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Phobias provides you with factual data on almost any phobia you can imagine.

Did you know what it means to be Anuptaphobic?

What is the fear of beards called?

Do you ever wonder what other people are scared of?

Phobias is great for random facts, curious situations, conversation starters, parties, and settling bets.

Choose a phobia and shake your iPhone or iPod touch to see the definition.

Customer Reviews

  • .

    by AMC's The Walking Dead

    What about Hippopotomonstrosisquipedaliophobia - Fear of Long words? That is legit.!

  • Myself

    by SouthernBelle220

    This is not an inclusive list, missing many phobias. It also does not let you search for a specific phobia, can only look up definitions using the name of the fear. Was not easy to use, no directions and it took trial and error to figure out how to look up a specific definition. Wikipedia is better!


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