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Wiley CPA Exam Review Focus Notes On-the-Go: Financial Accounting and Reporting brings study cards covering the key concepts of the FAR section of the Uniform CPA Exam to the palm of your hand. This Universal iPhone/iPad/iPod touch app offers an easy, quick way to reinforce FAR concepts and is produced by the same authoritative source that has helped over half a million CPA candidates attain certification over the past 40 years.


- Hundreds of study cards

- Helps you hone Concepts, Problem Solving, Terms, Rules & Criteria

- Search by keyword

- Star Cards You Want to Keep Handy

- Save Your Own Custom Notes


Kevin Stevens, DBA, CPA, is the director of the School of Accountancy and Management Information Systems at DePaul University, and has taught for many years in DePaul's CPA review program and at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. He holds a doctoral degree in business administration (accountancy) from the University of Kentucky, a master's in taxation from DePaul, a master's in accounting from the University of Illinois at Urbana and a bachelor's degree in Political Science from Loyola University, Chicago.

Customer Reviews

  • RWA

    by RWA45

    This is a great simple guide. It is by no means complete, but it does stress the key concepts to passing the exam. I have passed three of the sections do far. The app is also better than the book because the app does get updated after you buy it.

  • FAR

    by Wildedor000

    Convent and easy to understand.

  • Great notes, very helpful

    by Froggman7585

    I already own the Focus Notes for BEC and for REG and can say they are very helpful. Probably the best thing that I like about these notes is that they are updated for free (Don't quote me on that from here on out, it's just why I seen moving from 2011 to 2012). Would definitely recommend then. Get them, worth every penny!

  • i like it

    by kl104520

    good for review. i think aud note is much more helpful. but this is ok too

  • Great app

    by !!mgncy!!

    Let's you study during all those in between times of the day

  • Neils

    by Shongboyo

    This is an ideal electronic flash card to reinforce key points from each topic. Please keep updating it regularly to maintain a five rating.

  • Good but price is a little high

    by Myopinion111

    I like how it helps you study on the go. The price was too high and they are more like information flash cards - not the kind that asks you a question or gives you a term to think about then you flip to see the answer which I think are more effective for learning.

  • Invest In Yourself

    by Atlanta Visitor

    If you are serious about passing the CPA exam and need an extra arrow in your quiver, this app will assist in marinating your brain in the vast amount of information, especially when you have a moment on-the-go.

  • Good but expensive

    by Soodong.kim

    Good for meantime studying, however, it is expensive.

  • Great app for the aspiring CPA!

    by PoopDeckPaul

    I found this app very helpfully when used in conjunction with the Wiley book and Yaeger lectures. It was especially useful while doing final review just before sitting for the exam. Well worth the 35 bucks!

  • CPA review helpful

    by Icebreaker1977

    Helpful, up to date, organized

  • Accountant

    by Parkkid5

    I love this app and can't imagine studying for the CPA without it! Perfect for my commute to/from work, helps me squeeze in an extra 2 hours of studying each day. I've used this app as my main reading material for the exam, with the Wiley books for the MC questions (and if I need additional explanation of any concept in more detail.) I've passed all three tests thus far and using the same methodology for my last test.

  • Great review material!

    by haitian ric

    Great app! Came in handy while riding the train to and from work. Will definitley help you get the passing grade.

  • Great on the go study aid

    by cee_em_bee

    Good app for the price. Great study aid for on the go.

  • Great study tool by trusted source

    by buxombelle

    Be careful of the other cheaper CPA exam review apps available, the information is not reliable. I was really glad when I saw a trusted brand like Wiley. I am using the cards daily and the information is accurate and nicely laid out. Highly recommended. I have been using this app and absolute love it!

  • Study

    by Kaddan

    Pretty good study tool for on the go. App is quite pricey about the same price of the paper flash cards.

  • Just like paper flashcards but better

    by Zellyy

    But better cause it's on the iPhone. You can search cards and review by topic. Now to pass the exam. I wish they had a few blank cards to add your own notes.

  • So helpful

    by tahcee98

    I am loving these flashcards. Makes it so easy to study on the go.

  • Nice!

    by Tifferbugz

    Very good app fo anyone studying for the FAR CPA exam or an intermediate accounting class. I hope they release REG soon!

  • Lacking

    by Jsoonerfan

    These notes are really lacking on more than one module. I can't believe I spent almost $40 on these note cards...better off making own note cards. Only reason I gave 2 stars is the convenience factor

  • A mistake

    by Riz E Boy

    Very poorly written study notes. No structure. A lot of Notes are written in such short form that you can't even understand the concept being explained. Not user friendly. Can I get a refund?

  • Never Never Never buy this app. it wastes your money.

    by Ralphusa

    Something is not correct.. It will make you unclear. Never Never buy.

  • FAR Review

    by Oknab

    Buy a study guide, more information. Not worth the cost.

  • Not worth the money

    by NYCgirl30

    If this app were free I would feel differently, but it's a whopping $35 and a big disappointment for the price. I bought it hoping to get a different look at the material than the Becker materials, but I found this to be lacking. There are no questions, only flash cards with little explanation. I say stick to the free Becker app.

  • Way too expensive

    by Jesus29

    After buying and looking into the app for a couple hours I developed major buyers remorse. Very confusing cards describing how various entries are formatted. If you need help with definitions you may be able to fight your way through the chaos they call this organization. Not pleased for $30!

  • Wayyy overpriced

    by lyttup350

    You can find similar for 1/10 the price

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