Amharic Dictionary Education App Review (iOS, $3.99)


Languages: English

Seller: iBlueNile LLC

In this version, the issue of the application not being able to start up on certain versions of iPad is resolved.

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The first Amharic dictionary for iPhone!!! NO INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED!!! This dictionary contains over 33,000 english words, translated into amharic. This app is fantastic for individuals trying to learn the amharic language, students that have amharic as their first language, individuals who want to communicate with their ethiopian friends, etc...
The application provides searchable matrix for looking up specific english words and their corresponding amharic words, with a pronunciation.

Customer Reviews

  • Perfect

    by TA(Traveller)

    Great app. Worth every penny.

  • Crash all the time

    by zrock77

    Fix please

  • Needs work, but a useful resource

    by Jontabb

    As a new Amharic learner, i'm on the lookout for useful apps to help me learn. I was very pleased to find this sizable Amharic-English dictionary. The first time I used it I managed to freeze the app. My wife did the same her first time. Once I figured it out, I learned to avoid the same mistake. However, it seems like there are some usability issues that need to be worked out before this becomes a five-star app. I hope further development is planned for this dictionary because I look forward to using it quite extensively in my learning process.

  • Helpfully!!

    by Matiyas

    I believe this is is beginning for amaharic users and the whole Ethiopian. Helpful! Thanks keep up with a good work!

  • Worth every cent! Excellent app!!!

    by Liquid London

    I absolutely love this app!! It is very helpful and extremely user friendly!!! I love the updated version of this because I don't have to be online to use this! It has an extensive library of words and has been one of my favorite apps! It has not only helped me with work, but also personally. It was a great purchase and worth every cent!

  • amharic dictionary

    by Mabulin

    was really good until the dictionary stop talking , it no longer gives voice sound for the pronuncation. PLEASE fix

  • Good

    by Hayden319

    How do I know which pronunciation is right?

  • Great app

    by Cbne

    Thank you for offering this app it is so great to have access to many amharic words which is so helpful to me in my studies Sometimes the translation screen goes dark but it is well worth the price

  • Needs improvement


    No audio so it's hard to guess how to pronounce words correctly. It would be also nice to have words in regular fonts. Some of words have few pronunciation so its not clear what is correct in case of male / female talk.

  • Rate

    by Emamye

    I just paid $3.99 5 minutes ago for My iPhone 3GS . It isn't fast because of stuck,needs Updated anyhow it doesn't worth.

  • Worst app ever

    by Ezekiel1123

    Worst app. I just bought and it is not working. Don't buy it!

  • No good

    by Rico 8595

    Sorry about that. But it's a money waste. No audio. And it keep exiting on its own. Needs to update

  • Stuck on the 1st page!

    by Martha-tes

    I just paid $3.99 for this app about 5 minutes ago and already it's stuck on the 1st page. This is unfair I would like my money back. This app does not work for ipad2. :-(

  • Application Locks up!

    by Sir_Sly

    Application locks up on ipad 2. I'm very disappointed with this. I want my money back.....

  • I bought this app

    by Elsa ejorde

    It is stuck on first page and no way of escape. I would like my money back please

  • Refund

    by Habesha1

    Requires a network connection and displays an advertisement with every search. Not very useful.

  • Misleading

    by phishhu

    This app requires a network connection instead of being offline like the other dictionaries I've purchased. This dictionary also only goes from English to Amharic but not Amharic to English. If an app is not a free version most expect it to have no ads. Well don't expect that with this one. You will have ads on every screen practically. If there were a way to give the app back for my money I would. Learn from my mistake and don't waste your money. If you never want to use it offline and you like ads then this app is for you.

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