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Welcome to the Apraxia Picture Sound Cards app (professional version)! This app was created for individuals with childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) and severe phonological disorders. It is the very first app specifically created for the unique needs of the child with CAS. Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist and apraxia specialist Lynn Carahaly, M.A., CCC-SLP, developed the Apraxia Picture Sound Cards app. Children with Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, etc., that may also have a motor speech disorders can benefit from this app as well.

This app includes over 775 colorful and engaging picture cards, 45 phonogram cards & 10 number cards, and the Speech-EZ® Hand Cues in video format. This app allows you the ability to customize your therapy session by creating specific stimulus sets based on the child’s performance and ability level. Children with CAS must undergo a different treatment method than a child with an articulation disorder. Therefore, an articulation approach is not recommended for a child with CAS. Unlike traditional “articulation” therapy cards, the Apraxia Picture Sound Cards app provides you with the necessary flexibility to select specific sound sequences to target in a given session such as CVC (consonant_vowel_consonant) words (i.e. “bed”), CVCV words (i.e. “baby”), compound words (i.e. “cupcake”), one syllable words with blends (i.e. “cloud”), two syllable words (i.e. “apple”), three syllable words (i.e. “banana”), and four syllable words (i.e. “helicopter”). You may also select specific words to practice various movement sequences by place of articulation: bilabial-to-bilabial, alveolar-to-velar, etc. Essentially, you are in more control when selecting appropriate targeted speech motor plans.

The Apraxia Picture Sound Cards app provides you with convenience, organization, and session-by-session data collection. You are able to track and store a child's session-by-session data allowing parents to easily see their child's measurable progress. Session data can be stored and easily retrieved. You can manage multiple children, store and view session reports, and email session results with ease.

The Apraxia Picture Sound Cards app is a therapy tool for The Speech-EZ® Apraxia Program. It should be understood that the Apraxia Picture Sound Cards app is not The Speech-EZ® Apraxia Program, nor is it a substitute for speech therapy with a certified Speech-Language Pathologist.


•Includes over 775 colorful and engaging picture cards, 45 phonogram cards & 10 number cards, and the Speech-EZ® Hand Cues in video format
•IEP goal bank specific to the child with CAS
•Ability to select stimulus sets based on the individual’s verbal motor planning abilities: CV and VC words, CVC words, CVCV words, compound words, one syllable words with blends, two syllable words, three syllable words, and four syllable words
•Ability to select specific words to practice movement sequences by place of articulation: bilabial-to-bilabial, alveolar-to-velar, etc.
•Flexibility to customize your stimulus sets
•Tap-to-play audio
•Tap-to-flip card to read word
•Inconspicuous data collection icons with pleasant sounds
•Session-by-session data collection for multiple users
•Archive data and session reports
•Store data for multiple users
•Email session reports
•Description of recommended techniques to enhance and accelerate progress
•Increase phonological awareness and foundational literacy skills

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Customer Reviews

  • Perfect Bridge


    I just cannot express how much this app helps my son. My 5 year old gets speech therapy twice a week and has been since he was 3. Given his severe apraxia, he needs to receive therapy 3-5 times a week. However, being a teacher, I cannot afford speech therapy 4 or 5 times a week. This app is a wonderful bridge between what therapy he receives in person and what I can help him receive at home. His therapist gives us target words and sounds and I plug that information into the app. The app does all the work. I monitor my son's speech as he responds to the prompts the app gives. It gives current HD pictures of a significant number of items with every target sound. It's incredibly easy to operate. If another of my kids needs my attention for a minute, my son continues on because he can operate the app himself. I am so thankful for this app that I have also purchased the other additional apps to go along with it. This app is the only quality app that specifically targets the needs of kids who have Childhood Apraxia of Speech. I will forever be grateful because this app is helping my son unlock his voice!

  • Great Customer Support and quick response

    by traciesymonds

    I had an issue with the program and sent a message to customer support through the Webpage. Lynn was great and responded quickly to my concerns and problems. The problem is being fixed and resolved as we speak! They are the best!

  • Review

    by Nebraska SLP

    Very pleased to hear that a fix for the new update is in the works. This is a fantastic app...very motivating for my students and a great way to keep data.

  • A winner

    by Talkerz2

    A bountiful supply of stim items, well organized, real life, high quality pics. System of phono-gestures shows remarkable utility in therapy as a motor planning aid, awareness facilitator, motor execution reinforcer, and confidence marker. Vid clips of each consonant phono-gesture included with optional sound. Picking session stim items by place of artic or phoneme position is flexible and quantity of stim pics is deep. I've sent some suggestions and got a prompt response! -love that part.

  • APPmazing for my APraxic Child

    by MommySquare

    My husband purchased the SLP app for me after a particularly rough day of therapy with my son. And I must say that it has been the best present (much better than flowers and a date). Our SLP is using the app with him in therapy now. To go from using old school cards and having to handwrite data, to having the ability to just press and the app keeps/stores the data is in one word...MAGIC. Our son also responds better to the cards on the app because the pictures are so real and life like. It also keeps him actively engaged. We can tailor it to fit his needs for therapy and home practice. Thank you so much for such an AMAZING app!!!

  • LOVE this app!

    by Speech peep

    This app is superb! I love the versatility of this app. I have used this app with children with apraxia, Down syndrome, Autism etc. I can use and have used this app for both severe and mild disorders… from children with phonological disorders, to children with Articulation disorders, to children having difficulty with describing and narrating.The uses are limitless! The graphics are outstanding and kids LOVE the vibrancy of the pictures. The data collection icons are subtle on the screen and the musical intonations they produce do not induce worry or guilt for the child when he/she makes an incorrect production. Love that the app tells the clinician when he/she is at the end of the selected group of cards and that the clinician can email the parent the results of the therapy session. These little things encourage more interaction not only between the child and the clinician but also between the clinician and the parent. The videos as well as the inclusion of the goal bank are nice additions and give the clinician more resources to use pre and post treatment. By far the best speech app ever! I am extremely happy with this app!

  • Best speech app yet!

    by NYC-SLP

    I love this app! Finally, an app that is appropriate for children with motor speech disorders!!! I have been using it not only on my kids with apraxia, but with many other kids on my caseload as well with great results! I absolutely love the ability to sort the cards by specific speech sound movements, or simple vs. complex motor plans. Love the goal bank! The picture quality and sound quality are superb. The use of real pictures makes it a great tool for all ages. Best speech app I have come across yet. By far!

  • Not worth the money. Very few options

    by Lisa SLP

    I just bought this app when it was on sale for $89. I work with quite a few students who have apraxia and have the Speech EZ kit, so I decided to splurge. I was quite disappointed with what I was able to do with this app. You are only able to sort CVC cards, not CVCV or any other syllable structure. It's a very expensive set of flash cards. You are not able to work at phrase or sentence level as you are with many other artic apps The pro is that the pictures are beautiful, clear pictures of real objects. There are also a large number of photos available. Recommendations for improvement: Add the ability to sort Cvcv or 2 syllable words by sound or placement Ability to save stimuli sets ( I.e. If you want only CV cards of a certain sound you have to select them each time, which is time consuming when working with several students) Add the ability to use the pictures in simple phrases or sentences I also use articulation station, which I find very user friendly and I prefer to this app. It is a fraction of the price. In my opinion, this app is not worth the $80 that I paid, much less the $300 that it typically goes for

  • STILL Does NOT work with iOS 7 as of 11/27/13

    by PA SC

    SAVE your money! For $300 this app should have been ready for iOS 7. I'm so disappointed that I STILL cannot use it. For the high price, I would have expected more significant updates and enhancements. No useful enhancements over the last 2 years! When I call Apple they tell me that the developer is responsible for updating to work with iOS 7. iOS 7 was released Sept 18th and as of Nov 27th it is still completely unusable.

  • What happened?

    by mandirenee

    This was a great app until it stopped working. It was entirely too much money for it not to be working correctly. Fix it please!

  • Apraxia Picture Sound Cards

    by Maureen, SLP

    I also cannot get it to run. Split screen and goes nowhere! Ahhhhh!

  • Save your money

    by ErinDSLP

    I bought this app for my children with apraxia hoping it would save me time for making single multiple syllable cards and hand cue cards. Instead I found that you can only choose the initial, final sound or manner for CVC syllables only. For the one and multiple syllables sections you need to swipe to the area . If the sound is at the end you can not back swipe. You can not save cards to the child either, so you have to swipe every time. This is taking time from my children. In addition for some sounds, so far /j/, "ng", and "th" there is approximately 3 to 5 cards for each of these sounds. ( so I still have to make cards.) I suggest. Using a artic app and adding your own hand cues . I would if I didn't spend most of my savings on this. I now can't afford to buy another app. If I could give it back I would!

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