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  • Category: Education
  • Publisher: Homer
  • Updated: Aug, 01 2013
  • Version: 1.14
  • Size: 294.72 MB

Languages: English

Seller: HomerLearning, Inc.

Critical bug fix for the Learning Shop.

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• The ONLY comprehensive reading program for iPad—designed by top education experts!
• Recommended by NYTimes + Today Show
• Mom's Choice Award, Gold Honoree. 5 Star Review, Editor's Pick - Common Sense Media
• Over 18 million reading lessons and stories viewed in less than 6 months! More lessons added every month.

Join over 600,000 children around the world who learn with Homer every day!

We assume a child has no prior experience and we teach them to read. We cover 50+ foundational skills.

"Finally an app that really works! My daughter is actually reading and she learned on Homer. Thank you!" - Maggie M.

Over 150 reading activities, stories, and science lessons. Over 1,000 recording and drawing activities. Hundreds of printables (on the website).

Learn with Homer is designed by literacy experts for children ages 3–6. The program is based on the best scientific research on how children learn. Our award-winning program covers the key skills recommended by the National Reading Panel: phonemic awareness, phonological processing, phonics for reading and spelling, fluency, and comprehension.

"Reading is like entering a conversation with life, and Learn with Homer helps kids begin that magical journey." - Common Sense Media

We help your child crack the written code and start on a strong path to reading. Our systematic and sequential program builds strong readers from the beginning which helps to prevent later reading difficulties.

"Now, when people ask me for a reading app for young kids, this will be my recommendation." - Forbes

Use our website (www.learnwithhomer.com) to track your child’s progress and download hundreds of great printables: learning activities, handwriting practice, crafts, and coloring sheets. Also, check out our vast collection of book recommendations. Share your child's drawings and recordings via Facebook or email.

FOR TEACHERS: Homer is coming to your classroom! We are a co-basal program covering pre-K through end of K curriculum. We have a waitlist filling up quickly - email us at teachers@homerapp.com to be part of our exclusive classroom network.

A complete step-by-step learn to read program, not just edutainment. Fun and rigorous phonics lessons. Beautifully illustrated stories, rhymes, games, and more.

A carefully curated series of science, history, art, and other non-fiction adventures. All interactive. All expand your child's vocabulary and general knowledge.

A library of classic and modern stories and music from around the world. Fables, rhymes, poetry, folktales, songs, and more.

Fun drawing and recording tools for your child to develop their expressive skills, plus help them master their learning.

Learn with Homer is designed to meet the new Common Core standards being introduced into American schools. Learn with Homer can directly help your child meet these new academic goals.

Free to download! Free content includes 18 Learn to Read lessons and stories, 12 Discover the World lessons, and access to Homer’s Clubhouse and parent tools. That’s more than 30 stories and lessons for free! Additional content available through in-app purchase. Exciting new content released regularly.

Safe, trusted, and fun. We take your privacy seriously. No ads, ever.

Compatible with iPad 2 and newer. Works best over WiFi or offline (not 3G).

• “Homer has the potential to change early education for children and their families.” Stacey Childress, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

• "I truly hope that Learn with Homer finds its way into the classroom so that all children can benefit from it." - EdSurge


Customer Reviews

  • Yankee Doodle is so fun!

    by hellodolly

    My son and I cannot get enough of all Homer's music. Yankee Doosle is another wonderful song. Please do more!

  • Teaching dad

    by chicagodad2000

    Fantastic update! My kid loves all the new lessons and beautiful art and music in story time! I recommend this app to all parents with small children, it is simply the best learn-to-read app out there, no comparison.

  • Player


    I just downloaded this game. I can't wait 2 play. I am bells.41.

  • Hat tip to you!

    by Artextiles

    It is educational and the kids can't get enough. They are learning so much! This is a must have app. Thank you.

  • Simply the best

    by Liz, mother of two

    After a year of exploring learn-to-read apps, I'm convinced: Homer is the best. It rocks. My child loves it and it has made her reading journey so SO much easier. Just keep that content coming please!

  • Like the Yankee Doodle song!!

    by Po po po po po po po

    So impressive about the president pack with the Yankee Doodle song.

  • Homer is amazing—like no other app I've seen

    by Uncle and designer

    Homer was already the coolest app I'd ever seen, but it just got even better! They added a new carousel for going to the different parts of the app, and it's really fun—my nephews love to spin the carousel like crazy, and then fly off with Homer to "Learn to Read" and "Discover the World." (Okay, I enjoyed spinning the carousel, too!) Thank you, Homer!!! First you taught my nephews to read individual words, then their first books, and now presidential history!

  • Fun new features!

    by FuncleYinzer

    I love the new carousel navigation – such a fun way to explore! Thanks for the new content, I look forward to hearing my nephews singing "Yankee Doodle". Great app that keeps kids engaged as they continue to learn!

  • Great reading app!

    by Roboticpenguin

    My nephews enjoy the tour of Monticello and love the Yankee Doodle song!

  • Best Kids’ App

    by AppleFan007

    This is the best kids’ app in the app store!

  • presidents pack

    by henny_in_georgia

    Showed my little girl the field trip to Monticello and she loved it. And Yankee Doodle, which she can't stop singing. Hard to make presidents fun for little kids but Homer did a really great job. Love this app. Thank u homer.

  • Presidents Day

    by Kay_Petal

    It's really cool that Homer is doing partnerships with places like Monticello - now there is even more educational content and a cute version of Yankee Doodle to listen to/read. I love the new carousel menu!

  • Good, but..,

    by BuyOnEmusic

    The narrator doesn't know how to pronounce "mischievous"!

  • Wow very detailed and fun and not annoying for parents

    by Kdoucet2

    My 2, 3,5 and 7 year old use this app. The 7 year old does all the science stuff or nature lessons, he enjoys learning about them. My 5 year old has been helped with his reading skills a lot. The 2 an 3 year old like listening to the stories and the nature stuff. Colorful, cute, funny, and entertaining for all of them.

  • Great app!

    by Panda-Kitten

    This Holiday pack is great! My niece loves the Jingle Bells and snowball fight game.

  • My five year old loves this app!

    by GinaES07

    My five year old loves this app. She even calls it by name and plays it on her own. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to improve a child's reading skills.

  • LearnWithHomer

    by Xio'sMom

    The best learning app I've found so far. My child loves it and it has a wide variety of material to make learning fun for both mother and child :0)

  • Wonderful learning app!

    by TheTrishy

    This app is really fantastic. Not only can I review progress I can hear the stories, letter sounds and pictures that my child is making. Having an independent reader is hard because I sometimes have more of a battle getting the same response but being able to give a "game" and check the progression later for tips and pointers is a true benefit.

  • Mom

    by Lpw2

    Our son loves Homer!

  • Best App by Far!

    by Yesdnil0381

    My daughter was having trouble in school and this app has helped her immensely! If I could only have one app for iPad this would be it!

  • Disappointed with Feb. 6, 2014 Updated Version

    by Not Mi

    I used to LOVE Homer and recommend to all my friends. This update has brought great disappointment. First, I am appalled that Homer's voice has been changed throughout the entire app into a feminine, almost childish voice. Why?! I loved the previous voice of Homer. After the George Washington lesson there are questions about which animals he owned (side note: why does anyone need to know that?). The sound effect for the correct answer is muted at the very end, giving it a video game sound--very annoying. I haven't tested to see if this problem exists for other lessons. One minor disappointment is I feel with this update the app lost a portion of its artsy, whimsical charm. Perhaps this is just personal preference....carousel music just isn't my thing. The "feel" of the original version is what I think most of the adults fell in love with (and made us more prone to allow our kids to play on it since it was all so pleasant to listen to--music, voices, sound effects, etc.). The new main navigation page (the carousel) is very difficult to spin with the right touch so as not to fly by the option you're searching for. I can't imagine the difficulty a 3-5 year old will have with this. Also, it's too fun to spin the animals around on the carousel--I'm afraid some children will waste time playing instead of learning. Adding the map as an optional way to navigate will only confuse small children.

  • We love Learn with Homer

    by Mellowknees

    It's a struggle to find apps that are truly educational that also hold my son's attention and that I feel good about him playing. Learn with Homer hits all three: the reading, spelling, letter and sound recognition mini games are packed with learning opportunities while also varied enough that my son doesn't get bored. I like that this app also sneaks in additional educational content through the integrated storybooks, too, so my son can read along while learning about other topics, like animals. Lastly, this is a calm app. It's not fast paced and doesn't have obnoxious music. Bonus for me: I like the artwork and character design. Learn with Homer is definitely a favorite in our house.

  • Full of environmentalism propaganda

    by benw999

    My son liked playing it but I had to delete it after overhearing the save the earth junk they've snuck into it. I wanted a game not left wing indoctrination.

  • Simply the BEST!

    by Acrab06

    Great content! Both my 4 and 3 year old love this app. It is easy to use and is honestly the best app I have found.

  • Review

    by Fetuchini

    Great app! My 4 years old love it

  • Best English Literacy App

    by Ehmelow

    This is the best literacy app!

  • Amazing... An app that truly makes a difference!

    by Ycruzin71008

    Finally!! A fun, engaging, educational app that my child can't seem to get enough of! Thank you so much to the developers for caring so much about really getting to the point and keeping the attention of 4-5 yr old for more than 10 minutes! It's been so easy to incorporate into our Homeschool schedule. I recommend this App to anyone, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. Your little ones will love it! Thank you, well done!

  • Ohh Jenny Jenkins

    by Mom of Kae

    If you buy this app you will know what the title refers to. My 5 year old kindergartener absolutely adores this application. This is probably the only application we’ve used that she has not bored her after the first use. She goes back to the application over and over. The activities help her think about what she’s learning and she enjoys giving feedback at the end of each lesson. The songs also have gotten her to sing along to the Jenny Jenkins song. That’s one of her favorite parts of the book as well. If you haven’t downloaded this application, I think you should. You won’t be disappointed.

  • The best app for teaching reading

    by Christopher Atkinson

    As an elementary principal and father of a preschooler I can say with confidence, this is the best app I have come across to teach so,e foundational early literacy skills.

  • Awesome app

    by lale1729

    Awesome app.. My 5 year old son love to do reading exercise, story, rhymes and specially read and record story in his own voice...

  • Best Learn to Read App

    by Creosomnium

    My pre-k daughter is actually sounding out words and letters and she learned it all with Homer. Thank you for creating a great education tool.

  • Helped by homer

    by Loretta_LA

    My daughter is addicted to the folksongs. She shared it with her friends in their playgroup after school and now they all sing Jenny Jankins. Love this app.

  • Can't pry my kiddo away

    by PatrickWilliamG

    I have to stop to leave a review as my 5yo is obsessed with learning with Homer! They've used lots of "educational" games in the past but this is the one that's really teaching them to put words together and read. THANK YOU, LEARN WITH HOMER.

  • Awesome!

    by that's west up

    Great app for my preK 4 daughter for teaching her sight words, basic spelling and early reading. Very pleased.

  • My Son is Reading!

    by Johnny G. 33

    Learn with Homer has made learning fun and easy for my 4 year old son. I assumed I would need to get a tutor for him to finally start to understand, but thankfully I found Homer! I highly recommend it to anyone struggling to get a young child excited about reading.

  • Great App

    by MarcoRoyland

    Learn w/ Homer is the best. Thanks for helping my child learn how to read

  • Best Yet!

    by AZShootingstar

    Purchased for my grandchildren. Want to increase their reading skills. Seven year old loves it - chooses this app first! I expect to hold his interest in this for at least a year.

  • One of the best educational apps!

    by Jenna Bug

    Homer is AMAZING. The lessons are fun and engaging. The stories and poetry are based on folklore and are beautifully illustrated. All the songs by Kori Pop are so delightful!! My son plays them over and over and learned to sing along. This app is an absolute MUST HAVE. My only constructful criticism would be to add a settings function that allows parents to remove hints.

  • It Works! My child is actually learning to read.

    by BrownLedgeBaby

    I am so impressed with this app. My daughter is actually reading her first story on her own. She is only 4 years old. She is actually learning to read with the help of Homer. Thank you for creating such a beautiful and engaging app.

  • Amazing!

    by Leeleeleeleewe

    My daughter is 4 and is completely in love! I'm in love, this is the best educational app I've seen out there, it's how I wish they would teach kids in our schools. Great work and I'm looking forward for more apps from the developers.

  • A great app!

    by Zookb

    I actually went to look if there was more content that I could purchase.

  • Must have!

    by Purchase bug downer!

    Very, very good app!! But one flaw the price for the multi packs are not visible. I want to download but I just don't get a price. And when I do press the purchase button it freezes and I result in having to completely close the app and restart it again. PLEASE FIX! Besides that it really is awesome my 3 year old loves it.

  • Finally! Must-Have App

    by HGBTeacherMom

    Believe this former reading teacher and parent... this is the first and only early reading app I've seen that is so well done! Based on a solid curriculum that is well-rounded ... accurate phonemic awareness activities, so-valuable word-building modeling, opportunities to read and create words that are phonically regular... and also wonderfully inspiring stories, rhymes and songs, plus content-rich texts. Did I mention the artwork is gorgeous, like Land of Nod catalogs? And the songs are not typical sugary-sweet tinkery tunes, but lovely high-quality music. I love love love this app! My 4-year-old chooses this over all else for past 3 weeks straight, and I've noticed an amazing improvement in her writing and reading over that time. My 6-year-old asks to play these songs and hear stories, and told his friends on the playground about it?! This is literally the first-ever app that I'm actively recommending to friends and first-ever posted review. (And, no, they're not paying me to write this either.) Buy it and feel good using it with your little ones... it will add to their learning and joy, as well as yours. HOORAY for Homer!

  • Fun, educational, and beautiful

    by DalovesJ

    My kids love this app! By far my favorite educational app that we've downloaded. I will be getting the add on "packs" as well. Great graphics, music, and content. Love love love it!

  • so good!

    by Meh 111111

    Love this app! Plenty of learning, encouragement, cute graphics, so much to do! It's great.

  • Fun, engaging, beautiful learning experience!

    by Yalilin

    My 2 year-old niece can't stop smiling, giggling, and copying the sound of the words in the stories/poems/songs. (^__^) She enjoys looking at the lovely characters and cute objects in all the illustrations. The art is beautiful and colorful and super attractive while the reading lessons are smartly designed to actually TEACH. Her favorite is the drawing board where she learns about color and use her tiny finger to make magical lines appear. Once a while she would come to me and say "I wanna see Homer hic hic" or "meow meow (kitten) playing in the water." Thank you Homer for this safe, beautiful, fun, adventurous visual learning experience! ^____^

  • Fantastic learning app

    by Jackieb0522

    We absolutely love this app. It's very educational and fun. This is a must have app for preschoolers/kindergartens

  • Kids go WILD for this app

    by Jbflem

    I don't even like apps and I love Learn with Homer. Even my toddler boy is mesmerized!

  • Fix the app crash when purchasing

    by jaympt

    Content 5 star but when you tap on hidden purchase button the app freeze and will not allow to come to home no way to escape .... Uninstall the app then re install ...no where it is mentioned the app price ..all hidden Please be transparent to customer and fix app.. I will give 5 star...if this fixed

  • We love Homer!!!

    by By Violettalov

    My four year old has learned so much! It really is a great app!!!

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