Curious About Shapes and Colors Education App Review (iOS, $4.99)


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Seller: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Whats new? A free gift for you from George! Upgrade today for a brand new toy to put together and enjoy. Hint . . . it ROARS!

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In this bestselling app, kids help Curious George rebuild his toys while matching shapes and colors. Now introducing a brand new toy in the toy box, Curious About Shapes and Colors is better than ever!

Each of George's six toys features games and puzzles that kids play in order to create an interactive toy. Every toy takes them into a magical world in Curious George’s toy box where they can play as long as they’d like!

-Children play entertaining games and puzzles that introduce them to shapes and colors through matching, sorting, creating patterns and constructing big shapes from smaller shapes.
-Kids build toys such as a robot, train, castle and rocket ship
-Interactive games allow for free play while also keeping an educational element

-Encourages math skills through comparing, sorting, identifying different sizes and reproducing patterns
-Tracing, tapping and dragging strengthen fine motor skills
-Kids interact with shapes such as triangles, squares, circles, diamonds, rectangles, and more!

-Narration and guidance from The Man With The Yellow Hat
-Perfect for toddlers and kids in prek, this app features games that increase with difficulty to keep children engaged and excited.
-No in-app purchases
-No third-party advertising
-Children Technology Review, Editor’s Choice App


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