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Languages: English

Seller: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

This version resolves a number of issues around the use of the camera and iOS6.

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***2012 App Store Hall of Fame Inductee***

Is your child curious about animals? Curious George is!

George has been asked to help out at the zoo. George needs your child’s help to wake, clean, and feed the animals. Through helping George perform activities perfect for toddlers, children learn about different animals and regions.

Developed by one of the world’s largest providers of educational materials for preschoolers, Curious George at the Zoo is a fun, engaging and educational app that will support your child’s learning and development.

Features & Benefits:

Pop-up Menu
•Explore the zoo using a beautiful, interactive, 3-D pop-up menu
•Listen to lively audio narration by the Man With The Yellow Hat

Animal Enclosure
•Visit animals in their individual zoo enclosures
•Wake up the animals by patting, rocking, and talking to them
•Learn what foods the animals like to eat, and find out what they don’t like!
•Collect fun stickers for completing tasks
•Develop hand-eye coordination by dragging, tapping, rubbing, and more

•Watch movies of each animal in its natural habitat
•Learn fun and interesting facts about the animals from The Man With The Yellow Hat

Each region comes with a super game that reinforces and extends learning across a number of core areas like:
•Memory skills
•Sorting ability
•Reasoning skills

Sticker Album
•Make zoo pictures using stickers and backgrounds, and you can save your favorite!
•Pick from zoo backgrounds or use your own photos and save pictures to your child’s photo album

Please let us know ( you experience any errors with this app.

Customer Reviews

  • Great except for the other part of Zoo

    by AmbE88

    My 2 year old loves it BUT the bad thing is I paid for the second Zoo and it doesn't even work! Want my money back for that one if it won't work but can't find a way to get it back.

  • Happy but unhappy

    by Bipu7894

    My nephew loves this app. I first had it on my iPad and wanted it on my phone also. It is one of the apps u can not transfer over yourself. So I have now paid for it twice. Don't get me wrong it's a great app for him but I wish I did not have to pay for it two times.

  • Boring and cumbersome for my 3 year old. .

    by Mtnbika

    Don't waste your money

  • My 2yr old loves this app

    by Kook444

    Def one of my sons favorite apps. He loves watching the educational animal videos.

  • Great App but..

    by Davy<3socceralltheway

    I downloaded this for my little brother and he seems to enjoy the free part of the game but the only thing I don't like is that you have to pay for each part of the zoo! Please do something about that! Otherwise, great app!

  • My 2yr old LOVES it!

    by Deleon's

    My two year old son has a few pages worth of apps on our iPad (yes, I know what some are thinking, but they highly educational, thank you very much ;) and this is definitely in his top row of favorite apps. Yes, you do have to purchase the other adventures, but they're only .99 and if your child is in to Curious George like mine, then it's well worth it. We've only had problems after first purchasing a new world, or whatever you call them! I've noticed if I delete it and re-download it, it works much better. It may say it costs .99 even after you've already paid for it, but immediately after clicking "buy" it will let you know it's free because you have already purchased it (just make sure it's on the same iTunes account). We've had this game about a year and he still loves to play it. I highly recommend for younger children and I do want to note, The Man in the Yellow Hat is great, so informative and very, very kind.

  • Curious George at the Zoo

    by Soph's Nana

    This is a great learning game for my 3 year old. We both enjoy the video's. But I did not like the purchase more habitats buttons ,right where she would hit them. Plus the game keeps freezing up. We have to go to another world to get it to unfreeze and she gets frustrated . This is a terrific app if they will fix the freezing up problem and move the purchase more habitats buttons.

  • It's a great app

    by Fillmorev77

    Got it for my 3 yr old. He loves it, just .99 cents doesn't buy it all, u have to purchase the other places.

  • My son threw out this app after I bought the penguin and farm in app purchases. Other apps allow to

    by JTvV

    Restore purchases but this one does not have an options menu with that option. Can anyone leave a comment to resolve this. Thank you!

  • Mommy's Helper

    by AdriCasBar

    My almost 3 year old son loves this app. Yes I've paid to unlock the other portions and I will keep paying. When we're out shopping his sit in his stroller or shopping cart quietly and plays. He just loves his George and is excited when mommy shows him that a new section of the zoo is open.

  • Too much hating on a great app

    by Isengrim

    I have this on 2 devices and I've never had problem with downloading or stability. It is a sweet, lightly educational app for 2-6 year olds with tons of features for free: animals, educational videos, games and a fun and fluid sticker book with savable images. YES you have to pay for additional sections... but let's get real: it's $.99 per section, currently $2 total for a ton of content. You can afford it - few if any $2 toys will generate as much enjoyment and learning.

  • My 3 yr old loves it

    by Beckycom

    This is his favorite app and I find it does have value. I'm even willing to pay extra for the other sections. BUT, the tease sections of "coming soon' confuse the heck out of him. He doesn't understand why they won't open and gets frustrated. Please consider your audience

  • Zoo

    by tessitura

    I liked the App and my granddaughters did as well, but when I did purchase 2 other regions, I had read that it didn't charge my account but that was not true. I did get charged. I got my statement from itunes, and got charged for them both. Please advise, how I can continue to add regions within the app.

  • In App Purchase

    by Willy Gun

    I would really like to restore the in app purchases on my other devices.

  • Educational, but unfinished.

    by AmiraDC

    When you purchase the game only the safari area is included and you have to purchase the deep freeze area separately. My daughter loves the game which makes it worth the money, but she wants to play the other areas as well. Just be prepared to explain why your child can't play that yet if you purchase this.

  • Good and Bad

    by Merritt12

    Ok, so I understand why everyone is rating this 1 star. I honestly think this a great little game for 5 and under, even my 6 year old and 7 year old play it. I was a little disappointed that you have to pay 99 more cents to get "Deep Freeze", but if your little one enjoys it, it is worth it.

  • Save your $Money

    by Nevel Rogers

    My kids live it, but you only get one part of it for the price. Not at all what expected, let down. Very little to play with unless you buy more parts of it.

  • Broken.

    by Stillman777

    My daughter enjoyed this game, so I tried to add the update - the new parts of the game are frozen and won't load.

  • In app purchase is broken

    by arsenius

    Don’t waste your money purchasing the other areas. They won’t load. Otherwise, the game is kind of a waste of time. The rules are very specific about how you have to wash the animals in a certain order. The videos are cute, but that’s about the only good thing.

  • Volume doesn't work

    by Hodges clan

    I love this app but the volume goes from high to so low you can't hear anything! Fix it so it can be a 5 star!!!

  • Bad app- bad customer service!

    by The CO dude

    Can I give an app a negative rating? Where do I start? After purchasing add on features (Farm, Outback, Deep Freeze) after a few months it wouldn't allow access to those areas anymore. I contacted Customer Support at Houghton Mifflin who advised that I should delete the app, power cycle the phone and re-install the app. Upon doing this, I found that they wanted to charge me to install the app again!! What??! They also claim that there was never a 20 second black screen at the end of the pig video. Uh, yes there was. I can't verify it now since the app still doesn't work.

  • Huge app

    by Angrymama44

    Couldn't download because it was too big to fit on my iPhone. Too bad. George is a favorite.

  • Does not restore previous purchase

    by Molikiliki

    Looks like I'm not the only one who is having trouble restoring this app. Purchased the app and in-app purchases around 6 mos ago. Son loves it but what's the point if I have to pay $ every time I download it.

  • mom

    by jacksmom71209

    i bought this app for both iphone and ipad. My first purchase was two years ago. my three year old loves it.. the imbedded videos, the games, the sticker album..he is a big fan. so, i purchased all of the in-apps as well. Three of them. Old McDonalds farm, Big Freeze and the Outback. However, after the first update, the in-apps no longer launched. got a message that if I already purchased them, to click here to restore. they don't restore. i've removed the apps from my devices and uploaded them again. i removed them from my device and BOUGHT both apps again, as well as the in-apps again. That was a crazy move but I was desperate to recover them because my son loved the other "themes" so much. After downloaded them for a second time, they wouldn't launch again after the very first synch. I had a difficult time trying to reach customer support, but just found an email address and sent my complaint. i will report back on how it goes.

  • Big BKs Finest

    by Big BKs Finest

    Why no iPhone 5 support?

  • Deceitful

    by MZS66

    They really outta disclose that you have to pay a buck for each game after you paid the initial purchase price. Really sheisty. False advertising. I just deleted it and kissed my $.99 goodbye before more damage was done.

  • Not user friendly.

    by Lindy YW

    My 4yr old likes this games but he had a hard time playing it. I even have a hard time with it. When you choose the animal you'd like to work with we can seem to figure out what to hit to take us to the game portion for that animal ...we can get to video, stickers, pictures, but not the game. Seems like it should be easier considering it's a preschool game.

  • Good app until the update

    by Frustrated user-horrible app

    Ran good until the update. Been trying for over 2 weeks to install the update. No luck.

  • So upset

    by Primroselane

    Just paid for this app the 1st time my daughter uses it and it crashes and now when you load it all we get is. White screen - to top it off I can't even find a contact number etc to get help I want my money back if its not going to work!

  • Beyond Pricey!

    by MakeGrandmaHappy

    This is a nice app, genuinely entertaining and engaging for the Under 6 Set; however, it has two major drawbacks. First is the cost. For the initial purchase price, you are introduced to George bouncing up and down on the pages of a pop-up storybook zoo which represents all the adventures he is about to take you on. The man with the yellow hat (TMWTYH) speaks to YOU and to George, for almost the entire time, from a fixed bubble in the upper right-hand corner. When you tap "play" you land at the zoo's first "page," where the man in the yellow hat (emerging from his bubble for a moment) tells George he's going to be helping the zookeeper out for the day - doing things like feeding and bathing the animals - but also inviting YOU to come along and help George to be a good little monkey while he's there and to follow directions so he won't get into any trouble. TMWTYH then returns to his bubble at the top of the page where HE, and not the zookeeper, gives all the directions about feeding and bathing the animals TO YOU (and you do them) while George does nothing at all except occasionally jump feebly up and down and make a monkey sound. Odd. Since this is a story about the world's most beloved and personality-packed monkey, I would have expected first-rate animation showing a sweet-but-curious monkey irrepressible in his tendency to cause trouble (by not following directions) every time you turn around. But instead, the animation in this app is stiff and stunted, and George does nothing AT ALL except - at the zoo - stand by while you do chores as instructed, or - during the lovely real-life video footage of these animals in their natural habitats which follows - popping up at the perimeter with a pair of binoculars or, again, jumping up and down. George makes no movements I would even call monkey-like. So there's a real disconnect between storyline and the action. AND the animation disappoints. But, furthermore, once you've fed and washed the 5 or so animals in the first yard or "page" and seen their videos, that's all you can do, besides claiming a few "sticker." There are games, but you're locked out unless you pay the purchase price again. And there are more sections of the zoo to visit, but again you must pay the purchase price for EACH OF THEM. Perhaps, if this were first-rate animation and a chance to really get inside a Curious George story and interact with the little imp, I'd be willing to pay $5 to do it. But, in that case, I'd rather just be asked for the money up front, and then be thrilled from the very start for having done so. Instead, with this app, I was let down to begin with, and then subsequently let down again and again and again with every insulting demand for yet another payment of the purchase price.

  • Yuck

    by 1AppleNut

    Only app I ever bought that crashed instantly. I want my money back!

  • Crap!!!

    by Jdeville Vixs Feliciano

    Got this crappy app and it never opened I want my dollar back cause imagine each of us who paid a dollar n it never worked or crashed this ahole is making lots of money off of people who actually still care to buy app . Don't waste your money and also how the hell can u get a refund!! Anyone know please comment and also I rate it a ZERO !!! But of course it won't let you

  • Confusing

    by Librarian3542

    The app was confusing for my four year old. I like apps where I can just let her play without my constant guidance. It sometimes freezes up on my 4S.

  • Too Difficult in places

    by kimbcycle

    My two year old loves it but she can't really play the games as they are intended. She just loves Curious George and handling my iPhone. My 15 year old was frustrated that some of the games don't make sense. The videos are great. I was annoyed by the false advertising in the app store of the game costing .99. When you purchase it you find out that you only bought one small part of the game. I will avoid Houghton Mifflin in the future. I trusted them based on their textbook business. They should stick to textbooks!

  • App does not Update

    by Person X.0

    App does not Update or download with Wifi at home. Cannot delete the app either. Did everything to try and get rid of it.

  • Fun for tots, but Greedy pricing

    by Appledas

    The app itself is cute and maybe worth a couple of bucks. But when you consider this is an app that has both iphone and ipad versions with the same in-app purchases, it just shouts GREED! After paying $3 (overpriced in itself) for the Deep Freeze and the farm upgrades for my ipad, my son wanted to play it on my iphone. HMH wants another to charge again for that. And the added content? The gameplay is no different from the first free section. It's just not worth it.

  • Not happy at all

    by Caustin11

    I didn't even get to use the app because it never downloaded. I can download other things, so I know the problem is with the app itself. I gave it one star because the rating feature would not let me save my review with zero stars.

  • What a rip-off!!!!!

    by A Very Cross Mummy!

    I bought this app just because my 4 year old loves Curious George. Yet, in order to enjoy any part of this game you are required to purchase an additional app. It is clear to me that the producers of this game intent was to ultimately rip off parents. Additionally, there is absolutely no educational value to this game whatsoever. I gave it a rating of two stars because of the joy the television episodes gave my son.

  • Frequent Crashes

    by IceCattt

    Crashes constantly on 4S. Don't buy yet.

  • Curious George at the zoo

    by Catmattpat

    Don't buy this game!!! It doesn't work and when you try to visit different parts of the zoo you are asked to pay more money. What a waste of $1.99!!!

  • Greedy

    by Tempted25

    My daughter loves this game and she plays this game nonstop and literally checked every day to see when the game would be updated. The fact you guys didn't allow the regions to be free is a rip off. I'd rather pay .99 to get the app then to have to pay for something that was free to download and months later having to pay so my kid can progress w/ the app. I'm thinking about deleting this off my phone. Not satisfied w/ you guys.

  • Not impressed

    by Militarybabe2005

    Bought this game for my iPhone for my daughters to play and with in 10 minutes it completely froze and now will not load... Not too thrilled

  • Deep Freeze leaves cold impressions...

    by RemingtonReedy

    Love the app, boy loves it so I figured sure let's buy the next section of the park. Paid my $0.99 it downloaded and nothing happens. You go into the polar section of the park and George makes noises if you touch him etc but the ranger character sits there with his mouth moving but no sound comes out, there are no animals, no features...basically there's nothing but your wallet being $0.99 lighter. I sure hope this gets fixed its backed by a HUGE publisher. I understand bugs, but an entire feature that doesn't work let alone is a cost added option? Unforgivable...

  • Deep Freeze doesn't work

    by Get it together dudes

    99 cents thrown away. When my daughter opens the Deep Freeze area it looks wrong and has no sound. There is a huge black area covering half of the lower screen. There is no online help for the problem. Buyer beware!

  • Unfinished

    by Momma of boys x's 3

    When will the other parts ever be finished? My son is bored w the only 2 available and wants to play the two that continually say, "coming soon." also pretty bogus you buy the original app but still have to purchase the other destinations. Lame!

  • The worst

    by Co daddy message board.

    Way too many problems. And after you purchase, you still have to but other parts of the app. And the app isn't finished.

  • Deep freeze

    by Feeling jipped13

    I too purchased the deep freeze & nothing. My son liked the app, thought he'd enjoy, but wasted my .99.

  • Don't purchase deep freeze!

    by Annoyed36

    My 3 year old loves the Curious George games online, so I thought this would be a nice addition to my iPhone games for her. I couldn't have been more wrong. The original zoo game is only OK; it freezes now and then and is not very educational or engaging. I bought Deep Freeze in hopes that it would add some interest to this game. I have just received my receipt for the app, but every time I try to open it, I am asked "tap to purchase? No, I don't want to purchase it again. I ready did!!! Annoying! I know it's only 99 cents, but there are plenty of other cheap apps that work quite well. Listen to the mediocre reviews. I wish I had. Don't purchase this app. If you do, don't venture into the deep freeze!


    by Lindzmarie406

    Quite possibly the worst app I have ever purchased. Total ripoff

  • Very disappointed

    by Mindtrap2546

    My son loved it even though it lacked diversity. It just repeats the same things over and over and it freezes up quite a bit. But the real disappointment came when they show new areas and get your child to want them and then want to charge you for it. Total BS seriously. It ain't worth it.

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