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Enhanced Report Export - Export graph data as CSV files as well as HTML.
Enhanced Interval Recording Timeframes - Additional Interval time settings added.

Bug Fixes - Thanks for your feedback, we've updated the app for the bug fixes you've made us aware of.

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iBAA (Behavioral Assessment Application) is the comprehensive tool offering qualitative observations, cumulative tabulation, interval recording, and functional behavioral assessment.

Meaningful data can be obtained while observing students in relevant settings (e.g. classroom, cafeteria, playground, etc.) while comparing multiple measures for determining behavioral trends.

Observations can be made without being obtrusive and free of having to work on a computer, observe a clock, or working in a notepad. Data entry is quick and easy to maximize the reliability of obtained behavioral data.

iBAA complies and summarized the behavioral data, including calculating conditional probabilities for functional behavioral assessments. Data is presented graphically and can be easily exported for inclusion in psychological reports and use in development of interventions. Features are also present to ensure security and confidentiality of student data at all times.

QUALITATIVE OBSERVATIONS - easily accessible on your iPhone or iTouch

CUMULATIVE OBSERVATIONS - record discrete behavior in a student’s profile. A screen tap will record the occurrence, date and time stamp.

INTERVAL BEHAVIOR RECORDING - Capture interval recordings of observed behaviors without interrupting the student’s environment. Use the peer-referenced observation option to provide additional data comparisons. Customize categories and time periods, or use the provided default settings.

FUNCTIONAL BEHAVIOR - Collect antecedent, behavior, and consequences ALL within the same app.


An Apple iPhone or iPod touch is a must. Just download, and enjoy!

Key Features:
o Four Behavioral Assessments for the School Psychologist
o Qualitative Observations
o Cumulative Observations
o Interval Behavior Recordings
o Functional Behavior
o NOW Including an Environment Assessment
o Reporting


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