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Awesome WTF Facts is the ultimate facts app for your iPhone or iPod touch. With thousands of bizarre and true facts.

WTF Facts Features Four Categories Including:

Odds of Death
- Did you know you have a 1 in 11,000 chance of dying by falling in the bath tub?

- Did you know that Gamophobia is a fear of marriage?

Random Facts
- Did you know a hippo can fit an entire child in its mouth?

As well as Animal Facts and Human Body facts.

Navigate facts randomly or by list. Bookmark your favorites for later.

WTF Facts is great for parties and as a conversation starter. This is not a flimsy app with boring facts. Every fact in WTF Facts is a winner.

Ever wonder what your chances are of being attacked by a shark or hit by lightning?

Check out WTF Facts and let us know what you think.

Customer Reviews

  • Cool App Bro!

    by Hannah Chase

    Great app! My dad showed this app to me and I love it! But it wouldn't hurt to get rid of ads also, add more! :-D

  • HAHA

    by Macsonsonsonsonman

    This is great but i'd pay the extra dollar for no ads

  • Crashes

    by Find out if you subscribe

    I'd like to try it:/

  • Did u try???

    by Time575


  • Icon

    by chibipenguin

    This app is actually pretty good, but I think you should change it's name or at least it's icon. I know some people who would love to get this app but can't because of the icon.

  • Weird

    by ???????????????!?????

    A good portion of the facts are about nasty stuff like the shape of a pig's PENI$.

  • What the! Mistakes!

    by Nohearsay

    Fun to read but I have double-checked some hard to believe ones and they have come out wrong. Believe at your own risk :)

  • Cool

    by Jose49

    Has some cool facts

  • Omg

    by Jmoney123456789

    This is the best app on the store

  • Ehh

    by Brycen V


  • Great for lazy, rainy days..

    by Hailissa

    Fun, interesting, entertaining, and good for a laugh. Go on and download it.. What could it hurt? It's free, and if you end up not liking it, just delete it then! Have fun! 

  • Pretty good

    by Babalabasoris

    Like I said

  • As Advertised

    by Heather_k

    I like the odds of death and the phobias. There is enough variety. Good purchase

  • Good Value

    by WhiteMike333

    A good combo of facts and other quirky things. The app looks good. Worth it for a buck

  • Liars

    by Danygirl18

    The fact about how no team in the nfl that plays home games in a domed field has ever won the Super Bowl is a lie! The saints won against the colts in 2010!


    by Bhdhsbd

    This is a wast of time ur practicly learning more things its do stupid do NOT get it

  • What the what?

    by SkyeSell

    Don't waste app space for this app, it's a stupid waste of time.

  • Ugh

    by Confused onee

    Is this app free

  • Crashes

    by haley.lynn16

    I want to try this app out but it keeps crashing at start up. Please update and fix.

  • Make it work!!!!

    by SoPhÏe(:

    I was like this looks rlly cool cnt wait to try it out(: but then it didn't work fix it!!!! Plz

  • Crashes a lot

    by Blazin Blud

    I redownloaded it 4 times but it keeps crashing on startup... I wanna try it out!

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