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Safety & Protection is our goal...What`s Yours?

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- Provide support in the event of an earthquake.
- Provide assistance in the event of a crime, accident, or sudden illness.
- To reach out for support in the event of bullying.
- and more!

A-ID Protect 1.0

The reasons for emergency alert technology are everywhere. Nearly 2,000 children are reported missing every day in the United States, and experts suggest that the chances of recovery are reduced by 50 percent every hour. Memory disorders affect roughly 5 percent of the elderly population – many of whom live alone. An estimated 1/3 of all accidents occur in remote areas where access to emergency services is scarce. Asthma and other life-threatening allergies affect 1 in 4 people worldwide.

But knowing the scary statistics isn't enough – you have to take the right steps to prevent catastrophes before they occur. That's why A-ID Protect 1.0 was designed: It's a way to add a layer of protection to those you love best.

This iPhone application gives you the tools you need to be a vigilant parent, caregiver, or employer in any emergency situation – using the equipment you already have on hand. With the press of a button on your iPhone, an emergency profile can be sent to the nearest authority figure, regardless of where the/or how the unthinkable occurs.

No single life protection tool is as comprehensive as A-ID Protect 1.0. By tapping into the iPhone technology already at your fingertips, you have immediate access to:

-A flashlight mechanism with a powerful lighting tool at the push of a button
-A red distress light mechanism that can determine the user's latitude and longitude
-A security alert feature for instant notification of an emergency
-An emergency profile accessible to medical or police authorities for those who may be unable to communicate
-A photo feature that allows you to upload a picture of your child for easy identification
-Password protection to keep others from tampering with your safety system
- Can be used as a bicycle reflector when riding your bike at night

Although A-ID Protect 1.0 is ideal for children and the elderly, it can be used for any individual who faces emergency situations. Whether you work in the field, want to protect your child against abduction, or are seeking a way safeguard yourself against a medical emergency or earthquake, A-ID Protect 1.0 offers everything you need to feel safe and secure in today's unstable world.

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  • Excellent App!

    by Englishbuff

    Everyone should purchase this app. It is well designed and very handy if you ever have an emergency.


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