information, bad app

    by Brwbake

    Harrison's is huge. Tons of information, covering a wide range of internal medicine topics. Very helpful. The app updated at the end of August 2013, and no longer works on my iPhone. I have tried working with support, which responded quickly to my request, but still hasn't been fixed. Hopefully it will be resolved soon.

  • Very disappointed

    by Anchit Bharat

    I'am very very disappointed with this application. Up to the limit that I feel cheated. Every highlight gets vanished when you change the page, the application keeps crashing when you search any topic. You cannot zoom in on the text and yes, you have to be logged in every time you want to see a video help. You also cannot add notes to the book. I had read almost 500 pages of the book and highlighted stuff which was important to learn, but all my highlights have just vanished and the app shows you have no highlights. I want my 200 dollars back.

  • Harrison's

    by Nickname01111

    App is not working after download. No way to contact support or get reimbursed. Please help

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