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210 Human Body Facts is a collection of interesting facts about the Human Body.

Board at a bar? Killing time during class. Pull out your iPhone/iPod Touch and fire up 210 Human Body Facts. This application is a great way to start up conversation.

Did you know that by the time you turn 70, your heart will have beat some two-and-a-half billion times?

Did you know that your nose and ears continue to grow throughout your lifetime?

You lose enough dead skin cells in your lifetime to fill eight five pound flour bags.

210 Human Body Facts is great for random facts, curious situations, conversation starters, parties, and settling bets.

Customer Reviews

  • Good but too many duplicates

    by MazingGrace

    I really like this app it's interesting and informational and is great for grossing out friends but many of the facts are duplicates in one way or another.

  • Mmk

    by Wyatt Chisman



    by Basket Bucket

    On #52, the word people is misspelled!

  • Dumb!(fun)

    by Lou Lou Bell!!!

    It was annoying at first ,but got hang of it when I found the lock button. I love the entertainment like when I get out of school. Get the app!Plus it is free in the first place ;)^.^ U

  • Fix!!

    by Copper230

    Why can't I manually scroll through the list? So many repeats when I shake it. Please fix & I will give it 5 's

  • Not bad(:

    by Emraa:)

    Some of them did repeat themselves but I found most of them interesting. And you click the lock box in the top right corner then you click on which one and shake. It'll show you the fact you chose. Other than few of them not being true and some being repeated the app is great. Plus it's free. :D

  • Like it but.....

    by portage_cuite

    There are soooo many repeats that it makes the app less "entertaining". If it didn't have the many repeats, then the app would be useful and not so frustrating......

  • Cool

    by Bruno_SC


  • Only ok

    by Sesame mucho

    if it weren't for the shake feature- I frequently get repeats! Besides that it is entertaining nevertheless.

  • Ok, but want to choose!

    by Silverrain101

    Can't we click on them??? Gosh! But they're not all true because not all babies r born with blue eyes!!!!! So not true!!!!!!!!!!

  • Needs work

    by sunwest

    Interesting facts, I disagree with several of them though. TOO MANY facts repeated! Has a dull look.

  • great app

    by darkness129

    when i said it to mu friends, they were like "what the hell, thats not true"

  • fix it

    by 24 va

    Fix it

  • Repetitive and inaccurate

    by nrcs

    Once you start viewing a lot of facts, it's harder to get to new ones because the only option we have is shake - and it gives a random facts, which ends up having already been show. Also some facts are not true (therefore not facts), which leaves no motivation to continue using this app.

  • Shake?!

    by kerrjess426

    Why do you have to shake it to get the fact? Why can't you select the fact number and see the fact? Is it because you are trying to hide that some facts repeat? Or are you trying to annoy people? Please fix it. Seriosly.

  • Inaccurate

    by Brandi J.

    Not all of the facts are correct. For example, not all babies are born with blue eyes. It's a useless app since you have to check behind everything it claims to be true. Until the myths and other inaccuracies are removed, this app isn't even worth getting for free.

  • Okay

    by IronMan9

    It's okay but I want to be able to go to a specific fact without shaking and hoping you get lucky. I shall make it  when fixed, srry, couldn't find stars

  • :(

    by Jess091870

    Board = bored ...and many others.... Learn to spell!!

  • Bad App!

    by Philly3195

    This app is not even worth downloading! It has very few interesting facts, and some are repeated as many as three times! Don't bother getting this.

  • Repetative with some myths mixed in

    by Satire99

    Ignoring the obvious interface flaw, this app has many of it's facts rephrased and counted as more than one. Also, one thing that bugged me is that it included "sneezing stops all bodily functions, including heartbeat." A common myth, yet included here. A little brush up to the interface (like ability to select rather than random "fact") and a bit of research might help. But since it's free, it deserves a credit for the effort

  • Repeats

    by 6262836283

    Repeats the one about coughs around 5 times. Otherwise good for about 30 minutes of time killing.

  • Good

    by idance0119

    Is the world seriously only 7% lefties!?!?!?!? That makes me feel special!!!

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